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Intro of Santa Maria del Mar

Santa Maria del Mar is a congregation in the Ribera region of Barcelona, Spain, worked somewhere in the range of 1329 and 1383 at the level of the Principality of Catalonia’s oceanic and commercial transcendence? It is an extraordinary illustration of Catalan Gothic, with virtue and solidarity of style that is extremely strange in huge middle age buildings.

The opening time information of Santa Maria del Mar

Consistently from 9 am to 8.30 pm (Sunday 10 am to 8 pm).

You can visit the Santa María del Mar free of charge from 9am to 1pm and from 5pm to 8.30pm (Sunday: 10 am-2 pm and 5pm to 8pm).


Somewhere in the range of 1pm and 5pm you need to pay to visit the congregation, tickets are €5.

These entry tickets are not accessible on the web. A guide and data about what you will see is incorporated with your ticket.

On the off chance that you additionally wish to see the rooftop, you can pay an additional measure of €3 and join the aide (ask at the entry at what time this is conceivable).

A visit to the grave expenses €2.

If you have any desire to join the visit, we suggest you book your ticket online ahead of time. The gathering might top off and you could be forgotten about to purchase the ticket on the spot.

Note: the visit isn’t appropriate for kids under six. Kids somewhere in the range of 6 and 8 enter free of charge.

Tower guide Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona
Santa Maria del Mar trendy news

Tickets and tower guide information of Santa Maria del Mar

Assuming you take a directed visit, you’ll gain some useful knowledge about the set of experiences, engineering and the strict foundation and meaning of the basilica, as well as having the option to visit spaces that are not open during an ordinary visit.

Visits are held day to day in English and Spanish, they last approximately 45 minutes.

The English-language visits start at 2 pm and 5.15 pm. The aide will take you up to the rooftop, where you have a magnificent view over the city.

Access to the sepulcher must be bought independently (€2) from the visit ticket, albeit the grave isn’t especially intriguing so in the event that you skip it you won’t miss a lot.

Suggestion: book a visit with an aide. You can book a bicycle or strolling visit through the middle with our accomplice El Ciclo.

Your aide will show you the best spots and give you individual tips. A unique, protected and engaging method for getting to know Barcelona.

You can incorporate a visit to Santa Maria del Mar, just let your aide know!

Location of Santa Maria Del Mar in Barcelona, Spain,

 Plaça de Santa Maria, 1, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Location of Santa Maria Del Mar in Barcelona, Spain,
Location of Santa Maria Del Mar in Barcelona, Spain, trendy news

  • Tower guide Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona
  • Tower guide Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona
  • Tower guide Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona
  • Tower guide Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona
  • Tower guide Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona
  • Tower guide Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona

History of Santa Maria del Mar and interesting facts

I love Santa Maria del Mar was built between and here’s 1329 and 1384

I really remarked the time because it was built in only 55 years which all they make town a lot there’s not very much because normally these big churches of such a size that is like the Cathedral for Barcelona they took much longer 150 years 200 years they were built it slowly with the nations of the faithful when

there was not much more money because it was a general plaque or a war I may be the harmonic they stop it continue later yes and but this one was relatively fast built because the court sir was very populated and needed soon a new church and then everybody helped donating work or money the rich mentioned they live

here donating money the artisans of the wood of the stone or the painting they will donate the your work the seafaring people used to work at the Harbor loading and unloading ships they help transporting the stones the store blocks from the stone quarry so the ability relatively fast considered a Catalan pure gothic church which represents the Catalan

churches austere facade big round shaped rose windows too bell towers octagonal shape finished flat and inside you got a same very poorly decorated Nick but politically only a stone walls around it magnificent is really pretty we’re gonna have a quick look inside okay let’s go a moment inside so what do you think do you like it it’s

really pretty I think is very pretty because although he’s very big very impressive know their size but it’s also at the same time kind of modest because it’s poorly decorated very modest this was the quarter of the modest people yes and here normally the nobles or members of the court Kings wouldn’t come members of the church wouldn’t

come yes for the seafaring for these traders for these artisans in Europe in France Germany in England they also have a lot of Gothic architecture but dominating gothic churches in the rest of you obtained to have a central nave interior is divided into three names three galleries separated by columns but the central gorilla gallery the central nave

is much higher than the side ones to reach heaven lot but in the case of Catalonia our churches were built with three naves having almost the same size so not much higher the central one giving an impression that is only one name and like very big with enough space for everybody like getting we close it to the

earth the main altar is very simple that’s at the end it has a little pillar what on the top is the sculpture of the Virgin Mary carrying the baby Jesus because the main name of the Basilica is Santa Maria del Mar and the church of the lady of the sea the Virgin of the sea this is a

well as church where a lot of couples in Barcelona like to get married is true that we are not that faithful anymore the Spain is calculated that only a 35 percent really of the of the population practices the catalyzer no but still we are quite traditional also in the city of Barcelona and the community is very cosmopolitan

it’s one of the three largest ports in the Mediterranean thick it’s a city that has been always used to see people coming and going from the north of Europe coming by sea so it’s also very open minds society they went from Barcelona because he always had foreigners they brought as their influences their religions their habits yeah in

the case of Barcelona nowadays we have members of the Jewish community we have Muslims we have induced we have Buddhists we have people who are not faithful at all so it’s very blended in in the city only live 1.7 million but in the whole metropolitan area 4 million the city plaza suburbs all right let’s go out 

Over view of Santa Maria del Mar for the tourists

what’s up guys patrick here tour guide and your guide to Barcelona it may sound sacrilegious to say but la sagrada familia is not the best church here in Barcelona it’s Santa maria del mar right here in the bourne neighborhood so join me as i head inside to show you why it’s so worth it and subscribe to find

out more things that you can do here in Barcelona Santa maria del mar or saint mary’s of the sea is one of the places i think anyone that comes to Barcelona should visit it’s the best example of meridianal or catalan gothic style in the city and Barcelona’s fastest build church and if that doesn’t lure you in it’s

my mom’s favorite place in the city entrance is free in the morning before one and in the afternoon after five but if you really want to get the full experience you can book a visit to the towers and the crypt from 5 to 10 euros if you’re still not convinced let’s talk a little history and then take

a tour so you can see for yourself as Barcelona outgrew its walls new neighborhoods were added in what is known as el born or la rivera the shore today was called villanova del mar as commerce and Barcelona’s importance as the mediterranean port increased this area became the economic center of medieval Barcelona over time the need for

a new and larger church became important to the people of the neighborhood and Santa maria del mar started construction in 1329. it only took 54 years to complete which if you compare to other churches in Barcelona is extremely fast this was all made possible by the donations of the people Santa maria de mar has gotten the nickname

the people’s church because it was built for and by the people in fact many of the streets surrounding the church are named after the artisans and guilds that were here in the middle ages it’s these people who not only paid for but literally carried the stones here that helped build the church all of this led to a

book being written called cathedral of deceit that i definitely recommend reading before or after your visit here if you’re not a reader there’s also a netflix series based off the book catalan gothic architecture is known for its far less decorative exterior when you compare it to its other gothic counterparts you might even notice the lack of flying

buttresses and a smaller appearance from the outside the overarching idea is that of simplicity and you can see that throughout the entire church much of this can be seen from the facade if you compare it to the cathedral of Barcelona just a few minutes away but don’t let the exterior fool you the inside is mesmerizing once inside

you’ll almost be overwhelmed by its interior again we find traits of the purest example of the catalan gothic style what appears to be one large open space is actually three naves almost equal in height the fact that the central nave is the same height as the width of the church also allows for the columns to bear the

weight despite being spaced further apart than in other gothic cathedrals and churches all of this leads to an interior that looks larger than what you would have thought from the outside but don’t let its current austere nature lead you to believe that it’s always been this way unlike the exterior the church would have been extremely decorated with

donations from the families and guilds that helped build it unfortunately not much remains after fire during the civil war in 1936 destroyed much of the ornamentation the fire lasted 11 days and you can still see some of the scars left in the forms of smoked stains on the ceilings one of the greatest parts of the church

is the lighting and the stained glass throughout the different chapels many were destroyed in the fire and today you can find windows from several different centuries the newest from 1995 which pays homage to the 1992 olympic games held here in Barcelona although the best window has to be right above it it might not look impressive but it

holds the Barcelona football club’s crest the club was one of the entities that helped with the high cost of reconstruction after the civil war keeping the tradition of the people’s church alive centuries later the large rose window found over the front door has also been swapped out the window you see today was put in 1460 after an

earthquake destroyed the original on the inside you can see mary being crowned by the father the son and the holy spirit the altar and the organ have had to change as well due to damage and while we’re talking about the organ one of my favorite fun facts of the church is that the organist for over 30 years

is from texas now that you’ve seen the inside i want to show you what you get with the paid visit for 10 euros you get access to the galleries which were created out of the chapels and the asp in the 16th century the crypt and best of all access to the roof for incredible views of the entire

city you will need to take the stairs though so let’s go really not too bad only 125 steps up to the top a little out of breath yeah i’m not gonna lie and it was real narrow so make sure you know that before you come up this is really cool being up on the roof and

you can see up at the top even with these little almost like plugs a lot of times when we’re on the inside a lot of people ask me about the holes that are up on the roof and what happens maybe in the winter if it rains you know water might be able to get in to the church

you can see that they come up here and they actually top those holes off and so nothing can get in out back you’ll find the passage labor that gives the neighborhood its name an old marketplace and home to medieval jousting tournaments the back door has a sculpture of mary praying legend has it that when a man

was wrongly convicted of murdering his neighbor and brought along the street here mary turned her head as he passed convincing all that he was innocent notice her head is still slightly tilted to the side today like i said before i think the church is a place that anybody that comes to Barcelona definitely needs to visit hopefully

that video caught that beauty of the interior and let you know if you wanted to come over here on your next trip to Barcelona but let me know with a comment below what you thought and if you’ve already been over here let others know as well if the video helped you out in any way remember to leave

that thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already done so to see other amazing places like Santa maria del mar here in Barcelona and i’ll see you next time  .

End of Santa maria del mar

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