UK approves new rapid home Covid testing kits as part of plan to return to normal life-Trendy News

Covid While do-it-yourself covered tests aren’t really being used in australia here they are everywhere the government will mail a box of these out to you for free or you can just pick up a box from a pharmacy now these are by no means perfect but

in a country like the uk where there are still tens of thousands of cases daily they can be useful so i’m going to take a test myself and show you how it works okay so first you fill this extraction tube with this solution from the little sachet next you

swab your tonsils and then stick it up your nose and twirl it around i am going to do this but i’ll spare you having to watch next you take the swab and you swirl it around inside the solution cap goes on and then you put two of these drops into this

lateral flow device that looks a bit like a pregnancy test okay so 30 minutes has passed let’s check the results and there is a line next to the c which means it’s a valid test.

Covid self personal test

which means that covert hasn’t been detected i then scan the qr code on the test which grants me a covert certificate that i can use to get into venues but it’s all done on an honesty system there’s no one actually checking the results and it’s

certainly not a guarantee i don’t have covert because the accuracy of these tests isn’t so great when they’re performed yourself in fact one study found that these sort of tests are missing as many as one in two cases in real world conditions the

us FDA for example has suggested that these innova tests be thrown out and Australian regulators say that the chances of

returning a false negative result in a home testing kit are still too great but here in the UK at least they do remain a big part of the government’s strategy Boris Johnson’s government says that they are picking up cases that would otherwise fall through the cracks.

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