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North Korea is testing a new long-range Missile

North Korea is testing a new long-range Missile

North Korea is testing a new long-range Missile)The united states have condemned the latest cruise missile tests carried out by North Korea describing them as a threat to security in the region and beyond japan said the launching of two missiles over the past few days raised significant concerns now north Korea claims to have carried out successful testing of a new long-range cruise missile which is “

The most accessible of Japan’s North Korean government news reports say the Missile flew 1,500 kilometers in two hours and changed direction and” they ” held rallies before setting targets for the Security Council sanctions that barred North Korea from surveying ballistic missiles but not cruise missiles such as the latest tests suggest that North Korea is still capable of developing weapons despite food shortages and a chronic economic crisis our Seoul correspondent.

North Korea is testing a new long-range Missile
This image made from video broadcasted by North Korea’s KRT, shows a military parade with what appears to be possible new intercontinental ballistic missile at the Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned Saturday that his country would “fully mobilize” its nuclear force if threatened as he took center stage at a massive military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of the country’s ruling party. (KRT via AP)

The significance of this new long-range Missile

 Laura bicker explain the importance the significance of these tests well there are two questions really is this a big deal and what does it mean well is it a big deal yes and no first of all it’s a cruise missile it’s not a ballistic missile that means ballistic missiles are covered by un security council resolutions they fly faster they fly longer ranges they can’t carry higher nuclear payloads and but when it comes to cruise missiles they are also a

dangerous weapon despite not being covered by un security council resolutions they fly lower they fly for longer distances and they can fly undetected by any kind of radar systems so they are a dangerous missile the other keyword that we’re looking at is North Korea described it as a strategic missile what does that mean it is North Korea speak for it is capable of taking in nuclear warhead now what we don’t know is if North Korea can make a warhead small enough to put on a cruise missile but that is exactly what they seem to intend to want to do by putting out this statement and that they have on state media so ,

long-range Missile

what does it all mean well it’s the timing is interesting it comes after south Korea has taken part in exercises military exercises with the united states every year these annual exercises take place and every year North Korea says that it’s preparation for a war they had warned that South Korea would pay a heavy price for its participation in these war games

and of course, within the next 24 hours the u.s nuclear envoy, the u.s envoy to North Korea is meeting his counterparts in Tokyo his south Korean and his Japanese counterparts for three-party talks does it mean that Pyongyang is trying to kind of probe the administration maybe certainly North Korea has not been a policy priority for the blind administration so ”long-range Missile”

far the u.s has said it is willing to talk any time and anywhere but nothing has so far been put on the table and North Korea certainly isn’t talking back but North Korea could be wanting some kind of sanctions relief we know it’s in a dire economic state so is it trying to

softly prod the united states especially with a missile that doesn’t breach u.n security council resolutions which don’t breach sanctions so it’s kind of low-level provocation perhaps they’re testing the waters

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