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People have gone nuts for it so congratulations what a very smart little 12 year old kid and i’m sure his parents are loving him or her at the moment because it could be a hero i won’t say him we don’t know uh no that was the other 13 year old kid but yeah 12 year old 160 000 in a weekend by making yeah crypto art and again very sort of basic crypto art but what a space it is what an unbelievable space all right again massive money still coming into crypto but in different ways it’s not always necessarily buying the crypto themselves so new jersey’s pension fund chased crypto mining’s upside last quarter with multi-million dollar bets on two of the industry’s biggest names so the state managed pension ended june with 3.6 million dollars in riot blockchain and 3.39 million dollars in marathon digital holdings so getting big into bitcoin mining they can see what’s coming see the future see the upside and say while they’re not necessarily buying bitcoin itself it kind of is like buying bitcoin because it’s buying the companies that are actually mining it so they will get the exposure to bitcoin from that sense and they’ll also get the exposure from the selling it so mining it’s selling it and look these companies don’t just sell all their bitcoin they do hold on to some they just sell when they have to and when things are going well and it doesn’t cost them as much then they hold on to bitcoin uh and to you know help them get through the times when it gets a little bit tougher but again old traditional sort of finance pension funds hedge funds things like that putting millions of dollars into this space and those millions of dollars will turn into a whole lot crypto hasn’t solidified itself just yet once it finally does again in another maybe five ten years time we don’t know how long it’s going to take then you will see even more money pile in but these three million dollars that they’ve put in at the moment you know again who knows exactly what they’re going to be worth but in 5 or 10 years 33 million could be worth tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars possibly even billions of dollars we just don’t know but this space is really starting to heat up and again the prices are starting to finally catch up with all this uh news that we’ve coming out because we’ve had tons of sort of positive news other than the price going down and a bit of regulation there’s been so much you know money investments being put into places again things like this but the price just hasn’t been able to keep up with that and now we’re all crossing our fingers and toes that finally the price is starting to go.

Okay things are looking pretty good here in this space there’s a lot of money coming in now let’s start to move the price up as well and buyers are coming back hopefully all right crypto lender celsius confirmed on friday that is invested 54 million dollars in bitcoin bitcoin mining core scientific so again the funding is part of celsius’s planned 200 million dollar investment in bitcoin mining in north america according to the company and celsius said the investment which occurred during the second quarter would make it one of the largest u.s investors in bitco in the bitcoin mining industry so celsius starting to make moves i mean they pay out all these rewards and most of it’s been from you know lending uh and things like that well why not simply get into the space and you know buy mining stocks so that way they can start paying their members back and we brought uh a story uh well not weed there was a story that i reported on my channel a little while ago that again celsius had taken some rewards from their uh you know bitcoin mining uh acquisitions and paid them out to their members now i am in the process of getting signed up with celsius at the moment so i have a link for block fire down below i will have a link for celsius in the not too distant future and again it’s things like this that have made me go yep i need to get on board with celsius i mean it’s not just that but they continue to move in this space and they continue to really reward their customers uh quite well so celsius is something that i’m currently getting onto all right paypal has poached a top policy exec from chain analysis the industry’s largest crypto tracing company so jesse spyro formally chained our chain alice’s header policy and regulatory affairs is heading to paypal’s crypto our wing to work with regular regulatory policy so again paypal one of the biggest money movers in the world getting into the crypto space and they want to make sure that they’re regulatory compliant uh and things like that .

So they have taken someone from chain analysis to help with that this space is growing it is literally going to be massive don’t get caught up with the fud that regulations coming it was always coming you know show me something that doesn’t have regulation and i’ll show you something that’s illegal and it’s just got laws against it crypto is not going to get outlawed the regulation coming is not going to be so heavy-handed that it just basically crushes the industry the governments can’t afford that no government can anywhere in the world they’re worried about the system that they have now yes and losing control of it but they also understand the old traditional finance system is dying it is literally on its way out now that doesn’t mean it’s going to die today or tomorrow or within the next five years but i think within the next 10 to 20 30 years this the old traditional finance system will be completely gone there will be no cash it’ll all be digital i think crypto currencies will be you know the backbone of the new uh way going forwards it doesn’t mean the dollar dies the dollar will survive because of crypto that is how the dollar survives it can’t survive any other way it’ll just continue to be printed into infinity but it will all be backed by things like crypto i really do think crypto is going to be the backbone of the financial future going forwards and all dollars will be you know backed by bitcoin and uh you know ethereum and you you name it there’ll be a ton of different crypto assets now again that’s not financial advice that’s just my personal opinion it’s what i’ve seen since being in the space for the last four years and just the direction that we’re heading in all right seems like jack dorsey is pretty keen on getting bitcoin involved in twitter so bitcoin is key to the future of twitter jack dorsey says he sees opportunities to integrate bitcoin into services such as uh commerce subscriptions and new features such as the twitter uh tip jar and super follows.

I mean you know twitter is massive mainly within the sort of crypto space it really is you know our uh choice of platform you know for things you know like there’s facebook and youtube and all the rest of it you crypto one of the things that makes me laugh about youtube is cryptocurrency is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and so fast and yet they have been so adamant in trying to you know clamp down on it at times and look there’s a lot of dodgy ads and stuff going on and not just even ads which you know youtube have played a part in uh allowing but also just dodgy crypto youtubers who’ve done some pretty scammy kind of stuff and times so i do agree that youtube had to play up uh a role in trying to clean up the space but you know they really did clamp down on the wrong people at times and things like that and i don’t know why they haven’t jumped on board this whole crypto thing they are going to i can 100 guarantee they are the pushback is starting to slow down they do need to clean up the space and make sure that anyone who’s you know making videos about crypto on youtube is not giving really really bad information now no one’s going to be perfect and give all great information that’s impossible you know people on cnb and c have given given bad monetary advice before you know mad money uh and all sorts of stuff have made mistakes and also maybe you know given some uh market manipulation manipulative uh information at times uh so it’s hard to really you know full-on police it but i do think youtube is going to get on board and they’re going to be a lot more crypto friendly in the future right last but not least so the sec commissioner is concerned about the us lagging behind global uh bitcoin etfs so hester pierce crypto mum she’s come out and said you know we need to get on board we can’t simply be left behind there’s bitcoin and ethereum etfs popping up all over the world and if the us wants to be at the forefront of the new financial system going forwards i.e cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology then they need a bitcoin etf and they need an ethereum etf and things like that approved before it all just gets too far ahead of them all right a lot of interesting news stories there again things are looking good at the weekend at the moment particularly you know when we go over to the charts and things like that a lot of green a lot of green looks great and again even btc looking promising but just remember any gains made over a weekend are generally chewed up come monday morning or if not monday morning at some stage it means you’ve got to come back and cover.

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