Minnesota Golden Gophers 2021 Best Wining predictions

Minnesota Golden Gophers 2021 wining predictions

2021 college football predictions continue with the Minnesota golden gophers a team that I think is really being underrated coming into the season this is a team that you know everyone’s talking about Wisconsin and Iowa those are the teams the big ten west I think if there’s a surprise team if there’s another team that wins that division did not name Wisconsin or Iowa I think it’s going to be Minnesota I think they have a

chance to be pretty good this year you go back a couple of years ago, of course, they were a big surprise team that year and then last year was a disaster last year was just a weird year tanner morgan was night and day different from 2019 to 2020. maybe it was part of offensive coordinators new offensive coordinator is part of that you know I don’t know exactly but also losing some really talented receivers that didn’t help either

but I think he bounces back this year I think he will play much better you’ve got Ibrahimovic running back one of the top running backs in the country a very strong offensive line on the offensive side it really comes down to that passing attack though tanner morgan these wide receivers they’ve got to step it up if they’re gonna have a chance to win the big ten west on defense, uh you know they were not very well last year this year you would maybe expect them to be a little bit better they were

Minnesota Golden Gophers 2021 wining predications
Minnesota Golden Gophers 2021 Trendy news

young but I don’t think that’s still going to be a huge strength for Minnesota Golden Gophers I think it’s going to be about the offense and that’s going to determine their success let’s look at some of the other predictions for the golden goat’s golden gophers the FBI has them at 6.1 and 6.0 so right there making a bowl game that’s about it then has them at seven and five the over-under is at seven so if you’re trying to pick you gotta go over under

that I think eight and four is more likely than six and six I really do um but I think that seven’s a pretty good number let’s go through the schedule they start off with Ohio state I actually think that they play this game they play Ohio state really tough I think it’s the opener Thursday night fans are back I think it’s going to be a tough one for the buckeyes think Minnesota Golden Gophers.

 I think it’s a high score game a shootout but at the end of the day I just think there’s too much talent on Ohio state I think they will win it but I think it’s a close game maybe like a 10-point win for the buckeyes some somewhere in that range so I’ve got Minnesota losing that first game I think they bounce back though I think

they beat Miami of Ohio they get to one and one then they will play Colorado on the road this one’s tough for me this is a toss-up, uh you’re talking about two teams that are going to be able to run the football a colorado has a very good duo at running back and uh it’s going to be interesting to see how this game plays out two teams.

that I think are pretty similar actually uh really similar it’s in colorado so that you know on one hand makes me kind of lean towards colorado but I just trust the veteran quarterback here tanner morgan I think is good enough I think he’s again bounced back this year I think he’s good enough in this game to get Minnesota a win but it’ll be a close hard-fought game this is really a toss-up.

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