Thorchain RUNE hacked for a second time, can they survive or has the damage

All right Saturday morning here in Australia and the market has bounced up a little bit so a nice little 12.3kind of bounce in the entire crypto market bitcoin back at 33 000 so that’s uh pretty nice eighth again sort of reclaimed the 2 100 level and look some you know some reasonable sort of moves over the weekend in the prices but that last word that i sort of said well not the prices uh the weekend is what we need to remember any gains sort of made over the weekend are generally particularly in bitcoin anyway we’re goanna loss of that come monday morning unfortunately due to the cme gap now it doesn’t always happen and it might be simply that we just continue to rock it up here but it’s a price that we will probably likely come back down and fill some stage if we don’t fill it again over this weekend or sort of come Monday morning so again i don’t think it’s overly drastic news but it’s just something we need to consider and of course as i say uh in my video yesterday that you know i wouldn’t be surprised and i think it’s highly likely that bitcoin will continue to go down it turns around does a complete opposite thing so it is so hard to try and keep up with this market now again this is just more like a little bit of a relief rally at the moment we’ll really have to wait and see what happens come Monday whether it’s something that’s going to be sustained or not and again it could be nothing other than a relief rally everyone’s got their fingers crossed and we’re all hoping for something you know a little bit more substantial and that we’re actually finally starting to make our way back  up sorry excuse me but we just need to again we’ve always got to have that plan of okay if this happens.

what am i going to do and if this doesn’t happen what am i going to do so we’re not out of the woods just yet as i said yesterday but hey let’s have a look at how things are going because it’s looking good again 1.38 nearly 1.4 trillion so that’s nice btc dominance 45 percent uh gas prices risen just a little bit 28 uh way there gas and again that’s people starting to get bullish moving around all coins are moving around stable coins getting into altcoins and things like that now we’ve just got to hope that it can last but again it looks pretty good i mean it’s like just a sea of green here at the moment so what’s done the best in the last 24 hours in what’s our best performer in the top 100 good lord actually infinity i mean this just continues to go absolutely mental this game is uh really blowing up i wish i hadn’t got on to it in whole fairness but I’m not going to chase it just because of how far it’s gone up and that’s not to say it can’t go up a whole lot more but games they can be feds and they can come and go very quickly and I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen to actually infinity but i just can’t something i can’t jump onto something that just pumps so much already but hey 66 congratulations to anyone on that mana flow you cash stacks i mean they’re really starting to move uh amp Telcon1 engine very nice move Celsius network even better move uh Luna nice some really really good movers there you know double digits and then some single digit moves as well what about losses though is anything not done so well fed awfully no nothing’s fed awfully we’ve got a couple of single-digit uh sort of losses there and then we’re really just kind of into the you know sort of stable coins and things like that which are you know they don’t move that much at any stage they’ll be a little bit above a dollar and then a little bit below a dollar ah Kasama a very small move there and then like i said you know you’re starting to get.

Into your  i should say they’re not side chains so d phi hub and parachain akala has launched its kurara swap decks alongside what it calls the first trustless trading pair in the polka dot and kasama ecosystem so again kasama is like the test net and polka dot uh is the big final net so these parachains things are slowly starting to happen for polka dot polka dot got really kind of you know nailed over this uh downturn so you know for me i think polka dots looking like it’s not a bad buy at the moment but again i’m not rushing into any uh altcoin positions just at the moment we really need to make sure that this trend change for bitcoin is exactly that that it’s a trend change because again we go back over here sorry go back over here and all it is is just a a little bit of a relief rally you know we break on a 36 k then i will be start then i’ll start to be a little bit more bullish but that’s all it is just a little bit more we really need to break back to 42 and above before i get too carried away and then really we’ve got a break above this so we’ve got this down trending line here because we could simply come up rebound and then start to come back down for even more lows so we’ve got a ways to go and again i’m not saying don’t buy any old coins and it’s never financial advice anyway i’m not qualified in that i’m just saying i would be you know putting minimal amounts into altcoins at the moment until we get a clear indication from bitcoin maybe this was the bottom hopefully maybe that was the spring test again that everyone was talking about in the wyckoff accumulation nothing is uh sort of solidified yet and again even those you know distribution i mean the distribution played out almost textbook perfectly uh the accumulation because everyone knows sort of what’s going on at least you know on youtube those are still in the space this is probably going to play out a little bit different so it doesn’t look exactly the same in the textbook version of it but that is why i would be very careful in the altcoin space again that’s just me all right this is interesting so rockefeller co-founder.

He’s going to sell an nft for 10 million dollars in ethereum uh that the nft is going to be his third in rockefeller uh the rockefeller what do you call it rockefeller records sorry again struggling there so this is the power of nfts this is where things are going that you’re not just going to get this bit of paper uh you know with deeds and all the rest of it and signatures you can actually have something digitally verified on the net that will be the third in rockefeller records now what’s interesting is rockefeller records i mean do they even do a whole lot in  at the moment i don’t know of too many artists other than sort of jay-z and there used to be beanie siegel and other guys that were bringing out  but are they still making  now not so sure i mean i’m sure they i’m sure they probably still are i just i haven’t heard of anything but what you would own is a third of all the rights to the  they produced back in the day so that is where it’s interesting as you know any new  coming out i’m not so sure about uh rockefeller records uh but there also is some disharmony going on in uh rockefeller records at the moment because uh dash uh damon dash sorry he tried to sell an nft that was relating back to one of jay-z’s uh i think jay-z’s original record and anyway there’s been a fallout now there’s now there’s a lawsuit going on but it’s funny how he seems to want to now get out of rockefeller records uh and he’s pretty keen to get uh sell an nft uh to sell his half as opposed to again just the regular way receiving cash and things like that all right amazon says it’s exploring cryptocurrency payments up payments payments and it’s hiring a digital currency and blockchain product lead this will be huge if amazon onboards cryptocurrency payments again this is going to be massive for the space really really big news and i think it really is only a matter of time just the fact that they say they’re exploring it generally means that they’re well advanced into that process i mean you know amazon one of the biggest online online platforms out there and if they start accepting cryptocurrencies massive for the space nft is again more news so a 12 year old has made 160 000 in ethereum on nfts in one day he made this little crypto punk whale down here with a little pipe uh and obviously smoking a pipe and yeah people have gone crazy for it this is a 12 year old this is how crazy this space is now he’s you know a very lucky little 12 year old that he understood the uh you know the crypto punk space obviously

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