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Tokyo Olympics: New Belarus sprinter refuses to board flight home

We start at the Tokyo Olympics but not with sporting action rather a claim from one of the athletes that officials from her country’s Olympic delegation have been trying to force her to fly home without her permission this is her Christina simanovskaya from Belarus she’d been due to compete in the women’s 200 metres event on monday but after she posted

a video complaining about her coaches entering her into another race at short notice she says she was told to pack she was taken to the airport the flight is reported to have taken off without her on board after she appealed to the international

olympic committee to intervene well we can speak to shade gidsan a belarusian journalist in warsaw who’s following this story what have you heard about .


Where christina is uh well thank you for having me uh well right now uh from what we know she’s at the uh haneda airport panetta international airport in tokyo at the police station uh she’s been questioning by the police uh who have also are also

kind of protecting her uh and right now she’s waiting for the delegation uh of uh japanese officials officials of the japanese ministry of foreign first to arrive and they will decide what to do next because you know the situation is not very well it’s

quite unusual what is she asking for uh again uh at first in the morning she was not she was not certain whether to return or

not uh from what we know um uh she’s been consulting with her parents and parents who actually watched uh the stories on the beresan tv about her they said uh no no no way you you just stay there or you ask for asylum but don’t return to the country and uh from what we heard .


She’s her plan is to her preliminary plan is to ask for asylum uh in austria or somewhere in the eu but we’re not yet sure how uh she she will going to manage it whether she will apply for asylum in in tokyo in some of the eu countries cancellates or

she will first fly to the eu and then will apply uh we don’t know that yet uh i i’m i’m i’m i’m sure she doesn’t know it’s either herself you know and it is the middle of the night of course in tokyo so there are a lot of unknowns here what can you tell us

about the kind of pressure there is likely to be on sporting figures representing their country belarus in tokyo uh well first of all after last year last last year uh fraudulent election uh the scale of repression uh became uh so big and uh that uh all the athletes or the national team athletes who openly criticized the um the regime or the regime’s actions they have already been kicked out of the national team already and uh they formed the union .

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