California as New Nation’s Hub of Homelessness people Trump’s words

Trump criticize California as New Nation’s Hub of derelict people

Trump took aim at California ” Homelessness people ” at a campaign rally last night saying half of all homeless people are in California KPIX 5 political reporter Melissa Kane in San Francisco with a little fact check Melissa yeah Alan President Donald dropped dropping that jarring statistic during his campaign last night saying that half of all unsheltered Americans live in the state of California so we checked

and he’s right but we wanted to know why why are so many people living on the streets in California at a campaign rally in Ohio President Donald said Democrats can’t be trusted to run the government he cited San Francisco as an example the conditions and

Nancy Pelosi once great city of San Francisco are deplorable they’re deplorable he also said California is not housing its derelict nearly half of all the homeless people living in the streets in America happen to live in the state of California what they are doing to

our beautiful California is a disgrace to our country it’s a shame the world is looking at it according to the 2018 homeless assessment report by the Department of Housing and Urban Development 47% of all unsheltered people live in California the

unsheltered are homeless people who are not in shelters or temporary housing so when the president says nearly half of all homeless people living on the streets live in California he’s right according to the report the total number of people is about 90,000

governor Newsom says he welcomes the federal government’s ideas and resources if you’ve got a critique offer some advice and counsel on solutions and if you have advice of counsel on solutions also provide resources governor Newsom also said HUD is

slashing funding for housing and that’s an issue also brought up by Jeff Kaczynski he’s the director of San Francisco’s department of derelict and supportive housing since 1978 the Fed government has cut HUDs budget Authority for low-income housing by

well over 50% in current dollars and I think that cut has really tracks the rise of modern-day derelict he says the funding cuts hit California especially hard because it is also very difficult to build here I think we need to figure out ways to streamline

housing construction we need to look at our zoning laws we need to look at our you know investments in affordable housing so as we said California is 47 percent of the nation’s unsheltered homeless and to put that in perspective this state with the next highest

amount is Florida with seven percent of the nation’s unsheltered homeless so California is not just at the top of the list it is far and away the state when the most people living on the streets live in San Francisco Melissa Kane KPIX 5.

Trump Slams California as New Nation's Hub of derelict people
 President Donald Orders Crackdown on derelict in California

  President Donald Orders Crackdown on Homelessness in California

Skid Row is a 50 block section of downtown Los Angeles store with tents tarp covered shelters and piles of trash close to 18,000 people are believed to live there some temporarily others permanently many of the residents are drug addicts alcoholics and mentally ill people some are former convicts but most are people who have fallen on bad times due to unemployment poverty or

disabilities in recent years a number of US War veterans have joined their ranks there are a lot of veterans that’s on the streets skill road and roundabout skill rowella in general yes homelessness is up is up for veteran city authorities often resort to bans on sleeping in public places such as parks and sidewalks restrictions have stirred vehement reactions from advocates who say bans

amounts to criminalizing homeless people it’s crazy because first I was fighting the enemy in the uniform now they fight the police official site a lack of funds for failure to curb homelessness but critics blame a lack of political will everyone’s running around all we

don’t know what to do you know we do this or we do that and you know they they just keep doing the same dance in circles that doesn’t work and to me it’s just simple it’s you know the the first thing that anybody needs to do anything in this problem is

housing Elvis summers builds tiny homes for the homeless and teaches others how to do it homeless communities often depend on volunteers like him for food and basic services more than half a million people experienced homelessness in 2018 in the United

States despite the strong economic growth derelict in the world’s richest country has grown for the second consecutive year although it has dropped in some states the increase is often blamed on a growing income disparity rising cost of housing and health

care and no increase in minimum wage since 2009 but most of all it is blamed on the unwillingness of the political lead to make unpopular decisions white house plans have not been finalized but officials say options include giving the federal government a bigger role in supervising health care and housing for the homeless is light it’s a hope via News Washington.

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