The vaccine tourists heading to the United state to get their jab – TRENDY NEWS

The vaccine tourists heading to the US to get their jab – TRENDY NEWS
People wait in line to receive a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at Belgrade Fair makeshift vaccination center in Belgrade, Serbia, Saturday, March 27, 2021. Thousands of vaccine-seekers from Serbia's neighboring states have flocked to Belgrade after Serbian authorities offered free coronavirus jabs for foreigners if they show up over the weekend. Many arriving with their entire families, long lines of Bosnians, Montenegrins, North Macedonians and even Albanians formed Saturday in front of the main vaccination center in the Serbian capital. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

The availability of covert 19 vaccines varies widely from country to country in recent months the shortage in many parts of the world has sparked a rise in vaccine tourism with many people heading to the United States to get jabbed our Taipei correspondent Cindy su returned to her home country the United States to find out more these tourists from many countries have come to the United States to get vaccinated against covet 19. it’s not just for Brazil or for the US it’s for the world like everybody wants the world to come back to the normal life besides Latin America many of the travelers have come from Asia including this 84-year-old grandmother.

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Who just got off a flight from Vietnam her granddaughter tells me even at her age she can’t get vaccinated in her country i tell you it’s my country not enough blessing that’s why not  enough for everybody around 50 of us residents are fully vaccinated but the rates are much lower elsewhere including around 20 in south America 10 in Asia and just one and a half percent in Africa just the San Francisco airport alone has vaccinated around 1 000 passengers arriving from over 50 countries since may and the demand is growing the shortage of vaccines and the slow vaccination rates in many places around the world including Taiwan and other parts of Asia have driven a trend in vaccine tourism the us is making it easy by offering free.

Vaccines to anyone in its territory without requiring residency we’ve got a surplus supply and being able to make that available for others is really a good thing and it really helps everyone it helps other countries to vaccinate their population faster it helps reduce the barriers of international travel that currently exist and so ultimately everybody wins when we offer a program like this Taiwanese people like amber joe who prefers the two-shot vaccines have simply walked into u.s pharmacies and filled out a consent form to get the jabs she has spent 18 thousand dollars just on plane tickets and hotel lodging for a month but she says it’s worth it i have a daughter seven years old and my parents over 70 years old i need to protect myself then i can protect my family i feel so happy right now i feel like i’m a super women Cindy sue  TRANDY news San Francisco

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