Germany Arrests British man suspected of spying for Russia Today News

Germany arrests British man suspected of spying for Russia Today News

Germany arrests British man suspected of spying for Russia Today News

A fifty-seven 12 months antique Arrests British man Germany on suspicion of spying for Russia the man named only as David s worked on the British embassy in Berlin and is accused of passing documents to Russian intelligence in exchange for cash our safety correspondent Gordon Carrera has this record a berlin secret agent case regarding British secrets and Russian spies

German prosecutors allege that a person who worked right here at the British embassy in berlin surpassed on legit documents in alternate for cash he is speculated to had been working for the Russian intelligence provider their embassy is placed no longer

some distance away in Berlin the man who labored as a security shield turned into arrested the previous day in Potsdam southwest of berlin and his condominium and workplace had been searched today we take extraordinarily severely the indicators that the detainee’s secret provider activity was achieved on behalf of a Russian intelligence provider because spying on a close best friend on

German soil is surely unacceptable and we stand in full harmony with our british friends so what will we know about the suspect he’s been named surely as David s his 2nd call withheld under German privateness legal guidelines.

He’s a fifty seven yr antique Briton he turned into hired locally via the embassy as a contractor so now not as a diplomat and it is alleged he was running with the Russians due to the fact at the least November of final 12 months the arrest got here after what i

recognize turned into an intelligence-led operation run collectively by way of German and british authorities including the security carrier mi5 right here and metropolitan police after they felt they had sufficient evidence a German choose issued an arrest warrant

bloodless war berlin was the spy capital of the arena the glenlike bridge there has been referred to as the bridge of spies because of the exchanges that befell among east and west spying has modified considering the fact that then secrets can be stolen remotely

over our on-line world but that does not suggest that old style human spying as reputedly witnessed in today’s case has gone away it is uncommon however it is not surprising it’d be extra surprising if Russia were no longer doing this it is no marvel .

Germany Arrests British man suspected of spying for Russia Today News
Germany arrests British man suspected of spying for Russia Today News

they may be conducting espionage against a country that they don’t forget to be their adversary the United Kingdom and it’s also no longer sudden that they get stuck in the method which is quite reassuring thus far this potential safety breach at the embassy

does now not appearance to be too severe but it does function a reminder that underneath the floor of a city like berlin spies are still plying their alternate Gordon Carrera our Europe correspondent mark Lohan is out of doors the court docket in which the british

suspect regarded this afternoon amongst what befell in court and what now properly Sophie that is Germany’s maximum criminal courtroom here in Karlsruhe and it’s wherein David s seemed this afternoon dealing with the german legal charge of conducting

intelligence agent activity now we recognize that the choose widespread the arrest warrant and remanded him in custody he’ll not be granted bail however beyond that possibly predictably this intelligent tale is shrouded in thriller the german authorities aren’t

telling us what took place inside the court docket nowadays we do not know whether David s issued a plea or responded to the charge further we’re no longer being advised where he’s now being held and for a way lengthy german law does now not have a

most pre-trial detention length however this is of route a excessive profile case and probably the felony authorities may be keen to transport the manner unexpectedly alongside they may now be making similarly enquiries david s can have get right of entry to to

a legal professional as the german government seek to recognize simply how far this alleged case of british spying for russia inside the coronary heart of berlin really went mark examine .


British embassy worker appears in Germany court accused of spying for Russia

Close to the brandenburg gate wants the front line in international espionage an allegation that’s reminiscent of those cold war days the british embassy in berlin where the russian intelligence service is accused of recruiting a british worker named only as david s he allegedly handed over sensitive documents in exchange for cash the german foreign minister said his country is taking it

extremely seriously then this [Music] are officers from scotland yards counter-terrorism unit which looks into alleged breaches of the official secrets act mi5 are also working with german detectives amid ongoing tensions between london and moscow i’m very

concerned by the news that we’ve heard out of berlin of course what’s important to find out is what the implications are for the security not just for the british embassy but of on embassies around the world anglo-russian tensions are already strained the uk

accused russia of the poisoning of sergey and julia skripal in salisbury in 2018 that led to the biggest expulsion of russian diplomats from the uk in history and last year russia’s intelligence service was accused of trying to hack british coronavirus vaccine research

labs experts say the latest allegations against the kremlin are no surprise it’s all part of a pattern it’s part of how russia views itself as being in conflict with this country with germany with other parts of europe and there being no holds part because it’s already in

a state of war today’s allegations aren’t as serious as the notorious cold war spies names like kim philby and guy burgess but they are a reminder that modern day relations between britain and russia remain icy and in an era of cyber security old-fashioned espionage is still a thru.

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