Sopranos Actor Tony Sirico has died at the age of 79

Sopranos Actor Tony Sirico has died at the age of 79

Actor Tony Sirico has died: Tony Sirico actor eccentric gangster Paulie walnuts in sopranos died Friday at fort Lauderdale in Florida at age 79. full of nuts he was waiting for the TV sets was one of them

the mob boss tony sopranos most loyal oversensitive and reckless man Paulie was the kind of guy who would participate in an intervention for a drug addict and when it was his turn to speak punch the guy in the face he loved his mother although he found out she was really his aunt and she loved him because he

wrote the checks to keep her in an expensive nursing home Paulie wore tracksuits slept with hookers was phobic about germs hated cats and watched television in a chair covered with plastic he hated being stuck with an almost 900 restaurant check but could appreciate a tasty ketchup packet on a cold night in the pine barrens when there

Actor Tony Sirico has died Actor Tony Sirico has died

was nothing else to eat when the sopranos cast appeared in a group shot on the cover of rolling stone in 2001 hawley stood with a baseball bat casually slung over his right shoulder 

Sopranos Actor Tony Sirico has died at the age of 79 trendy news
Sopranos Actor Tony Sirico has died at the age of 79 trendy news

Who Was Tony Sirico? Star Tony Sirico Cause of Death

foreign best known for his role as Peter Paul Polly walnut’s walthieri in The Sopranos has died his family announced his passing on Friday just a couple of weeks before the actor was to celebrate his 80th birthday it is with great sadness but with Incredible Pride love and a whole lot of fond memories that the family of

General Anthony Tony sirico wishes to inform you of his death on the morning of July 8 2022 the family said in a statement no cause of death has been provided but zirico has been in failing held for the past several years Circo starred as henchman Polly walnuts on The Sopranos for the series’s entire sixth season run on

HBO Circo played gangsters in a number of films including Goodfellas mob Queen Mighty Aphrodite Love and Money fingers the one-man jury Defiance in the last fight zirko was born July 29 1942 in New York his first first confirmed role in film was as an extra in the 1974 film crazy Joe he also played policeman in the film’s

Dead Presidents into constructing Harry on television Vision he voiced the character of Vinnie Griffin the family’s pet dog on Family Guy in a three-episode Arc replacing Brian Griffin after his death in 2018 he reunited with former Sopranos actors Federico castelluccio and Vincent pastor and Syracuse ciraco is survived by his two beloved children Joanne zirico Billo and Richard

zirico grandchildren siblings nieces nephews and many other relatives the family said a massive Christian burial will be celebrated by circo’s Brother FR Robert zirico at the Basilica of Regina passes 12 30 65th Street Brooklyn New York on Wednesday morning July 13 at 10 30 a.m the family asked for Memorial donations to be made in zirico’s honor to

Wounded Warriors Saint Jude’s Hospital in the acting in 

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