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Japan’s Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Has Died at a campaign event

Japan’s Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Has Died at a campaign event

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Has Died: Former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe is dead after being shot twice this morning. Officials say Abe was campaigning for a candidate ahead of Japan’s upcoming house of councilors elections, where he was shot from behind, once in the back and the other

In the neck, with what appeared to be a homemade gun. This happened in the city of Nara, about 20 miles southeast of Osaka. The chaos from the shooting and the subsequent takedown of the man police say carried out the attack was all caught on camera. And we warn you, some of this video may be incredibly disturbing.

Speaking a foreign language abe was immediately air-lifted to a nearby hospital after officials say he went into a state of cardiac arrest. The suspect, according to police, is a former member of japan’s navy. Speaking to the country after the attack, the country’s current prime minister and abe’s successor called the shooting a, quote, despicable, barbarous act

We cannot allow it.  let’s go to Beijing and Janis Mackey Frayer. >> it is hard unless people follow Japanese politics to understand what a massive figure the prime minister was, and the pedigree. His grandfather also being premier. His father has the number two position. The longest-serving premier in Japanese history. The entire region, the entire world

Must be in a state of shock. >> reporter: well, Shinzo abe was a political giant in japan. The longest-serving leader in japan’s history. A prominent figure who was still popular on the campaign trail. It’s why he was giving that speech in western japan today, to help the other candidate. So there is no understating how this is

Reverberating for people in japan. Also, we cannot understate how exceptionally rare gun violence is in the country. Japan has among the most stringent gun laws in the world. So that he suffered such a violent death, this assassination is also profoundly shaking people, in a place unaccustomed to gun violence. >> yeah, this morning, the “Washington Post” reports that

Firearms are strictly regulated in Japan. Gun violence is most often associated with the Japanese criminal network. Last year, eight of the ten shootings in japan were related to that syndicate, resulting in only one death. Four injuries. Janis, if we could talk about abe and how he was trying to actually move japan forward from the pacifist position that the

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Has Died  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Has Died  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Has Died 

United states and other leaders of the post-war world placed on them, and actually was trying to get japan in a position where they could defend themselves, or at least be far more active with the united states in standing up to what he saw as a rising threat from china. >> reporter: well, shinzo abe had important relationships with

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 Japan's Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Has Died at a campaign event   trendy news
Japan’s Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Has Died at a campaign event trendy news

Several u.s. presidents. As you say, he was trying to expand the reach, the scope, and the strength of japan’s military. And how large he figured on the political landscape showed why he was popular on the campaign trail. What we know of the suFspect who was tackled by abe’s secret service detail at the scene is that he apparently

Told investigators that he was not motivated by political beliefs. That he acted out of what he called a dissatisfaction with abe himself. So while shinzo abe loomed very large on the political scene in japan for several years, his politics were not always popular. What we know from what happened, those two shots that are still reverberating, abe went

Down bleeding. He was unconscious when he was air lifted to hospital. Reportedly had no vital signs. Doctors say they tried everything to save his life. They tried resuscitating, but he had lost so much blood from wounds to his chest and two small wounds to his neck. When it happened, the arteries were so damaged and he lost so

Much blood, that triggered heart failure. He was pronounced dead just after 5:03 p.m. local time in japan, which is just after 4:00 in the morning eastern time. The current prime minister, fumio kishida, is expected to speak to the press shortly. Again, this news has been reverberating for much of the day across japan. It did not look good

For shinzo abe when he was being air lifted to hospital, but, still, confirmation of his death, 

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