Sri Lankan national lynched in Pak city of Sialkot

Sri Lankan national lynched in Pak city of Sialkot

Sri Lankan national lynched in the Pakistani city of Ciel court of allegations of blasphemy videos circulating on social media show hundreds of people attacking the victim who has been identified as Priyanka kumara he said to be in his forties the mob was seen dragging him his body was later banned the Sri Lankan national was working as an export manager at a local factory according to reports the mob included factory workers as well the attackers were heard chanting slogans of the hardline Islamist party the Tariq label Pakistan or top meanwhile the Pakistani police

say that they have made more than 100 arrests and that officials are working to identify more perpetrators with the help of CCTV footage they added that a fir will be registered under the anti-terrorism act reaching reacting to the incident the Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan said that it was a day of shame for the country he added that he is overseeing the investigations and that all those responsible will be punished with the full severity of the law the Sri Lankan government to has reacted in a statement the country’s foreign ministry said that it expects that Pakistan

authorities would take the required action to investigate and ensure justice is done for more about this story our Pakistan correspondent anas malik is joining us live good to see you anas malik and thank you very much for joining us at this hour we understand that the issue is very sensitive in Pakistan malik take us through what really happened and what is talking this mass anger and outrage well blasphemy eric remains uh that trigger point in the Pakistan society that can make the mob do anything and by anything I mean anything and this law we’ve previously seen in the past that it has been misused we that would be the RCA that would be the Shahzad music case or other cases as well uh

now uh what happened yesterday was absolutely horrific and shocking uh we saw that a mob gathered around a factory uh dragged its the factory manager out lynched him and then burnt his body but what led to this excel

unclear what is clear is that the factory manager was a tough manager he was hard on their workers he had been working there for the past 11 years he’d been stationed in Pakistan for the past 11 years uh and uh what happened was that he allegedly had tore down a poster now the contents of that poster are contentious some say uh that the poster had uh uh the markings or writings of the Pakistan of the uh prophet, uh Muhammad peace be upon him and#Sri Lankan national lynched#

Sri Lankan national lynched in Pak city of Sialkot
Sri Lankan national lynched in Pak city of Sialkot-
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some say it was to do with one of his companions some say it was uh the invite for a milad so the contents of that very poster that was torn down that are ambiguous and at that point two workers who were allegedly inspired by the Terri killer bank Pakistan uh they decided to have him lynched uh they got gathered the mob they accused him of blasphemy and the rest that followed we saw in those footages absolute horrific scenes gut-wrenching scenes of violence that we saw more than a hundred arrests have been made to be precise 110 arrests

have been made including the two main proper preparators of this attack uh by the Punjab police in a fir into this matter under the anti-terror act has also been launched eric malik with such protests and attacks what kind of image does that portray to the world about Pakistan well the image is at Chris the Pakistani the soft image that the Pakistani prime minister was trying to project uh that is at risk they were trying to get the the the buddha heritage, uh narrative being out that Pakistan is home to a buddha heritage as well that would also take a hit uh if on the part of the investigation the Pakistani prime minister is overlooking that the Pakistani foreign minister has condemned it #Sri Lankan national lynched#

chief minister for of Punjab Usman buzz that has condemned it, uh there is an inquiry that is currently ongoing a high-level board has been uh made as well on the part of keeping the Syrian Sri Lankan side on board with regards to the inquiry uh the Pakistani foreign ministry is in contact and the Sri Lankan high commissioner is the one who’s the focal person uh the Pakistani foreign ministry has assured and has in fact treated information in real-time with regards to the arrest as we speak the Sri Lankan side has not said or offered that it would want to be part of the investigation uh but uh the Pakistani side has said that in case uh any um arrangements that the family would want

because the family is back in Sri Lankan national lynched uh they would be happy they would be willing to facilitate to all extend uh that would and that an inquiry is currently ongoing but the bigger issue uh as you pointed out uh remains at hand is about intolerance in the Pakistani society it’s about the radicalization of this Pakistan society we’ve seen uh some tweets coming out Twitter artists taking to Twitter and expressing their anger condemning uh and expressing their anguish as well but uh they also blame the government that inc if you do deals with the extremist

outfits you mainstream them and this has been ongoing not just as latest as the top deal this has been ongoing since the 17th census uh park since the uh earth while east of east Pakistan happened and after the incident of east Pakistan happened after that uh the a new constitution was adopted the second amendment which you basically called for Ahmadis to be tom Muslims that’s when it all started as if then prime minister uh then it was taken a bit

further by Zia uh by implementing the by being uh that uh or trying to be the amir al-mumineen or the supreme leader and then onwards that it was the downfall for Pakistan so this issue of radicalization of the Pakistani society is a bigger issue is a bigger challenge which probably nobody is willing to address at least at this point of time eric finally rights groups say accusations of blasphemy can often be welded to settle parcel of vendettas with minorities largely being the target is this usually the case malik absolutely it is usually the case 95 percent of the blasphemy cases when they go to the court of law they are they are

acquitted honorably equated as one of these very prime examples the case of Asia bibi uh who was acquitted I think uh in 2018 October uh after being tried falsely and being imprisoned for 10 years a decade of her life gone and then she was then she had flown out of the country she’s currently in Paris as well that case is a prime example 95 percent

of these cases are used for personal when data to settle personal scores uh or and then uh the cases go on uh and eventually uh they are equated PCB’s case is a prime example the Shahzad and asiyamasi case is a prime example as well I can go on to name these cases and people are not willing to speak about it those who

those who dare to speak about it are either killed we saw the heinous murder of the former governor of Punjab Salman taste in 2011 when he did speaking up upon against the blasphemy law so that is what the bigger problem is

and unless this is addressed things, uh we can’t possibly see such incidents if not similar such incidents of blasphemy law being misused in the near future as well eric live from Islamabad thank you very much anas malik for talking to us we on is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move.Sri Lankan national lynched

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