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World’s Largest Astronomy space museum Shanghai, China opened Ennead planetarium


China, on 18th July, for all astronomy lovers, one of the largest Astronomy Museum is thrown open in China. Where did it start? In Shanghai. I was so impressed when I heard about it, read about it and saw videos/photos of it. It is a literal heaven for Astronomy lovers. Students, parents or grandparents, for everyone this beautiful building has been constructed. They

have created an inverted dome structure in it. You can see in here, that everything is curved. There is no straight wall in straight line, nor there are any corners in the building. , this is like a Space Heaven. As you go inside, there is a place called

Homeland” in it. There are amazing spheres of solar system, planets and fabulous craftmanship in making. You might actually feel that you are standing in the space with actual celestial bodies

Astronomy planetarium in china

They have exhibited real samples of meteorites from comets, asteroids, moon and mars which they brought back to Earth or are flown to earth. They created a huge display of exoplanets. Exoplanets means the planets that orbit around any other star than Sun. The exoplanets which are habitable, means, the water required for sustaining life as we know, the parameters

required to live on other planets and all, are beautifully exhibited They have even kept models there And further in the museum there is a very long hanging Foucault pendulum. It is an instrument which on the basis of what latitude you are, can

show you the time They have even shown the concepts of gravity there. They have exhibited their old seismometer or even old telescopes there.

china astronomy museum
Shanghai, China opened Ennead planetariuM TRENDY NEWS

All the missions that they have, like on moon or Tianhe 1, the Chinese space station, which is exhibited as a full life size model. Same for the rover that they have sent on Mars. Besides they have also prepared “VR” virtual reality glasses in there.

With these VR glasses, you feel as if, you are jumping on the moon from here to there and so on. Amazing it is! Can’t even imagine how precisely they have made this whole architectural building. They have even exhibited about cosmology,

formation of universe and how it is now and what will be the end. There are even puzzles for children to play. There is a big inverted dome inside, feels like you are floating in the universe. Besides, they have built the whole museum on the concept

of Three body problem of physics. So I guess, when Corona is no more a threat, and if you are going to visit China, then do visit this museum in Shanghai, and be prepared to stay here for atleast 3 days.

 I know personally speaking its different, but the things the China is doing for Astronomy is amazing… because this museum is covering total of 40,000 sq. mt. Just look at the amazing building. There are more photos and videos about the museum,

you can find! Do watch. And yes, it also has the largest planetarium. They have made a large planetarium in the museum. There is also an observatory, permanent and temporary working models are also in display. There is also a research center

for children. Even theatre is present. Tremendous amount of things. you can’t even imagine how huge I am talking about. A stupendous architectural building it is. 100% astronomy and space science.

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