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Saudi Crown Prince MBS travels to Egypt at the start of a regional tour today

Saudi Crown Prince MBS travels to Egypt at the start of a regional tour

Saudi Crown Prince MBS travels to Egypt at start of regional tour: trying on west Asia Saudi crown prince MBS has embarked on a regional tour he started with a two-day visit to Egypt before heading to Jordan and turkey the tour comes just ahead of u.s president Joe Biden’s visit to West Asia next month Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi welcomed MBS at the Cairo airport on the agenda our regional and wider international affairs both MBS and sisi are said to discuss a wide range of issues including the impact of the u

Ukraine war on the region and the alignment of Saudi and Egyptian positions ahead of the Biden trip Saudi Arabia has provided wide-ranging financial support to egypt ever since cc came to power so this trip will be no different the Saudi sovereign fund is expected to announce investments as Cairo struggles with an economic crisis next the crown prince is expected to head to Amman where he will hold talks with Jordan’s King Abdullah the Jordan nag of the tour is particularly crucial for MBS in the last few years Jordan Saudi

Saudi Crown Prince MBS travels to Egypt at the start of a regional tour  trendy news
Saudi Crown Prince MBS travels to Egypt at the start of a regional tour trendy news

Arabia has been marked by tensions this is because of two main reasons one the custodianship of the Jerusalem’s holy places and two Saudi Arabia’s alleged role in barking prince hamza’s coup attempt so the crown planes will try to improve the strange tries and fulfill Saudi Arabia pledges to help Jordan’s struggling economy this brings us to the most important part of this trip MBS’s visit to take for years Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been beater falls they have clashed in the past of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi or the Muslim

black brotherhood excuse me for that and on who will lead the Muslim world but it looks like the two countries are now barring their hatchet why because money speaks louder than words with a struggling economy Eduard needs Saudi Arabia’s investments ahead of the 2023 elections for Saudi Arabia it is a win-win situation taki has dropped the Khashoggi case and transferred the trial to Saudi Arabia so Riyadh gets what it’s always wanted this is the crown prince’s first trip outside the gulf since the 2018 Khashoggi murder

mbs has long been sidelined from the global stage but he’s finally coming out of the cold thanks to the Ukraine war and the need for oil next month’s visit by Biden will complete the international rehabilitation of the 36-year-old prince ryon is now available in your country

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