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is the more likely that that something will happen right with Bitcoins price that there will be attorney events and that will start shrinking again because as people buy into bitcoin again and you could see that this orange line any time it hit really you know below zero is not good but anytime it starts going really really down to like negative two negative three ratio you could see that this is when there’s a sudden turnaround for bitcoin and right now we’re seeing that too even though even though the ratio has been going up right you see that bitcoin’s price still was going down but you know that’s going to change this is why what we saw for the last few months you know this is why i said this was a media driven flood because a lot of this a lot of the indicators the lot of metrics shows that people actually start buying people started to buy because they don’t believe that this is the end most people that’s in the game right now believe yeah we will continue higher right so all these metrics show that bitcoin started or the accumulation or buying started maybe like a month ago but yet we still were trending down a little bit so it seems like a lot of the fear or maybe the whale games or suppression was still being played obviously through media through elon through china fud whatever right but now it seems like it’s finally starting to catch up that all this buying is over shadowing the fud that still exists right and things are turning around so looking very very positive all these metrics look amazing at this point i shouldn’t say amazing but they all they all do indicate that a bottom seems to have formed at least a temporary bottom and that things are ready to to to keep going to keep going david said friday night was painful without georgia okay just not watching me for for an hour you know uh on friday night i think you could i think you could get past it okay david i know you missed me but still i’m gonna be streaming plenty throughout the week all right so these are things that i want to show you guys,

This is why bitcoin i believe is heading higher but i’ve been showing guys non-stop stuff just like on friday morning i showed you guys bloomberg with mike mcglone and he was looking at the 20-day moving average and whenever bitcoin deviates too much from it also shows that there’s a bottom i mean there’s just a lot of metrics and you know the point of these metrics is not that they have to be a hundred percent right just like technical analysis sometimes sometimes they’re wrong but what i love about these is most of the time these are long term metrics they span out over years not just like a few like few days or weeks and when you span out for years generally speaking these are gonna be a lot more accurate than day to day charts and so forth right because they measure out they they take into account everything the the token economics of bitcoin the the psychological factors at play especially with having events and bear cycles and bull cycles right and takes into a lot of things so i love these kind of on-chain metrics i like relying on them more than technical analysis though if you want to day trade then of course you need to use ta all right so what else is there the one big other news for today is this uniswap censors a ton of synthetic tokens 129 to be exact this is out of blue and obviously um uniswap is doing this because they’re concerned jerry gensler the new ssc head basically recently came out and said hey i don’t care if you’re a centralized exchange or decentralized change if you’re offering synthetic tokens or security tokens you know you better watch out you have to abide by security laws so obviously uniswap you know backed by a lot of big um big crypto companies and vcs based in the us they’re complying so they removed 129 tokens and these are basically all synthetic tokens of something here on top you can see a list there’s a gold there’s a couple of gold stuff and then there’s a whole bunch of synthetic tokens for options then you can see synthetics which create synthetic tokens so every single synthetic token including inverse ones and stock ones all been removed and there’s ones based on you know indexes and uh and currencies right you could see a whole bunch and there’s there’s more here uh there’s some zelda mario mini mario yield dollars mirrored stuff so mirror protocol also has some stuff uh they all have been removed all have been removed so this is a big deal this sets uh just sets an example for basically all the other amms out there if they want to operate in the us and they don’t want to get in trouble.

Bitcoin price
bitcoin price

They’re probably going to have to do this so just keep that in mind that even decentralized exchanges have to uh have to watch out for regulators this is something that michael saylor’s been talking about recently why he sticks with gold and not anything else because he thinks gold is i mean sticks with bitcoin not gold he sticks with bitcoin because he thinks it’s property and property is much easier to be regulated than everything else everything else is um you know it’s uh it’s a financial product or it’s a it’s a new kind of application or a new kind of currency these things have different rules and they’re going to be regulated accordingly and that’s why he’s concerned about it and this could be the very start of that all right and then lastly amazon is hiring a digital currency expert to develop cryptocurrency strategy and products so this pretty much confirms a hundred percent that amazon is getting involved with crypto most likely they’re gonna develop their own wallet they’re gonna allow people to pay in crypto right and who knows are they gonna come out with their own exchange as well is amazon go come out the amazon coin you know they already have amazon credits and there’s i think amazon bucks too or maybe that’s facebook i think they have something for their games too maybe maybe they uh they’re gonna come on the amazon coin so that would not surprise me this is happening again something else that we could look forward to besides amazon uh apple with their apple pay probably go get in and of course we still have microsoft who’s already working on the ion network on top of bitcoin and we haven’t heard much from google.

But i think google is just you know they’re not they’re not idiots they’re watching what all the other you know their peers are doing and they’re gonna probably jump in too google has google pay as well and so forth right so very very bright future ahead guys very bright future this is why you don’t want to give up you want to stay in the game you want to stay in the game for sure all right um i think that’s pretty much it you know let’s uh let’s do some q a overall hey bitcoin is still holding 34 4 looking pretty promising all right scrolling down scrolling down joe says up or down it doesn’t change dca hold all and buy the dip that is that is correct that is correct uh manny says ethereum classic uh i don’t know if ethereum classic is doing well i will mention okay i i feel like i have to mention this and i’m not trying to pump it but axis infinity is on freaking fire okay fire and um it has formed a new high and continues higher i’ve been learning more about it and it seems like the creators which are very involved with gaming they have created a very very good system and there are people that are following in there’s a lot of people that’s making a ton of money just by um you know either owning land or or selling off their uh you know their love potions or their axes there’s a whole marketplace that they really do seem like they have their their ducks in a row seems like that is really good however whenever something pumps up that much you got to be careful you got to be careful but i just want to mention about that because a lot of people have asked me in the past what do you think about it and you know what games could be very very very viral and that is one that seems to be doing very well um t home says no more vacations you call the bottom a few days back time to start restart friday stream come on dude i just took one friday off you’re telling me to restart it again can we get an amp update from you last i heard an amazon possibility whole foods was using flux the network amazon owns whole foods now amazon’s getting a game i don’t know i don’t know i i can’t give you update these these are those are rumors but um you know flexo network is growing but in terms of adoption i don’t know how many people are actually using it right so the more people that use them the more retailers they get on board the better it is but obviously we don’t have any hard concrete like figures like we have a million people on flex are using amp right so i love to see that but overall i think you just gotta give it time there’s there’s no need to rush updates if amazon is getting the game maybe they do adopt flexa or maybe they come out their own right but overall i still think flexa and amp is a fantastic pairing and there’s no you know there’s no saying that amp has to stay with flex and amp could be used on any platform really uh nate i appreciate that coinbase finally added some lana i didn’t pick that up rich thank YOU.

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