World’s largest sucking factory of carbon dioxide opens in Iceland

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World’s largest sucking factory of carbon dioxide opens in Iceland

The world’s biggest sucking factory of carbon dioxide opens in Iceland how significant is it in the battle to reverse climate change meanwhile the world’s biggest plant to extract carbon dioxide from the air has opened in Iceland it showcases a developing technology considered by some to be an important tool in the fight against climate change the plant will remove four thousand tons of CO2 every year but

this is a tiny percentage of the CO2 that is generated by the burning of fossil fuels climax orca is the first plant ever in commercial operations for direct air capture and storage that starts serving customers today a futuristic vision of how to save the planet from runaway climate change or a futile expense that distracts from the

the urgency of slashing co2 emissions in 2017 we celebrated a pioneering moment in a promotional video swiss startup climb works announced the opening of the largest direct air capture and storage plant in existence in a partnership with Icelandic company carb fix powered by renewable geothermal energy from nearby the plant consists of four units

each made up of two metal boxes these suck CO2 directly from the air mixes it with water and then sends the product deep underground where it gradually turns into rock storing carbon underground can be done at massive scale and it is really really

sucking factory of  carbon dioxide opens in Iceland
World’s largest sucking factory of CO2 opens in Iceland

reliable to store that carbon uh underground two three four kilometers underground where it can stay for millions of years and be safely and securely monitored so we know exactly where it is our plan captures co2 by drawing air into its collectors with a fan direct air capture is one of the few technologies extracting CO2 from the atmosphere its

supporters say it’s vital to limit global warming blamed for causing more heatwaves wildfires floods and rising sea levels but skeptics point out that the climate crisis is worsening because of the relentless burning of fossil fuels and it’s these that need to be cut last year global co2 emissions totaled 31.5 billion tons according to the international energy.

agency and this plant will remove just 4 000 tons of that in a year the equivalent of just 800 cars it’s so far been a completely failed technology technological solution um there are of course much better solutions out there solar panels wind turbines um the emerging

industry of green hydrogen this is a kind of very very high-end solution we prepared the co2 for the storage process direct air capture is at the cutting edge of climate technology but due to their cost there are only 15 such plants worldwide unless scaled up at speed these won’t take away from what scientists say is the imperative of keeping 80 percent of carbon reserves in the ground

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