Lockdowns will do more harm than new good

Lockdowns will do more harm than new good

Start with Lockdowns that the shadow pandemic as papagori calls it the mental health crisis hundreds of kids in Melbourne alone being admitted to hospital every week do we have to start and I know you’ve invested a lot in it in the federal government’s invest a lot of dollars but state officials media everyone do we have to

increasingly focus on the cost of the restrictions because it is a tragedy what we’re saying oh of course I mean a lot has talked about the cost of the lockdowns obviously on small businesses and livelihoods and that’s devastating but the mental health toll on Australians from these locks is to the point of

unbearably and it is affecting in some states even worse than others particularly those who have been through more lockdowns and I have no doubt that the premiers are very aware of that um I’m in regular contact with pat McGarry he’s one of my most important sources of counsel on these issues as he

has been for many many years and that’s why we’ve poured the resources in and I can I tell you there are a lot of heroes in the pandemic but those are on the other end of the phone on lifeline kids helpline beyondblue um the butterfly foundation we’ve seen you know a surgeon in some disorders over the course particularly amongst young people this terrifies every parent but this is the

the urgency that should be you know pushing us on to implement the national plan lockdown will do more harm than good once we go past 80 70 gives us the opportunity for the soft opening to ease into that 80 there’s no freedom day that’s not what this is about a smart science-based way to ease into that living with the virus stage above 80 we’re making great progress on it the vaccines are there the suppliers.

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Lockdowns will do more harm , new good ones

There please come forward everyone and get that vaccine your second dose of AstraZeneca for those over 60 you’re first as well continuing but those vaccination rates amongst their older population now of which I now include myself is you know they’re going very very strong and that provides a lot of protection and that kids September 13 12 to 15 they get to have those vaccinations as well that’s an

also, a very important part of the plan now as we speak the women’s safety summit is in today to the Gillard national plan 10 years ago 2011 was when it began it’s not seen well it’s basically what we’ve seen is sexual violence rates go up since then how will your plan be any different well first of all the goal is to end that violence it’s an even more ambitious goal it’s a bit like you know when

we adopted the suicide prevention goal and we all understand that these remain big challenges but you have to go the for the absolute outcome and use every effort now I know that Julie Gillard’s plan was the best of intentions planned just as mine will be and we invested in in the Gillard plan over all those years in a bipartisan way what I want to see Kieran is just us continue to deal with this you

know in a well I said yesterday and a partisan way there should be no politics in this at all um this should just be about supporting the services and the resources that are needed not just at a commonwealth level but at a state level as well and that’s what the national plan does it brings all of those governments together all of those agencies together now we have put down 1.1 billion on

women’s safety alone that’s the biggest investment in a national plan there has been but I described it as a down payment the scale of this problem like so many others we’re dealing with mental health challenges we’ve just talked about national suicide prevention uh mental health more generally in the population aged care national disabilities these are all big problems that we are solving but

they’re tough and they’re complex and you know I think the Australian people understand there are no simple answers to this they know because they live with these problems they know the complexity of what contributes to it and they know how hard it is to uh to unravel and solve those things often in their own lives let

alone trying to do that at a national scale so I think there is just an absolute um momentum of dealing with this and I think what we have to do in this Kieran is start accepting each other’s good intentions in this no one has a mortgage on good intentions when it comes to dealing with these very difficult issues we all come to the table trying to do our best it’s like on closing the gap and dealing

with indigenous disadvantage, I think one of the reasons we’ve been able to push forward in some of the things we’ve done there over the last few years is we’ve stopped we’ve stopped this process of trying to judge each other’s intentions and motives you know we’re all just trying to do the right thing here prime minister Scott Morrison appreciate it thanks a lot Kieren.

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