Thousands of women set to rally for abortion rights in Washington, DC


Thousands of women set to rally for abortion rights in Washington, DC

Women set to rally for abortion rights in Washington: Thousands of women from all over the country will take to the streets of Washington D.C tomorrow for the annual women’s March more than 100 days after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade and with midterms just weeks away organizers of the March say they are fighting for the freedom to control their own bodies regardless of gender executive

director of the women’s March Rachel Carmona joins me live now from the capitol for more on this Rachel thanks for being here this movement started five years ago 2017. so what do you make of where things are now well I mean the political moment is so different from 2017 where we were um you know in the direct

aftermath of the Trump election um and the country was in a different place this is post-pandemic it’s it’s post uh Dobbs I would say there’s a new air of American politics afoot um you know and we’re here to you know continue the fight to push for a feminist future and to make sure that everybody has the right

to bodily autonomy but also to exercise the vote um and to make their voices heard of The Ballot Box what kind of an impact are you hoping this year’s women’s March has I mean what we’re always hoping to do is to have a visible demonstration of you know the the future that women want to have and then

also to build the connections and the mobilizing and organizing capacity over the short-term and long term that’ll make us um equipped for that fight to bring that future into fruition and so you know we’re hoping to do what we always do is to you know have a strong spread across all 50 states which we already have we’ll probably

 Thousands of women set to rally for abortion rights in Washington, DC
Thousands of women set to rally for abortion rights in Washington, DC

have somewhere between 450 and 500 marches um of course one in Washington DC um where we can build our power uh consolidate our base and move forward with um you know a single solitary purpose which is to build women’s political power now since Roe was overturned at least 15 states have banned nearly all abortion Services five other

states have abortion on the ballot the president recently announced some new guidelines and grants to try to protect abortion and contraception rights so what more do you want to see leaders in Washington do I mean we want to see Washington leaders do everything they possibly can we know that there are limits to the power of what people

can do in in any particular role whether we’re talking about the president or Senators given the you know composition of Congress but we want to see them walk up to the limit of that and we want to see them do whatever they can and fight for us however they can and when the when the pen fails when

the legislation fails we want to see them pick up a megaphone and come out into the streets and match what we’ve been seeing from you know from States all across the country we look at Kansas and you look at certain races in New York or Florida we see that women are over-performing we’re doing better than people

projected better than the polls suggested that we should um we’re coming out we are fighting with everything we have we want to see them match our energy and Rachel what about men and women who do support equal rights for women but who don’t support abortion do they still have a place in your movement I mean I think

the the, when you’re talking about bodily autonomy what you’re talking about, is the choice for every single person to make their own decisions about when and how to have a family and so if you believe in equality and you believe in folks you know the ability to do that and so I think that if we’re talking about that

on the personal level um you know that’s part of equality um and I think that’s when you get you start to get into the pieces around like you know the states rights arguments that the GOP has been making where we’re talking about oh well the whole point of Dobbs was to put the decision back to the States

and now they’re more a band a national ban um so I think that putting all of those things together means that if you’re for equality you’re for bodily autonomy all right Rachel Carmona we appreciate your time today thank you.

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