Olympic today; Great Mutaz Essa Barshim And Gianmarco Tamberi Share The Gold Medal High Jump

Olympic today-Mutaz Essa Barshim And Gianmarco Tamberi Share The Gold Medal High Jump
Olympic today-Mutaz Essa Barshim And Gianmarco Tamberi Share The Gold Medal High Jump

Olympic today-Mutaz Essa Barshim And Gianmarco Tamberi Share The Gold Medal High Jump

Welcome back to Tokyo Olympic today o we’ve just watched the men’s 200 metre final wrapping up in the past few minutes and it was Canada’s Andre de grasses who has won his fifth Olympic medal north America cleaning up with the usa’s kenneth bednarock taking silva and countryman noah lyles winning bronze but finally a gold for canada’s andre de grasse he looked

ecstatic of course and straightaway i went to one of those big screens which is a lovely moment and talked to his family back home in canada it was really nice to see those are memorable moments at the Olympics watching the athletes and their families but

probably the most memorable moment so far definitely one of them that everyone is still talking about is when two athletes jean marco tanbari from italy and muta’s asa basham from qatar decided to share a gold medal in the high jump now the pair couldn’t be split that had an exhausting two-hour competition this is the fourth joint olympic podium in athletics since 1912.

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Olympic today-Mutaz Essa Barshim And Gianmarco Tamberi Share The Gold Medal  High Jump
Olympic today-Mutaz Essa Barshim And Gianmarco Tamberi Share The Gold Medal High Jump

Mutaz Essa Barshim Words about share.

 I am delighted to say one of those athletes qatar’s mutual joins me now from Tokyo so good to see you congratulations gold medalist how does that feel oh thank you very much i mean uh it’s amazing i’m definitely exhausted but it’s really really revealing

to be in Tokyo and when tell us about the actual gold medal because it’s made out of recycled electronic material how does it feel what does it look like how is it around your neck really good i would never tell that’s been recycled from just an electronics i mean it’s a really really good quality it’s really heavy i mean it’s really like waves you can tell the quality out of it and it’s just pretty and

amazing motez we all want to hear the story take us back to that moment what was going through your mind when you decided to ask if it was possible to share the gold medal of course you know we we put a great show the competition was amazing it was the

strongest high jump competition ever in the history demarco did a great job i did a great job everybody else in the field did a great job but when it come to that 237 we both cleared.

that the first attempt i know for a fact that me and joe marco been like past couple of years to a really really serious injury that could be a really threatening uh career threatening and just being able to come back from that and perform at the highest level i wouldn’t want him to be at a silver position because i know what he’s been through mentally and physically and also i don’t want

myself to be in that silver position so when we tie on that 237 and the judge come to actually explain to us if we need a break off to actually somebody have gold or somebody have silver and i just look at him and ask can we both have gold can we have two

gold and he was like yes that’s possible and before he even finished his sentence we were celebrating i look at jamarca he looked back to me and that’s it we know multaz you’ll know that that moment is being talked about as one of the great moments of sportsmanship in the history of athletics.

what kind of reaction have you had to to you doing that it’s it as i said like literally people really love the people sharing the stories with me i’m again i’m getting ton of messages from places i’ve never even heard about before um people say they get emotional people say we’ve been crying i mean even at the village i mean when we came back to the village we could not sleep so

we went for a walk and literally we’ve been stopped by every single person we passed through and it was the reaction was just insane really and i appreciate it i love the support i love that we did something that touched everybody’s heart and it’s just an

amazing really what about people back home in qatar this must be such an important and amazing moment for them too right right after i finished you know i got the phone with the president and he told me he was so happy he was so proud and he said one of

the best thing you did is sharing the gold that’s just showing the true meaning of sport you know of course the sport is very competitive we are very competitive we have it in our own uh self but i mean beyond all that is just you know law of peace you know integrity unity and the true sportsmanship matas i’m not sure if you’re a reader of gq the magazine but you’ve just been featured in the gq they are talking about how stylish you are with your cap and also with your sunglasses what was the deal with

The sunglasses when the event was being held at night wow that’s cool you know the sunglasses it’s it’s a bit of fashion a bit of style to get out of the comfort zone and and also it’s like i used as a sort of distraction block to block all the distraction i’m in my zone at that moment i’m just trying to focus i have around 30 seconds to make a perfect jump but i know every mistakes count

could be a gold could be silver and could end up out of the podium so i’m just trying to stay focused and the glass is a big part of that and i didn’t know i was featuring gq that’s big i love gq though nice well it obviously worked very briefly what next for you i

hope you’re having a nice break now oh yes finally you know i’ve been a strict diet i’ve been oh dear i think we seem to have lost uh mutters your line has just broken up i think you were telling us you’re going to come off your strict diet and have a rest good luck congratulations and thank you for providing one of the most amazing moments of these Olympics thank you so much

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