Where will Kevin Durant play for if he leaves the Nets this summer?

Where will Kevin Durant play for if he leaves the Nets this summer?

According to the athletic, Kevin durant is currently monitoring the net situation in regards to the uncertainty around the franchise’s future bobby marks reporting that if k.d were to be traded it would be the biggest trade package in nba history that makes a lot of sense Shannon do you think kd will be playing for the nets or someone else next season i think kd stays skip i think it’s only he

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only leaves if they fail to put pieces around him in which Katie feels he can win a championship and he has some very interesting uh tweets uh some quotes from a podcast etc’s podcast uh and he says you know he said and i think this is kevin durant basketball obviously the most important thing but i try not to let that get in the way of somebody else’s personal decision yep basketball is

important to me but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily important to everybody else so i let them handle their personal decisions but skip is hard to win at any sport at any level if all your guys are not equally invested that’s just the way i’m sorry i’ve been a part of team damn them my whole life i’ve never really played an individual sport yeah and the guys that when we when

everybody bought in that’s when we seem to have the most success i got it not just the games i’m talking about training i’m talking about weight room i’m talking about conditioning i’m talking about everything everybody was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there i’m not so sure that’s kyrie like you said kyrie said basketball is not the most important

thing to him it’s going to be hard when you play a team sport if you’re not buying in but everybody else is he’s just trying to figure out what can the nets do can sean and joe can they surround me with the pieces because i’m not 34. i ain’t just try look yeah

kevin you’ll play it 34 next year skip he’s not just trying to this last five six seven years how long cameron ran play just be a guy no kevin durant’s once you win a title that’s all that matters you become obsessed with doing that over and over and over again and kevin durant can’t waste five four or five years well you know he’s still a great player when he’s not contending for titles it

bothered him there’s no question in my mind it bothered him getting swept they’re the only team that got swept in the playoffs in 2022 and kevin durant was a part of that skip it’s like he played what about bradley beal what about hey go and see if dame is available let’s see who’s available that can come you know hey zach levine what what can i get give i mean i don’t believe kevin

durant wants the character rent has played all of his contracts out yes he’s left to situation he left okc skill but his contract was up he fulfilled his obligation yes he left golden state he fulfilled his obligation this contract was up yeah i don’t believe kevin durant wants to hey forced to trade but i don’t know if he won’t have will he will he have any other alternative if kyrie leaves and they

can’t surround him kevin durant ain’t trying to be 42 and 42 and 40 40 and 42 that ain’t what kevin durant is in his career right now those days are over he’s been a champion he’s an mvp he wants to compete for titles and if they can’t give him that opportunity i think he owes it to himself to say let’s let you boy up out of here yep and then and even this kim i don’t even want to

i understand what they said it’s the biggest package in nba history i don’t want that damn package cause ain’t no packing you can put together gonna give me another one of them no you you got another one of him in that package cause if you don’t i don’t want it so i have defended kevin durant’s decision to leave russell westbrook because he had decided i cannot win a championship as i

go into my 10th year in this league with that man as my primary decision maker and point guard on offense right i got no issue with that i don’t have any issue with saying okay if they want me to come save them i’m gonna go save them because i know i’m on a collision course with lebron james right so i will take that challenge i’ll have the weight of the nba world on my skinny little

slender shoulders and i’ll go head-to-head with lebron and he did it in lebron’s house in games three in back-to-back finals and i’ll pull this off and and that’s when i started to say this is the best player on the planet because i still thought it took great guts to go do that because the warriors without him had crashed and burned with the three to one lead and as we talked about a thousand times on the show they did recruit him you you say well he needed them if i disagree with you it took good it took guts it took guts

 Where will Kevin Durant play for if he leaves the Nets this summer?
Where will Kevin Durant play for if he leaves the Nets this summer? trendy news

to do what you did to leave a great situation where you was currently firmly entrenched you mean leave your other situation at espn and come here it took us to do what you did you left a situation the number one way to show of what you guys do you said

you know what i’m going to be like jay clampy i’m a load up and i’m going to move to beverly hills that took guts they don’t take any gusts to do what he did that was a 73-19 with a two-time mvp he played great he deserved those mvps but i can’t give you it took courage to do what he did okay but he knew it was going to come down to him versus lebron for all the marbles because they

couldn’t do it without him they they admitted as much you said draymond fled in the parking lot cell phone crying please come save us okay i got it i i’m interpreting it differently i think kevin did say damn i’m going to be on the hot seat when we do get back to the finals because they’re all going to look to me are you going to be the difference maker or not and everybody because he had

left poor little rust back in oklahoma city the weight of the world was on him because i think much of the league much of the nba world rooted for kevin to fall on his face in those finals and he did not he rose i can’t say that i disagree with you that a lot of people are rooting against okay all right so whatever he made that choice and he made it work yeah and then he made the worst

decision of his career to follow his best friend kyrie to brooklyn he followed and trusted the wrong best friend right that’s that’s to me because in the end he was betting on the wrong guy because kyrie had lost his passion you could if kevin’s got high intellect for both business and basketball obviously but you you get so lost in your friendship that you could just see kevin’s body language like oh right you don’t want to go to the knicks you want to go to the nets okay let’s go to the nets right kevin is more follower in the

end than leader kyrie wants to be the leader he he is the alpha of that relationship and kevin bought completely in okay let’s go to brooklyn well you’re you’re buying into a guy who just wrecked the boston cell he didn’t wreck him but but it didn’t work right he failed miserably in boston and really in the end he was failing miserably with lebron and cleveland but here’s the fact that the thing

that kevin durant likes to do is just play basketball he got an opportunity to go to uh golden state the leadership the hierarchy was already all the culture was established you go to brooklyn you starting that you got to be the leader because you’re the best player on the team whether you want to do it or not i agree he got an opportunity to fall in the background he was still kevin durant he

loomed large but skip steph clay draymond they was doing all that and kevin durant said i just want to hoop just let me hoop and he got an opportunity to do that but now he just can’t and remember they played the right way yeah it was easy for him because he wants to play right he’s efficient obviously so it blended it yes yes yes this has not been a fit for him and i think he’s ashamed of

what happened in the first round yeah of course man that that was that was embarrassing i was embarrassed for kevin so all of a sudden he’s looking at kyrie and you read all the remarks from the podcast he’s basically saying i’m out of this that’s his business you you make your your career choice here right i’m not going to interfere i think he’s telling you between the lines i’m going to be out of this like i think he sees the handwriting that kyrie is going to have to exit at some point because he knows kyrie is such a

proud still young man he’s he’s not going to take the big pay cut here right he’s going to go on the open market maybe he takes the lakers exception just to stick it to the nets but in the end kevin is remember he’s going on 34 as you said right well this is going to be year 15. but everybody from woe john down is reporting if he did hit the market right now that it would be an historic

haul for the nets well it may be looming that kevin’s going to go elsewhere because the nets are going to have to completely start over because they all bet on the wrong guy they bet on kyrie right and then james exits forced his way out and you wind up with ben simmons probably the biggest x factor in basketball right now what’s he going to give you who knows what he’s going to give

you right and if kyrie’s gone you know kevin’s just going to say put me on the market you know what skip i don’t believe kevin durant will leave i think kevin radz is going to stay and i i i just i i just believe that he like in his mind is that look i made this i made this destination he did commit yeah he’s committed for four more years 200 million right yep okay i don’t believe because

like i’ve said we’ve seen kevin durant kevin iran has never left this situation prematurely his contract was up he would leave with four years left this would be the first year of that new deal that he just signed last year okay well they have to work some magic to re restock around him yeah but except when you’re that good what do you believe me and lord do it yes yes just give me

something give me a little something to work with and i’ll make it work well i don’t know i think it’s gonna be one on five like it was against milwaukee a year i mean kevin durant probably thinking hey jesus fed how many did he feed with a loaf of bread and some fish well that’s what he’s got he came with the red said well i know i can do it give me give me something give me patty mills give me give me a little something i’ll make it work joey sean give me a little something and watch me feed it okay at after 15 years.


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