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Tom Cotton slams the Dems’ efforts to ‘supercharge the bureaucracy trendy news

Tom Cotton slams the Dems’ efforts to ‘supercharge the bureaucracy

Tom Cotton: I can confirm that I was not on the other side of that phone call with nancy Pelosi last night. I think the house is going to have to vote so late because nancy Pelosi and her radical democratic left are out looking for the tree around the capital on which all of this free money grows, brian. Joe Manchin put it well today. They want to transform this country with a socialist agenda. Between the $2 trillion bills they passed in March, the $1 trillion infrastructure bill they want now. And even if you go with joe’s $1.5 trillion welfare

bill, it would be $4.5 trillion in spending, brian. That’s taxes on every family in America. It’s spending for illegal aliens and deadbeats that won’t look for work, much less work. Democrats are realizing how unpopular the agenda is. That’s why Nancy Pelosi is corralling

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those votes. Brian: I risk confusing people. Two separate bills. So-called moderates to say I want the bill in the Senate to pass. You didn’t vote for it. Others did. The moderates said nancy Pelosi, do it by the 27th of September. Well, it’s September 30, and they’re going to vote today. If they don’t vote for it, Kirsten Sinema and other moderates say they’re out

when it comes to the 3.5 or any other compromise. If they don’t have the vote tonight, even if it fails, the moderates balling, if they do have the vote, the liberals don’t vote for it. Nancy gets a fail, joe Biden gets a loss temporarily. Are they willing to risk that? you laid it

out well. I would say they’re in disarray. But I don’t want to apply they were an array. This gang right now couldn’t organize a one-car funeral. The one thing they can agree on is they want to take more of your money and give it away for your priorities like welfare for illegals. . So, you should never count the democrats out. No matter how bad it looks for

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them while they’re making the sausage. In the end, what they care about is taking your money and getting manier power.  Brian: — and getting more power. >> brian: you do believe something is going to come out of this. Did it shock you in august that Joe Manchin put a pen to paper and chuck Schumer and say I’m not going to go along with 3.5, I’ll go along with 1.5? I won’t sign off on anything until October 1. Every time they talked about the 3.5, they knew exactly what he wanted. Chuck Schumer wouldn’t talk about it. Bring me

behind the scene there is to the cloakroom. What’s happening? >> first off, brian, I’ve never seen such a document in my entire political life, not as long as Chuck Schumer’s or Joe Manchin’s, but when we have our differences, we talked them out, we don’t sign contracts with each other. But second, I think Chuck Schumer has some explaining to do with his fellow democrats. You pointed out. Joe Manchin has been upfront with him in the beginning. Now I strongly disagree with what senator Manchin PO proposed in that memo.

Chuck Schumer knew about it for a couple of months. He’s leaning on the far left of his caucus to believe they’re going to go for broke in the $3.5 trillion bills. I’m wondering if Chuck Schumer is hearing some footsteps from aoc in the new york primary next year. >> brian: really quick, 168 of the 2,000-page bill, we’re looking for fines $70,000 to lb

700,000. That will destroy so many small businesses. The IRS goes on steroids. You think they’re going after amazon, you’re dreaming? They’re going after small businesses. Final thought? >> yeah, all of the efforts for bureaucracy, whether it’s the coded police force or giving IRS tens of millions of dollars to come after small businesses to put more power.


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