Lionel Messi ‘would have New risked Barcelona’s future

Lionel Messi ‘would have risked Barcelona‘s future’

 Football fans around the world know that Barcelona has announced their top scorer and the talented Lionel Messi will leave the club this summer after failing to agree to the terms of a new contract the club says it can’t of 30 and made a name for himself as

one of the greatest players of all time Tanya dendrinos has this report in the eyes of many is the greatest football player among men for those who watch this beautiful game as a religion in Barcelona this is their temple it didn’t take long for depressed fans to gather outside without coming as news Lionel messi’s departure home is a gift opera for the last summer to this summer and a

brutal ending for fans and barter club members should have ended the year The 34-year-old 34-year-old has been working for free since July 11 when his contract expired two weeks later and he agreed to a new wage agreement. came on Thursday when Barcelona announced the 21-year-old Messiah’s reunion with the club will end up setting barriers to financial and facilities set by the la liga is a huge loss and football will produce less money and we have less players to see who has the best picks.

I think are saint germain potential potential signers at another club who may have the funds to sign in Manchester city do not seem to want that so in the case of the end of the road but not everyone is strong the fact that I think barcelona can make a very

good case of being interested not only in barcelona but also in Spanish football as a whole to bend the rules a li ttle a bit and keep the services of someone who can be the greatest player can challenge the greatest player in world history nothing is certain until

that’s when the messiah signed on the dotted line at the moment bassa fans were left hoping that their dreams would be revived Tanya dandrinos bbc news and at the last hour the president of Barcelona said the club and the messiah wanted to sign a new

contract but the club’s financial situation just means they can’t afford it extending the Messiah’s contract would be illegal with all the world a player who has played with us for many years and that we will be forever hold on.

Lionel Messi 'would have risked Barcelona's future'
Lionel Messi ‘would have risked Barcelona’s future’

21 years in barcelona 778 appearances made 672 goals scored 305 assists introduced 35 drove is one and hundreds of millions of concrete hearts those are the information of leo messi at some point of the records of his stay at the membership unfortunately

now the legend of world soccer leaves the capital of catalonia this is the stop of an technology or is there nonetheless a hazard whethaer or not he definitely left the club or is all of it a large sport of significant human beings in large jackets make certain to

observe this video to the quit and you’ll to realize everything approximately the cutting-edge scenario with leo messi and barcelona we’re to keep thomas and start without delay the last few days the whole lot become as calm as feasible for barcelona supporters in all the news that regarded regarding messi it changed into pronounced.

Lionel Messi 'would have New risked Barcelona's future

That as quickly as leo lower back from excursion he might at once signal a brand new contract and a happy ending would ultimately occur but on the nighttime of 5th of august the whole lot just exploded with news all of it started out with demarca newspaper

which tore up the media area with the statements that matters had unexpectedly grew to become the other way up in step with them after a meeting among the gamers representatives and the club’s the signing of the agreement grew to become out to be impossible the principle version of messi’s departure changed into initially known as the state of affairs among los angeles liga a

certain investment fund of cbc capital botness and in fact barcelona we are to don’t forget that los angeles liga agreed to promote 10 percent of its stocks to cvc capital botnets for two.7 billion euros ninety of this amount became to be dispensed a few of the

clubs to cowl the prices somehow related with the pandemic for barcelona that could mean that they may near the messy deal even though los angeles liga had its very own situations for bars and additionally for real madrid.

these clubs need to have forgotten about the extremely good league venture all the time in reality all of us regarded to forget that barsa real and juventus officially remained within the extremely good league venture moreover they are those who are presently suing uefa in an try and defend the rights to maintain the match real reacted to this situation as an alternative all at once and straight away hostile the deal to zelda’s shares however barcelona allegedly faced the selection preserve messy and leave the

exceptional league or live within the awesome league and lose leo manifestly the bosses of the play of granas pick out no longer to

comply with the commands of hajir tebas as after a few minutes barcelona officially introduced that leo become leaving the club notwithstanding having reached an agreement between fc barcelona and leo messi was the clean intention of each events to sign a brand new settlement and be.



Formalized because of economic and structural limitations the assertion examine it is straightforward to apprehend from this piece that both the player and the membership desired to maintain cooperation but in reality couldn’t come up with the money for it because the regulations imposed via los angeles liga and that smoothly brings us to a positive idea [Music] but what if all of that is

a bluff trying to push dabbas and laliga to make concessions quickly after the announcement of big leaving such records started out to spread as an instance tony juan marti a journalist from diario recreation wrote that barcelona’s declaration isn’t yet very last he

claims that this was carried out only so that you can put stress on the management of the league what are the arguments in prefer of the fact that this is simply a bluff firstly in line with reports from humans near the bar’s addressing room the players had no idea

of messi in barcelona now not renewing the agreement if the gamers themselves say that they’re now not knowing a good deal

then this could be proved that everything is still feasible in the end leo could simply have stated some thing to his teammates secondly the spanish journalist mikhail blaskis wrote that the membership says the deal continues to be actual to be concluded it is going to be difficult to tug off although that is there may be still a task to be performed at the back of the curtains nonetheless the

most crucial aspect is money laporta is well aware about the importance of leo messi to all spanish soccer if he leaves the countrywide league then all sponsors will start to go away and placed remarkable strain on los angeles liga demanding decrease

expenses for rights in spite of everything without the argentinian truely everything that concerns los angeles liga will start to fall in price at your speedy pace the danger of ultimate with out the character of leo messi whose previously left cristiano ronaldo could

be the give up for tavis and that is the most effective plan of the sleeve for barcelona of path a version that laporte is bluffing exists however there’s additionally a great deal handiest term of superior can’t be omitted the primary thing that may be completely

decided in confirmation of leo’s departure is the article of the mundo deportivo journalist feyron martinez he wrote that messi became taken aback himself he even got here from the holiday in advance than anticipated to resume the settlement in e-

membership’s office the second cause is that in addition to the reputable announcement barcelona has published a farewell video

with a card of the maximum memorable moments if that is a part of laporta’s plan then that is the merciless to location the emotions of protection someone has to reflect onconsideration on the mental.

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