Prince Andrew issued by over alleged sexual abuse

Prince Andrew is sued by over alleged sexual abuse

 A lawsuit has just been filed against Prince Andrew over allegations of sex abuse let’s speak now to our royal correspondent Rihanna mills who joins me on the phone and we know this involves Virginia g Frey who in a statement said the lawsuit was brought under

the child victims act to allege that she was trafficked to him and sexually abused by him that’s right anna so in the last half an hour it’s been confirmed by Virginia Dufresne lawyer you may have heard her before called Virginia Roberts that was her maiden name her lawyer David Boyes has confirmed that they have indeed filed this lawsuit in federal court over in America against the

duke of york now in a statement David boys has said in our country no person whether the president or prince is above the law and no person no matter how powerless.

OR”vulnerable could be deprived of the law’s protection over the past five years prince and his advisors have stonewalled every attempt to resolve this matter without litigation it’s now long past the time for him to be held to account now, of course, this is

a story that we’ve talked a great deal about and it all revolves around the links between Prince Andrew and the convicted pedophile Geoffrey Epstein who of course took his own life last year now of course at the center of all this throughout the years that we’ve

discussed it has been that photograph of the prince with his arm around Virginia Roberts now prince it has to be said has always denied meeting her has denied having any sexual contact with her, however, Virginia Roberts has alleged in these court submissions that she was directed by Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew issued by over alleged sexual abuse
PRINCE issued by over alleged sexual abuse

who she worked with as a masseuse uh that she allegedly claims that she was forced to have sex with princE on three occasions in 2001 in London in New York and the u.s virgin islands when she was only 17 years old of course that was illegal over in

New York, it wasn’t of course illegal over in London now we’re told that this lawsuit now seeks unspecified compensation and accuses prince Andrew of sexual assault and intentional affliction of emotional distress in the lawsuit it states that 20 years ago

prince Andrew’s wealth-power position and connections enabled him to abuse a frightened vulnerable child with no one there to protect her it’s long past the time for him to be held to account also Virginia du frey tonight has released her own statement in

which she has said today my attorneys filed litigation against prince under new york’s child victims act as the complaint lays out in detail I was trafficked to him and sexually abused by him I am holding prince accountable for what he did to me the powerful and the rich are not exempt from being held responsible for their actions I hope that other victims will see.

that this is possible not to live in silence and fear but one can reclaim her life by speaking out and demanding justice now of course it is very important to point out this evening that we have approached those who represent the duke of york this evening they are

not commenting however when we look back at the times that we have reported uh quite extensively on this case previously prince through the palace has said in statements that it is emphatically denied that the prince had any form of sexual contact

or relationship with defraying the allegations made are false to any foundation Rhiannon with that breaking news thank you very much indeed for that so one of Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime accusers has sued prince Andrew saying that he sexually assaulted her when

she was 17 lawyers as you heard there for Virginia dufrey filing that lawsuit in manhattan federal court we will obviously keep an eye on that but uh as Rhiannon said there uh the spokesperson for the prince is suggesting there will be no comment tonight after that filing.


A woman filed a lawsuit within America on Monday accusing Britain’s prince of sexual abuse Virginia duffray alleges that she turned into trafficked the duke of york by the overdue financier Jeffrey Epstein and sexually abused and battered through

him, while she was 17 years vintage in an announcement guffrey, stated quote I’m keeping prince responsible for what he did to me the effective and rich aren’t exempt from being held responsible for their actions queen Elizabeth’s 2d son has formerly said

that he had no recollection of assembly duffray and denied her public allegations guffrey issuing the duke beneath the kid victims act a the big apple country regulation allowing many child abuse victims to pursue claims towards their alleged abusers even supposing the abuse took place many years in advance the lawsuit got here as a fund created to compensate Epstein’s sufferers

has offered more than 121 million dollars to approximately 138 humans Epstein killed himself in any jail in 2019 even as watching for trial on expenses of sexually exploiting dozens of ladies and ladies the duke is one of the most distinguished human beings connected to Epstein and their friendship has induced embarrassment to Britain’s royal circle of relatives

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