Waqar Zaka is not Banned On Binance just faked News

Waqar Zaka is not Banned On Binance just faked News

Yesterday’s trend news in Pakistan that Waqar zaka is banned on Binance and also his account was ceased by Binance. This statement is too viral. but on the backside, it’s just faked news from the fake Binance website of the .org domain. Which is not the official website of Binance. This news is totally faked which is proofed through Ip address which show in Pakistan. Also, Waqar zaka was proofed on live yesterday night.

Waqar zaka says in yesterday’s live sation that I am not banned on Binance it’s just faked news from the fake website. I don’t know how people trust those things which are not possible. He also shows his account that I am not banned It’s just a fake article. Waqar zaka also says that how says that I am ceased if ceased that I can run now Binance in this live sation. which was the great proof of the fake news. He also says that we will take great action against fake news. He informed the cyber-crime authority to take action against those people how to use fake websites and blame us.

Waqar also says that I am not transferring all of my funds from Binance that I have banned on binance.No it’s totally wrong thinking I transfer all my funds because Binance tells a lie. He has no verified licenses .curently Binance is baned in Singapore may be Pakistan also followed and banned Binance.

Waqar Zaka is not Banned On Binance just faked News
Al last tenup touch one dollar and has listed on okex trendy news

Yesterday night Waqar zaka coin Ten up which is the first cryptocurrency coin of Pakistan how touched one dollar which is great news for Pakistan. we should feel proud that our first cryptocurrency coin touch one dollar and was listed on the world’s top 2 cryptocurrency exchanges. How says that it’s just scammed coin Waqar also says that if my coin is scammed then how it launched on OKEx.If okex are blind that he take coin for his exchange.

TenUp which is the first currency of Pakistan now he is AVAILABLE ON OKEX  SO everyone can transfer his new tenupsmart to the OKEx account if somebody has no OKEx account


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