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Three dead as wildfires blaze in southern Turkey

At least four people have been killed and dozens more injured injured in wildfires in southern turkey the blazes threatened popular beach resorts including several in the antalya region across the mediterranean coast authorities suspect arsonists have started at least some of the fires temperatures approaching 40 degrees celsius and strong winds are spreading the fires many neighborhoods were evacuated as flames engulfed homes and vehicles i lost everything my car has burnt i couldn’t save anything the fire broke out very quickly we had to flee and this is what we came back to authorities are investigating what started the blazes some suspect arson because four fires broke out in different places at the same time huge plumes of smoke can be seen in popular resorts along the coast including madmaris and boardroom hundreds of tourists have been evacuated from their hotels president erdogan says everything possible is being done my name is oki we hope to put out these fires without any casualties the fires have spread across a wide area and we hope to put them out as soon as possible everything will be investigated .


 we will support our citizens who are suffering [Music] the wildfires have consumed livestock as well and injured domestic pets thousands of firefighters are working in extreme heat to contain the flames but authorities are warning that the operation is likely to take some time and more families may need to flee to safety i’m now joined by uh our correspondent in istanbul julia han julia give us an update what’s the situation this morning well first of all let me say the images we’ve been getting from south and turkey are apocalyptic and heart-wrenching firefighters are still struggling to get some of the blazers under control according to the authorities there have been more than 60 separate fires in different parts of the country most of them in the south in recent days some of them as you mentioned in popular mediterranean resort regions now while the authorities say most of the fires are now under control others are still raging on turkey’s minister of forestry last night said on twitter that the whole nation quote was fighting a war right now.

we are burning he wrote but we will extinguish the fire now several people have been reported dead more than 180 were sent to hospitals with burns and smoke poisoning and many others have lost everything we spoke to farmers in the southern turkish district of manafkat let’s listen to what they had to say some of the animals burned where they were some were released but they burned in the forest these are the ones left we had around 40 sheep and goats we lost all of them the fire came all of a sudden it turned everything into ashes we barely saved our lives the children went one way we went the other everyone tried to escape it’s devastating absolutely julia devastating fire is destroying people’s livelihoods there and we also saw huge plumes of smoke behind rising up behind beaches how close are the fires to popular tourist resorts right now well they have been very close to some of the tourist spots there at the mediterranean .

 The asian coast popular with local tourists but also with vacationers from russia from the uk and from germany yesterday the flames have crept closer to the sandy beaches and hotels of towns like manafghad marmarus and bodrum several hotels had to be evacuated now this is very devastating for all those who work in tourism in the region region the tourism sector has lost nearly 70 percent in revenues last year due to the covert 19 pandemic because foreign tourists the the number of foreign tourists who arrived in turkey dropped dramatically now this time many had hoped for a recovery for a slightly better season and now the wildfires they are threatening lives they are threatening property so for many people there in the region what’s at stake is their very existence and we also just heard that the fires might be a result of arson what are the authorities saying well let me mention that wildfires are not on uncommon in south and turkey especially in summer it’s very hot there the fires are raging with temperatures from 35 to 40 degrees celsius there are strong winds and this is what experts have been citing why the fires are spreading and why it’s so difficult to put them out now they’re also often citing climate change as a contributing factor here but yes uh the authorities among them entires mayor have said they suspected foul play because in entire province fires broke out in four locations at the same time so an investigation has been launched into arson suspicions but nothing has emerged from that yet uw’s julia hahn in istanbul there thank you very much.

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