Spain PM Carles must be brought here today News

Spain PM Carles must be brought here today News

Spain PM Carles: That as an aftermath of an independence referendum in Spain that Madrid ruled illegal former Catalan president fled to Italy four years later the exiled separatist leader who was detained by Italian police in Sardinia now awaits his extradition court hearing in Italy this is a situation that we have uh think we thought that it could happen at any time and we’re prepared for this and now

we will act on a legal business that is very solid so we don’t have any problems I mean we think that somebody has been misleading the European court of justice the general court and that’s a problem for that entity and not for us I mean we are having a bad moment but we don’t have a problem somebody else got approved followed by a unilateral declaration of independence by the Catalan parliament in October 2017 about 2.3 million people around 43 percent of eligible voters

turned out for the referendum brought the biggest political crisis in Spain according to the Catalan government some 90 percent wanted to break away from Spain they wanted to declare Catalonia an independent nation however the referendum was not authorized by the Spanish court and as a response, Madrid imposed direct rule in the region the authorities dissolved the

Spain PM Carles must be brought here today New

parliament and dismissed the president and the president and his separatist colleagues fled to Belgium in October 2017. it was in march this year that Catalan separatist parties strengthened their majority in the regional assembly in a snap election it was followed by negotiation dialogues to find a solution to Spain’s worst political crisis in decades at the same time the president was subject to a

The European arrest warrant was issued by Spain and the European parliament stripped him of immunity in march respite I respect all the judicial procedures that are being carried out in Spain and Europe in this case in Italy and without any doubt, i also respect and comply with the judicial decisions that may be taken in this respect in Italy and secondly what is clear is that cardless

budget demand must be brought to justice and stand trial you know the Spanish government pardoned nine separate separatist leaders who did not flee for their role in the independence bid however the former Catalan separatist leader is expected to appear before a society court on the 24th of September we still do not know when the date for the hearing will be set it could be set late morning for today or tomorrow on the basis of the documents and when the documents will arrive

then both I and the judges have to consult Catalonia’s new president perry Aragones has condemned the prosecution of the former president the anger ages in the separatist groups in Barcelona they have said that they would demonstrate on the morning of the 24th of September to protest against the former president’s arrest


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