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Pakistani Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministers’ new Press Conference in Islamabad | Trendy News

Pakistan Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministers’ new Press Conference in Islamabad | Trendy News

we’re taking you live to the foreign office based in Pakistan Islamabad where sham Mahmoud Quraishi the foreign minister along with prince of Saudi arabia are addressing contributing to economic uh social development of saudi arabia but how we can further create economic linkages through enhancement of bilateral trade and promotion of investments and to do that

the leadership has taken a big decision and given us the responsibility to get it implemented and that is the establishment and the activation of the saudi PAK supreme consultative council i’m happy to share with you that yesterday there was a

senior official uh discussion on that and we have made good progress on what the structure should be what the organization should look like and what should be the work plan uh vocal persons we’ve decided that they’ll be a vocal person in the ministry of foreign affairs here and there will be a vocal person in the ministry of foreign affairs in saudi arabia to oversee the

progress that is being made in on this front so that we can have a structured institutionalized way of looking at our bilateral relations having said that we discussed some new interesting areas an area that you would be interested in information media culture entertainment sports saudi arabia under the new leadership the the leadership the conference is providing the

vision 2030 is looking at transformation and this is one area where we can contribute and which has not been tapped in the past so how do we build .

Those cultural linkages uh through cultural diplomacy uh how do we um you know as the foreign minister was pointing out that two million pakistanis you know and they’d love to uh see Pakistani films being screened there you know they would

love to see uh you know a favorite singer of them of theirs performed in saudi arabia now that’s an area that we were not looking at in the past and that is an area where we should open up and see how we can promote besides the strong religious

linkages the cultural linkages that the two countries have and then on top of that climate how climate uh is is uh impacting the world and how pakistan in the developing world has taken this initiative under the leadership prime minister imran khan

and the crown prince his initiative of green saudi arabia the green uh middle east how do we dovetail the two and work together in cooperation international cooperation is required and how do we work on that collectively i must share with you

that i thanked the foreign minister and through him his government the leadership for the unwavering support given to

PAK on fabric with clarity and we shared the the  pranks that they went through when they were sort of strengthening their institutions the steps that we have taken and the support received from saudi arabia has been phenomenal and the other issue.


pakistan foreign

which is a very emotive issue for the people of PAK the issue of Jammu and Kashmir saudi arabia as you know ladies gentlemen is part of the contact group on German Kashmir and they have been forthright they have been supportive look at the joint communications the resolutions the oil position you know they have shown clarity uh and consistency in supporting

PAK and that and i shared with the foreign minister uh the latest situation in the occupied uh you know Jammu and kashmir we also had a good discussion on the evolving situation in afghanistan what to expect what the challenges are and what the opportunities lie ahead of us and we have i’m happy to share that our approach uh is the same uh we’re looking at

things uh in in in a similar you know our perspective is the same our objectives are shared and we had a good discussion on that uh and generally you know discussing the region we had a good discussion on the region uh issues of PAK community uh living in saudi arabia there are quite a few and i shared that about 400 000 today who are in PAK wanting

to go back you know uh and and they are facing challenges you know uh travel restrictions and you know uh uh issues of vaccination and how the saudi government can help facilitate students PAK families residing in saudi arabia and their

children who have gone beyond schools and need admission in universities how we can help and facilitate them so we looked at different ways of facilitating the community and as you know prime minister imran khan is very keen on uh and very

 supportive of these PAK who live abroad and have been remitting you know money to PAK uh you know excellency this year uh remittances have been highest ever and saudi arabia is one of the most important countries uh in its

contributions to PAK you know our dashboard over there so people who are genuinely contributing to pakistan they have to be looked after you know the council of services .

we are trying to improve we set up a portal and we have i’ve requested foreign minister to look at some of the challenges that they are facing uh and last point i also shared with the foreign minister our flagship project called cpec the

concept and the opportunities for saudi investors to come and invest in the special economic zones and the opportunity for saudi arabia and the contribution PAK skilled semi-skilled professionals can make towards the vision 2030 they will

require people and who could be trusted more than PAK who spent you know decades and are known and are with that they share values and can very easily assimilate into their society how we can promote uh more Pakistanis uh working in in

saudi arabia contributing to saudi development further so on the whole i’ll conclude by saying thank you for coming thank you for maintaining the momentum that was generated in may 2021 when the prime minister went to saudi arabia met the

crown prince and inshallah collectively we will see through the uh the responsibility given to us by our leadership thank you thank you thank you very much sir and may i now request his highness prince vessel bin for hanal south for his remarks

please first let me extend my sincere thanks to the government and people of the islamic republic of Pak for the warm hospitality i received on my visit here today this is my second visit to islamabad and i’m always very happy when i’m able to

come and visit my brother and my brother with qureshi to discuss together how we can continue to build on this very very strong relationship.

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