Marcus Rashford and Maro Itoje mock Gavin Williamson after confusing today

Marcus Rashford and Maro Itoje mock Gavin Williamson

Marcus Rashford and Maro Itoje mock Gavin Williamson: Mr. Rashford says that the minister aids later told the newspaper that he had in fact been speaking to Mr. Itoje uh let’s go live to Westminster and our chief political correspondent john Craig who’s been following this story uh and john this is awkward for so many reasons lots of reasons, yes I mean the beleaguered uh Mr. Williamson the education secretary is top of every mp’s list for the

chop in a reshuffle whenever it comes but this blunder certainly hasn’t helped him so what has happened here is that Mr. Williamson the education secretary under fire over school closures exam fiascos and so on has mixed up it appears two top campaigning sports stars the footballer Marcus rashford and the England rug and British Lions rugby star Maro italji uh tipped as a future England ‘

rugby captain that’s Marcus rashford the manchester united star that’s uh Maro itoji who was uh with the light with the lions in South Africa recently as you there he is in his lion’s shirt so Mr. Williams said he’d met Mr. rashford on a zoom call um he said that he seemed incredibly engaged

compassionate and charming then he had to shoot off well uh later um uh Mr. Williamson’s aides revealed he actually met not Mr. Rashford but marrow stogie he has campaigned to bridge the digital

divide in education whereas uh Marcus Rashford, of course, is school meals food banks and so on uh Mr. Rashford responded in a rather amusing way retweeting a journalist’s tweet and saying this he said accent could have been a giveaway there it is there is the journalist tom newton Dunn’s a tweet for he is uh times radio journalist also writes for the………

gavin wall.trandynews

evening standard accent could have been a giveaway now all this uh in a week when there has been talking of a cabinet reshuffle possibly tomorrow talk of either demotion or the sack for Mr. Williamson in prime minister’s questions an hour or so ago the prime minister defended the hapless beleaguered embattled all those adjectives uh Mr. Williamson he was asked by the labor education spokesman peter kyle if he could put his hand on his heart and promise that Mr. Williamson was the right person for the job and is up to the job well Boris johnson said the education secretary has done a heroic

job note the past tense of dealing with a very difficult circumstance in which we’ve had to close schools during the pandemic so the vote of confidence for Mr. Rashford from the prime minister but this is embarrassing for Mr. Williamson he’s either been badly briefed or made a blunder himself mixed up two top stars very high profile stars a top rugby player top footballer Marcus

Rashford plays for manchester united and England is currently injured however and uh Mr. Williamson has uh rather uh unfortunately for him got terribly mixed up um Marcus uh Rashford’s uh spokesman has uh said that uh Mr. Rashford has written two letters to Gavin Williamson first on the September the first last year he got a response after five or six weeks it was a cold response he claimed a copy and paste of a Wikipedia page of relief efforts the conservative party have put in

place since coming into power from Gavin Williamson he wrote another letter on the 29th of July talked about healthy start scheme and Marcus says consistent asking those in power uh collaborate for collaboration more often than not he ask is rebuffed his spokesman says marrow and Marcus are two incredibly successful young black men this is Marcus Rashford spokesman there’s little more

they have in common whether it’s daniel Rashford now that is a reference to a blunder by uh matt Hancock who got his name wrong when he was a health secretary or a marrow Italy reference the message remained the same put our children first so um what should we say sportsman one Gavin Williamson nil perhaps.

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