United States Britain warn citizens to avoid hotels in the Afghan capital

United States Britain warn citizens to avoid hotels in the Afghan capital

United States, Britain warn citizens to avoid hotels in the Afghan capital: The United States and Britain have issued a security alert for Kabul the u.s and the UK have warned their citizens to avoid hotels in the Afghan capital the warning comes days after dozens were killed at a mosque in an attack claimed by the Islamic state the u.s state department issued a statement saying and I’m quoting u.s citizens who are at or near the Serena hotel should leave immediately quote-unquote meanwhile Britain’s foreign

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commonwealth and development office added I’m quoting further in light of the increased risks you are advised not to stay in hotels particularly in Kabul such as the Serena hotel and court the Taliban which seized power in august are seeking international recognition and assistance to avoid a humanitarian disaster and ease Afghanistan’s economic crisis but as the hardline Islamist group transitions from a rebel army to a governing power they are#Britain warn citizens to avoid hotels#

struggling to contain the threats from the Afghanistan chapter of the Islamic state the Islamic state has been carrying out attacks on the Taliban and Afghan civilians recently over 60 people were killed in an isis suicide bombing at a mosque in Afghanistan’s northern Kunduz city since the Taliban take over many foreigners have left Afghanistan but some

journalists and aid workers remain in the capital the well-known Serena a luxury hotel popular with business travelers and foreign guests have twice been the target of attacks as well and let’s go straight across now to our correspondent anas malik joining us live on the broadcast from Kabul, uh anas tell us more about this alert that has been issued and do we know uh about the number of these us and UK nationals who are still present in Afghanistan

you earlier also spoke to Taliban leaders who had talked about how they are working towards eradicating the isis threat well molly that we have known about this threat for about 48 to 72 hours we’ve seen increased security measures being put in place but uh how things escalated was when there was a renewed threat that was uh that was intercepted by the Taliban intelligence it was passed on to their foreign collaborators or to

the countries they have been communicating with and then it was passed on to the united states administration this renewed threat calls for uh an svb id suicide bomber who would be uh who can possibly be on a vehicle bond improvised explosive device uh who is said to be hailing from the risk that can possibly be followed by a gun attack this is a level of threat that has been uh that the Taliban had intercepted and now that has come in uh it has been#Britain warn citizens to avoid hotels#

resonated in the UK threat advisory as well last night we saw the threat of advisory coming in from the state department as you speak the number of u.s nationals here in Afghanistan or in the city of Kabul is probably less than a hundred same goes for the number of UK nationals as well uh these now these are those u.s nationals who are basically dual nationals uh who are Afghan nationals and u.s nationals as well uh only a handful of

journalists belonging to the American press are currently in Kabul and only a handful of them are from hailing from the British press are currently uh in Kabul as well now if I talk to you about the security situation it has been ramped up it has been beefed up the road roads leading to the hotel they have been uh blocked by uh by the Taliban men by Taliban’s

#Britain warn citizens to avoid hotels#

elite battery unit uh there have been barriers that have been plain place as you can see that right behind me the road behind me is uh practically cordoned off this is a busy street where I’m standing it’s called the piroshki street but it’s currently cordoned off and all we can see is Taliban men uh in there these uh these wahikas these humvee vehicles or these

ahmed vehicles now I spoke to javila yesterday the spokesperson of the Afghan Taliban and he said that uh is is not a bigger problem uh for them but it’s more of a resistance from sort of thing that they are and it’s more of a challenge to them that they are working on that they have launched an operation against and that they will be eradicating them very soon molly.

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