Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus V.Makei participates today

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus V.Makei participates today

Belarus V.Makei and India have been working on their strategic partnership the two nations are in fact focusing on expanding their diplomatic presence and Belarus’s foreign minister Vladimir makai spoke with Beyonce’s Siddhanta civil on a whole host of different issues including and half Belarus V.Makei and India are working on strengthening their ties listening to we own the USA direct from new york with Siddhanta zibal ¬†welcome to beyond my first question to you is how to do

you see this relationship between the two countries we consider India as a very important partner for Belarus in this region and we would like to raise the level of our cooperation to the strategic partnership a few days ago I met my colleague the minister of foreign affairs of India in Tajikistan during the meeting of the shanghai cooperation organization and we agreed how to proceed further we agreed to develop our political dialogue of course the

pandemic situation influences the contacts to let’s say the dynamic of contacts between our countries but we agreed to work on exchange of visits at the highest level when the situation will allow doing that we agreed to strengthen our ties between the ministries of foreign affairs to organize consultations on different issues between our ministers we Belarus decided to expand our diplomatic presence in India we are going to open the

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the consulate general in Mumbai and which is a very important economic center financial center uh in India and of course we would like to to be on the spot in order to have direct contacts with the relevant partners uh Indian partners in this region. trade tenno is growing and we but uh some 600 million dollars I think this is not the potential of of of our relations our potential is much bigger and we should do our best

in order to raise this turned uh turnover uh to higher figures so um we there are a lot of projects which are being implemented right now in the field of pharmaceuticals the field of industry in the field of oil extraction in the field of of of mining industry etc it is important to after the situation will improve I mean the pandemic situation will improve it is important to hold the next meeting of the joint economic commission and to discuss new

projects which could be mutually beneficial and which could uh raise the turnover uh between our countries and which could deepen and strengthen the cooperation between Belarus and India in all fields we are ready to do that new projects uh are these projects focusing on connectivity how do you see connectivity as a way forward connectivity being the new geopolitical currency it’s, of course, all the projects which are

being implemented between Belarus V.Makei India they contribute let’s say to the connectivity between the states and this is one of the main principles which is very important for the international relations right now so um we know the principal position of India on a number of international issues and I must say that we fully support India in the

international organizations because our position our approach coincides with the approach of India so this is a very important principle and of course we should focus on on the implementation of a number of projects in order to increase the connectivity between the different countries and this is what we need in order to strengthen the international order uh in the world.

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