Noor Muqaddam case new story began .

Noor Muqaddam case new story began .

A court in Islamabad on Monday extended the detention of the father and mother of a prominent suspect inside the murder of noor muqaddam, the daughter of a former Pakistani envoy, until August 23. Earlier, zakir jaffer and asmat adamjee, the mother and

father of the main suspect in the case -zahir jaffer, was born in islamabad katchehry’s bukhshi khana, but was not disclosed within the regional booth and court dates. Legal Magistrate naseeruddin marked the suspects with a gift of ‘robkar’. And in time, the police

took both of them back to the adiala prison. Islamabad police on July 25, 2021, had arrested the father and mother of the noor muqaddam murderer. Zahir’s father zakir kazir jaffer and his mother asmat adamjee were arrested by police inside the state capital

over Saturday night. Earlier, police also arrested the home helpers of zahir zakir iftikhar and Jamil for the purpose of conducting an investigation. The arrests of zakir jaffer and asmat adamjee were made after a deep protest in the way of the father of noor muqaddam, shaukat muqaddam. Police produced both parents ahead of a Justice of the Peace operation.

on Sunday, who handed them over with their staff to police for two days. Police, however, have now not ruled out further arrests linked to the noor murder. They said the police wanted to gather together all the direct or factual evidence related to the murder.

Police said Zakir jaffer, asmat adamjee, staff iftikhar and Jameel were arrested for money laundering and criminal assistance. Mubashir khokhar:

Noor Muqaddam case new story began .
zefar jeffri arested and confress to kill noor

Police have not yet decided on the intention to assassinate a member of the Pakistani tehreek-e-insaf (pti) punjab brother of asad khokhar even three days later. Police are facing difficulties as the suspect reversed his third proclamation a few days ago. The

defendant in the first proclamation said the deceased malik mubashar alias malik goga changed his mind inside the murder of his uncle and killed him in retaliation for the murder of his uncle. He later retracted his earlier assertion and said he shot the mubashir because of its independent hostility. Mubashir was shot dead on Friday night during a wedding ceremony for Asad’s son in addition

to punjab prime minister usman buzdar and other pti leaders. Mubashir khokhar was laid to rest on Saturday in the cemetery of his hometown, Manowal, on Multan Road. Ctd: Two incidents were registered on Monday at the anti-terrorism police station after a curtain exploded on Sunday. Two suspects have been charged with attempted murder and terrorism charges against unknown

suspects, police sources said. Inside during the first week’s explosion two policemen were killed and two others and police were injured when an explosive device approached a serena roundabout in Quetta. “The explosive fabric was planted on a motorcycle,

which was traveling fast because a police van crashed into it,” balochistan police spokesman liaquat shahwani said in a statement. The incident, in connection with liaquat shahwani, claimed the lives of police officers. Relief supplies said the injured included five

police officers and six passersby. Our bodies and injured were taken to a nearby hospital for legal and medical treatment. “Their main target is a police van,” said a spokesman for the department’s liaquat shahwani and even condemned the quetta terrorist

attacks. He said the terrorists wanted to disrupt the peace of the province, however, the government could not protect them and could deal with them with an iron fist. In another incident, a supplier was injured in the quetta’s sariab road after unknown individuals hurled a bomb at his sidewalk.

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