Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion SAN Diegans protest

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade: That big breaking story here within the past hour the supreme court has decided to overturn roe v wade in a five to four vote I’ll be getting a lot of reaction and lots of new details coming in we’ve been getting local reaction, as well as new statements coming in even from the justices themselves right and we, know this is a major nationwide change that will be happening where now uh the

rights to an abortion will be left up to the state so that’s important to point out here 50 years roe v wade has been in place and that just got overturned within the past 45 minutes and so people have been outside of the white house in d.c here locally we’ve seen so many protests people on all sides of this issue really emotions run high when it comes to abortion pro-life pro-choice all of

that now unfolding before our eyes i mean you see this right here this i believe is outside at the white house where so many people have gathered for a couple days excuse me this is the supreme court right outside there because we expected this to happen there was that leaked draft opinion where we thought this could be their decision but of course we weren’t certain until just moments

ago when all of this came down okay and many of you are wondering okay what does this mean for us here in california well we’ve been telling you all morning long that california lawmakers here have been working to strengthen our status as a sanctuary state so what does that mean for the people in these states that can no longer get an abortion well they may be coming here so they’re

working on this bill that would protect abortion providers and patients from legal action that may be launched in those states that no longer allow abortion so this is the look at the supreme court we’ve seen this crowd grow substantially over the past hour or so so this is the graphic the map with the states that have trigger laws so as of today with this ruling abortion is no longer allowed in these states and that’s why we brought up what could happen here in california other states the white states in this that allow

abortion are potentially getting ready for people in these states to make their way to a state that will allow this to happen and we could potentially have even more states than that because there are states that have what are called kind of pre-road bans so essentially 1973 roe v wade goes into place by the way you’re looking at the five justices right there uh who went with the majority

opinion but those states that have pre-road bans they never took those abortion laws off the books after roe v wade was decided so those laws conceivably would go back into effect even though they haven’t been in effect since about 1973. and i want to real quick uh before we get to a legal expert to weigh in on all this i want to release the statement that justice samuel lito gave on this

he said quote roe was egregiously wrong from the start its reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences it is time to heed the constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives so that’s

from justice samuel alito releasing that statement okay and we do have a legal expert so here’s jen ronis joining us this morning this is such a landmark case i mean this will have sweeping implications jen thank you for being with us this morning my pleasure uh yeah so first give us your first reaction uh you know now hearing this news did it surprise you or was this what you expected to

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion TRENDY NEWS
Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion TRENDY NEWS

happen well well fortunately we all had a preview of it in that leaked memorandum that had gone out several weeks ago so regardless of how you film the issue i don’t think anybody ought to really be surprises to this decision because it was that widely anticipated there’s certainly a legal aspect to it and a political aspect to it and those are going to play themselves out years ahead

and certainly the next days ahead with respect to the political fallout what has changed though is the numbers a bit in the in the draft opinion it was a 6-3 and now it appears to be a 5-4 decision with kennedy uh kind of changing his his uh stance on this what have you learned about that what would maybe be the reasons behind this becoming a 5-4 vote well there’s an old adage that the

justices of the supreme court read the newspaper and it’s possible that the newspaper reporting and the press reporting on the on the you know the outrage that was expressed by a great majority of the people in this country is certainly a great number of people in this country may have changed the minds i mean this is a landmark decision um in so many fundamental ways that it’s

going to work its way through society in the decades to come i mean there’s it’s mind-boggling to suggest the changes this will make from state to state the prosecutions perhaps abortion providers that prosecution for people may come to california to seek an abortion to return to their states where it’s illegal the doctors that may be prescribed that it’s just uh far-reaching implications and

jen i don’t want to go too off-topic here but there was a independent uh concurring opinion written by justice clarence thomas and a lot of people are highlighting here a part in which he essentially says that the court should now reconsider rulings prior uh like uh that protect contraception same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage do you see that potentially happening i mean cases

would have to get to the supreme court but does anything about this dobb’s ruling here open up the floodgates so to speak for other issues i believe so because many of those factors you mentioned gay marriage contraceptives and things that nature are based upon the asserted constitutional protection of the right of privacy which was inherent in the roe v wade decision and that constitutional uh protection to the right of privacy may not exist any longer with respect to those issues you mentioned so it’s

frightening in its scope and looking forward um you know it’s it’s going to be open season on many of these protections we’ve enjoyed this country yeah and these are of course so many issues that obviously so many people are passionate about right and we are seeing right now a lot of people protesting or celebrating in front of the supreme court likely that will happen here in san diego as we have seen prior to today’s overturning of roe versus wade so i know that’s a big part of this jan i mean we do expect

to see people coming out from all sides speaking on this we’ve already seen that this morning statements from places like planned parenthood saying that they’re going to fight for this congressional leaders too are speaking out about this here locally like our congresswoman sarah jacobs so i want to talk to you about that too in congress what will need to happen for abortion rights to perhaps stay as they’ve been is that even an option now once the supreme court makes this decision i suspect that congress may

have some power to alter some of this the fact of the matter is it was decided on constitutional grounds that there was no right to privacy exception to the constitution which would allow for uh abortions in this country so there may be worker uh work around this but quite frankly um that would be a tough sell in the present congress and it might be a tough sell in any congress in

the future so i think it’s going to be left to the states um to kind of sort through this and quite frankly the majority of states in this in this union will likely continue to outlaw abortion and it will be the minority of states that it will become sanctuary states and things that nature for people who are seeking abortions that for which it’s disallowed in the states of which they reside and jan for the folks at home that won’t be pouring over the actual decision 230 pages could you explain the legal argument that the

constitution again a document written hundreds of years ago still has to take into consider still has to be taken into consideration how it is written that is obviously how these five justices are writing this that these issues that you just talked about are not covered in the constitution and therefore cannot be constitutionally protected under for instance the 14th amendment could you explain a little bit more about that legal argument itself right and that was always one of the criticisms of roe way that it should

have been founded upon other visions that may have been present in the constitution and they basically selected a a constitutional provision which wasn’t very clearly spelled out in the constitution that is the constitutional to a right to privacy we all know that there’s a right to bear arms there’s rights against unreasonable researches things that nature but they’re pretty specifically laid out

in the constitution it was as there was always that criticism that roe v wade was a stretch of a privilege it was never explicitly laid out in the constitution and so that was a criticism now these things could be corrected perhaps legally by congress i don’t see it happening in the near future or even the far future but you know right now it’s a lot of the land um nationally other states can have higher constitutional protections than the federal constitution allows and so california is one of them and so there shouldn’t be

too many changes in this state jan uh just about 30 seconds left but i just wanted to get your thoughts um the chances of the governor signing this sanctuary state um proposal in into law here you know in this state probably a hundred percent that’s the way i see it okay yeah it’s been on the governor’s desk it seems like and now with this decision uh we will wait to see what the governor does uh jan ronis thank you very much i know a short notice to get you on our air and we really appreciate your time

thanks for your insight really appreciate it.

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