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US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19

US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19

Breaking news out of Washington: US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19. >> the white house says, Mr. Biden tested positive this morning. He will exploit at the white house and continue to work from home until he tests negative. The white house doctor said the president’s symptoms are mild. He went to

Bed feeling fine but had trouble sleeping and tested positive this morning. >> now we will bring in the writer corresponded, jeff mason, who was with the president yesterday. Jeff, first of all, how are you feeling? >> reporter: appreciate the question. I am feeling fine. We were pretty close. He came and spoke on the at joint base Andrews after

His trip and sort of leaned in and was not wearing a mask outside. We were outside. It wasn’t a very long gaggle, as we call that we were close and I will test myself site at some point today and wish him a speedy recovery as well. >> just the president just tweeted and let’s show our viewers the street.

It says folks are doing great, thanks for your concern. Just called senator Casey congressman Kurt right and the mayor and my regrets for missing our event today. Keeping busy. Jeff, presumably this is at the residence. >> not the oval office. >> we were under the impression he was isolated in the residence in the white house. But, jeff, tell

Us what was. >> the question is who took that photo? It’s not salty. >> Jevon Mason, if you are seeing this and you can hear me. The president is isolated correct, in the residential part of the white house? >> i can hear you and yes, yes he is isolating. The president has to isolate for the next

Five days in order to stay in line with CDC guidelines. He was supposed to travel to Pennsylvania and go on to Wilmington. That trip has been canceled. He looks pretty good in that picture, as you say. No idea who would’ve taken it. Perhaps one of the white house photographers keeping some distance. Do you know what, i think

To the broader political message here, the president wants to show he can work through covid. He probably wants to demonstrate by saying he is only suffering mild symptoms and that is true. They are so she can continue to do his job. He will follow cdc guidelines and keep to himself. >> we were talking to the major about this and

Covid has been disruptive and the white house is not exempt from that. We’ve seen that at the most important office building, one could argue, in America. What do you expect to see among the staff and function around the white house? Will we see business as usual or will this throw a wrench in some of the plans and

Objectives the white house had especially ahead of the stuff election for mocrats. >> absolutely. A couple of factors to keep in mind. Does him have covid lead to a larger or broader outbreak in the white house? There was a bunch of stuff on air force one along with lawmakers and secret service. If that does become a broader outbreak

US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19 trendy news
US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19 trendy news
US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19

It will impact how the white house works for the fact that he is working from home picture, it changes the regular rhythm of him being able to come into the overall office or meet with people in person. If his symptoms stay mild, and we all hope that they do, he will do what we do and continue to

Work from a different location, at your house in this case the upstairs of the white house. To continue to do the work of president of the united states. What other protocols will receive? The protocols are still pretty strict at the white house at least for people who get close to the president that includes the white house press

Pool and staff who are in close contact with him on a regular basis or physically. As we have discussed before, others who don’t necessarily get as close, other reporters for the press corps are not required to be tested every day will that change? The answer my guess would be no. They want to show this country and this

White house can continue to live with covid. >> jeff, we know contact tracing is going on. What can you tell us about your time with the president yesterday? His interactions, and, overall, what did you see in regard to the president’s health? >> reporter: i observed a president yesterday in good health. I certainly did not notice anything suggesting

Symptoms. Yesterday he was in good spirits and hanging out with lawmakers on the plane and visiting with john kerry, and is climate envoy yesterday after the event in massachusetts where he was talking about climate change. When we landed at joint base andrews at the end of his trip he came over and spoke to reporters. I was in

That group. I think he would’ve done that if he was not feeling well. He looked in normal spirits and normal health throughout the day yesterday and into the early evening when i had eyes.

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US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19

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