Can james bond 007 save UK cinemas or not

Can James bond 007 save UK cinemas or not

Can James bond 007 save UK cinemas or not

Can James bond 007 save UK cinemas or not): so far it’s tracking as an 85 million box office film uh lots and lots of pre-sales gone on uh Odin said earlier in the week they sold nearly two hundred thousand pre-tickets, uh other chains are reporting the same so I think people are going to come back I think it’s going to be a big weekend for cinema and uh we’re all very very excited I mean the papers are just full of the bond today lots of five-star reviews so I think it’s going to be the boost to bring

people back I mean we’ve had a few decent uh openings since cinemas were allowed to reopen peter rabbit of course black widow how have things been for you they’ve been good lots of I mean initially a bit slow in May and June when we first opened but gradually seeing an uptick uh in advertiser interest and audiences peaking a bit quiet last weekend but the weekend before a bomb did no one puts film out the weekend before a bond because everyone’s just kind of getting themselves ready for their big film that we’ve

waited so long for I mean we were speaking earlier on in the program to Marie McLennan from mc Sartre he said ad budgets were up across the piece what’s been going on with your ad rates well as you know we were closed for much of last year so um so the only way is up for us but we’ve had huge advertiser interest in bond lots of advertisers are interested in the subsequent films like June west side story the spider-man that’s coming there’s a spider-man coming out um art films like the french dispatch so we are very very confident

about having a very very good uh q4 in cinema and how are the numbers right now comparing with 2019 in the pre-pandemic era uh they’re where we thought they would be there you know just above 80 odd percent not quite back but that’s because certain markets like northern Ireland northern Ireland’s restrictions for social distancing don’t come off until actually just before bond opens they stop tomorrow some cinemas are still

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operating social distancing just to recognize the concerns of their customers so we but we are happy with the trajectory of admissions as are most uh cinema chains and are you seeing a difference in the types of advertisers that are booking space with you well it all changes by the film so you always get the bombed die-hards um who love bond uh some you know normally brands that are associated with the film or know that it will

James bond 007: deliver audiences but so often um the pattern of advertising is determined by um the type of film so you’ll get a completely different advertiser in the Downton Abbey film than we would in west side story because it’s about the audience that you deliver so I mean forgive me for not knowing this and it may well be a trade secret I’m asking you to divulge here but presumably for something like the bond you would ratchet up the rates because there’s

only so many adverts that can run before the screening of a film and you know you could presumably for something like this you can get people to pay top dollar well I couldn’t possibly comment but let’s put it this way we’re all very happy at pearl and dean about the advertisers and the revenue that we’ve generated with bond I mean if we’d gone to bond cinema mean I remember going to see uh moonraker 40 odd years ago at the cinema for#James bond 007.

For example, I mean in those days it would have all been uh tobacco advertising and things like that I mean how much of a loss was that to uh cinema advertising well it was a while ago so not that much and what we found is that’s been replaced by newer categories like tech companies you know people like apple google facebook uh Twitter advertising with us um so as one category has kind of ended and other ones and other ones have kind of emerged

that spend money with us and digitally changed the way that cinema works a lot because we can drop ads in really late as opposed to when we’re on 35 mils which took you to know which was that whole those whole cans you know that are always famous and everyone always says oh this is what cinema is like it isn’t anymore it’s all computers so no as that’s

dropped off we’ve had other revenue sources come up and uh the number of films has increased so 350 before the start of digital now you get something like 800 odd releases so it allows you to segment your audience more and appeal to different advertisers and Catherine you’ve been quite vocal in the recent past about inclusivity the need for diversity in the industry I mean are you satisfied with the way that the makers of

the bond franchise has sort of softened them up I mean he’s not the sort of sexist old uh ball that he once was well I think audiences have changed they expect a different type of bond someone is more reflective of this society and uh this film is true to the spirit of bond but recognizes the changes in society I mean what’s not to love.

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