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Japanese Market Offering Reasonable Value, Robeco New News

Japanese Market Offering Reasonable Value, Robeco Says Today News

Japanese markets rallied during the first few months of prime minister suga’s premiership but then they’ve been range-bound given all of the latest challenges in japan how vulnerable are Japanese stocks to political risk especially as we head to the general election yeah I guess from our perspective look it’s not a huge part of how we sort of look at our investment case i.’Breaking headline Japanese Market Offering Reasonable Value, Robeco Says Today News.

think politics you know comes and goes and so does its impact but you know we come back to sort of looking at where the valuations sit and we think that you know the Japanese market you know is offering reasonable value we have a number of companies that have you know

very  strong IP backing and we are actually seeing earnings revisions starting to pick up for the first time in some you know in a number of you know months and as a result of that you know we think it is quite attractive I think you know clearly you know political change always introduces uncertainty and I think the fact that we’ve seen the market react reasonably

positively at least in the short term shows you that that sort of underlying and that positive fundamentals you know are sitting within the Japanese economy Joshua when it comes to the broader Asian markets how much are we going to see continued upside if we from the likes of the rba,Japanese Market Offering Reasonable Value, Robeco Says Today News, for example, see a delay to the taper plans given below ,

Japanese Market Offering Reasonable Value, Robeco Says Trendy  News
Japan Market Offering Reasonable Value, Robeco Says Today News

that there are these data points that suggest that we’re seeing a peak in the recovery story yeah I think you know the sort of you know whole debate around you know what’s going to happen on interest rates um you know it is going to continue to go on for some time we think the focus is probably a little bit too much on that you know the question is if we are seeing a

peaking in the economy then you know clearly people are going to have to you know adjust how that’s going to you know impact the markets going forward you know from a perspective of Asia you know Asia obviously has lagged the u.s markets you know quite significantly the valuation support is quite positive we think for a number of select markets where we haven’t

seen them necessarily you know race ahead you know for example places like ASEAN you know where they have still been hit by covert still have a potential a lot of upsides if we can see you know the covert cases start to come under control reopening happen in those economies and that sort of rebounds start to occur so I think it’s about being a little bit more selective where you are looking for that opportunity is the chip story the semis story particularly in japan still

one that has further upside yeah so I mean I guess for us you know obviously you know there’s a lot of debate around you know what’s happening on double booking you know where there are shortages and again we’ve seen commentary from some of the CEOs for example of you know order companies saying that they still are seeing shortages you know what we

think is interesting is if we look at maybe some of the players that you know I guess have been overlooked because they have not been the headline winners and again in markets like japan we think there are a number of sort of maybe second-tier players that are starting to you know to see their businesses pick up quite dramatically because of this you know you know this

demand that’s starting to pick up so we do think there are opportunities, uh you know but clearly for a number of the sort of like you know headline leading companies you know we are getting a lot later in that cycle Joshua where do you stand on Chinese equities given that we

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continue to hear more news about scrutiny in all different sectors of the Chinese economy dd could be coming under uh state uh control very soon what happens to those stock levels there yeah so I think what we’re seeing is obviously seeing you know a lot of change occur in these

markets and the leadership has you know has changed that that’s been very clear I guess from you know you know plate we look at you know as a number of the value names in some of these markets and this is actually thrown up quite through opportunities you know clearly the focus for a number of years has just been on the high-flying internet names

and we think we are starting to see that you know open up in these markets we’ve seen a number of particularly the renewable utility companies, uh you know you know quite a decent turn again a number of the commodity companies of the turn that’s starting to happen there

and these guys have been having you know like an improvement in earnings for some time but that has been overshadowed by people looking at other parts of the market so it does introduce you know a level of change but we think that is creating some opportunity particularly for stock pickers.

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