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Amsterdam 25th anniversary of its first ‘’Pride walk’’ for parade

Amsterdam 25th anniversary of its first ‘’Pride walk’’ for parade

Amsterdam has marked the 25th anniversary of its first pride parade around 10 000 people carried rainbow flags and banners through the city capping off a month of events celestina ololode reports a demonstration of equality with a clear message a walk through the historic city center is how thousands marked the 25th anniversary of Amsterdam’s pride festival and whilst the party

atmosphere gripped the street [Applause] some marched with these flags in hand representing countries where homosexuality is still against the law in 2001 the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage but according to a

report by human rights watch there were over 1 500 anti-lgbt incidents in the country in 2017 a 66 increase compared to just over a decade ago Ernest Verhoeven helped organize.

 Amsterdam’s first pride parade he says that there’s been a lack of tolerance towards lgbt people from some immigrants coming from countries where homosexuality is illegal the city became more colorful and diverse which is great but the city became also in

parts of it more conservative and aggressive towards towards differences and we are now in a situation that there is quite a bit of violence instigated against us by youngsters with a migration background and on the other hand we have the politicians that in the

the left and left-wing and liberal politicians don’t know how to tackle the problem because they’re also afraid to discriminate so i UP

hope that we invest in each other in solidarity and that in the coming five years we make a safe space of Amsterdam again a gay paradise it’s the second consecutive year the city’s canal parade was cancelled due to coronavirus.

Amsterdam 25th anniversary of its first ‘’Pride walk’’ for parade
Amsterdam 25th anniversary of its first ‘’Pride walk’’ for parade
  • 10 Historical facts about Amsterdam

Most tourists visit Amsterdam for only one thing the party but isn’t it nice to have some background information about the city you’re in here are 10 historical facts about Amsterdam then light up the city before the 16th century Amsterdam was a dark place at night in 1544 the say dag was the first Street to have permanent street lights installed 9 fishing village it may be hard to believe

but in the 13th century Amsterdam was a humble fishing village who would have thought this village would evolve into an international hub for business tourism and culture 8 smoking since 1972 most tourists will face it at least one coffee shop in

Amsterdam but it all started with mello Yello the city’s oldest coffee shop the shop officially opened in 1972 but had been selling pot since 1968 7 where did the Amsterdam pitch go the city used to be connected to the North Sea but in 1932 the flood deck was

completed this dike is a major cos away with a length of 32 kilometers the lake below the upslide bag is now called a tie so male 6 prehistoric.

Amsterdam scientists have always wondered when the first people set foot on the ground that we now call Amsterdam during the construction of a new metro line archaeologists from all access a stone hammer and some pottery dating from the neolithic era this

discovery proves humans have been living in former Amsterdam since about 2600 BC five the fall of the coffee shops in 1995 Amsterdam was the proud owner of 450 coffee shops around 100 of them were illegal with the years the amount of shops has

become less and less in 2014 there were only 187 left luckily the shops are on a rise again with around 250 coffee shops and Counting for a change is gonna come the city has changed a lot throughout the years in the 1670s.

Cultural Revolution made Amsterdam the magical city of Europe in this time the use of soft rocks was tolerated which made the city a popular destination for hippies 3 the can of the city is famous for its canals the panels were built at the end of the 16 in the

beginning of the 17th century in July 2010 the three main kennels era gasses crust and princess crust were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List to prostitution it’s the oldest profession in the world but when the prostitution became legal in Amsterdam

prostitution was defined as a legal profession in January 1988 but a century before there were already hundreds of brothels in 1926 Amsterdam at 1900 working prostitutes in town both on the streets in houses or cafes in the year 2000 the government installed a lot to protect the ladies of the night and it became illegal in girls

1 the oldest building in Amsterdam if you are looking for a real historical experience go to the bar new strat Nathan Turk this house was built in 1485 and it’s officially the oldest building in the city however some people believe it was built in 1528 but either way

it’s pretty damn old well these were the 10 historical facts about Amsterdam.

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