United Kingdom Fuel shortage may last till Christmas, says PM Boris Johnson

United Kingdom Fuel shortage may last till Christmas, says PM Boris Johnson

United Kingdom Fuel shortage: We’ll start here in the UK with the country confronting a supply chain crisis but prime minister Boris Johnson says he doesn’t want to return Britain to what he calls a broken pre-Brexit economy johnson says Britain is currently in a period of adjustment after Brexit and covid he’s pointing to higher wages and a skilled economy is the long-term solutions on Christmas let me tell you this beth I make you a very confident prediction that this #Fuel shortage#

Christmas will be considerably better than last Christmas i’m just telling you it’s gonna be much much better even as the country continues to face a shortage of fuel and goods UK prime minister Boris johnson promised that this year’s Christmas would be considerably better than last year’s johnson however did not rule out the possibility of further supply disruptions in the weeks leading up to Christmas this country leads the world

actually, in logistics and supply chains, we’ve got very good supply chains uh where there are issues that we can help with we’ll do everything we can to help but we are going to see a period in which uh the global economy particularly the UK economy because of the speed of our recovery is sucky in demand very fast speaking on the opening day of conservative parties conference in a message to the tory faithful Johnson vowed to forge ahead with his

post-covert recovery plan to level up growth and tackle priorities from infrastructure to climate change in manchester Boris johnson was welcomed with protests over 2 000 protesters rallied against the the the conservatives have put us in a position where we’ve got to turn out on mass people need to show up and say look these conditions are awful we need to do better we’re here today because this government is totally incompetent people are actually starving children are hungry how can that be in this century how can it be#Fuel shortage#

Boris johnson’s latest thing about the metrics you know doesn’t matter how many people die but the economy is all right and the economy isn’t all right but they’re just awful a whole lot of them a complete evil bunch in recent months many companies including fast-food chains have reported shortages shelves at supermarkets also look barren Britain’s fear they will not be stocked as usual in the run-up to Christmas with Brexit tens of thousands of drivers left the united kingdom and the pandemic exacerbated the problem lack of tanker#Fuel shortage#

drivers triggered panic buying at petrol stations on sunday gasoline and diesel shortages persisted in London and southeast England you have seen me come every morning on Friday after work I have to keel in this station for 2 hours and 20 minutes to kill just 35 pounds then today I have to stop working now and come again before I finish because when I went to come back they didn’t have petrol well it’s been a really really awful situation I personally didn’t know this was happening so I ran out of petrol on Saturday and haven’t

had petrol since 22 percent of forecasts had no fuel available according to petrol retailers association elsewhere in Britain the crisis was virtually at the end with six percent of four courts drive the British army will help deliver patrols starting today some 200 military tanker personnel will be deployed to provide temporary support the UK government now also faces warnings from farmers that tens of thousands of pigs could be incinerated in the coming days without an urgent influx of foreign abattoir workers and butchers in an

attempt to fight off shortage the UK government also announced that a total of 5 500 foreign poultry workers will be allowed into the country from late October to December this year nearly every sector in Britain is suffering staff shortages and it’s knocked down one factor but three has led to the situation Brexit global supply chain issues and of course coven has essentially created the perfect storm and a new survey has found more than a

quarter of 500 firms surveyed said it was a lack of staff that was putting pressure on their ability to operate at normal levels with reduced stock due to the resulting supply chain disruption that’s hurting their business and while some firms are planning to raise prices and that’s leading concerns over rising inflation now businesses have blamed the pandemic

of Brexit for the shortage of overseas workers with nearly 40 percent saying a lack of regional talent is hurting their ability to improve much-needed staff and many business leaders are calling on the government to help more before their industries go from critical to terminal mandy Clark told us one we on London.#Fuel shortage#

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