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NEW Japan widens emergency over ‘frightening’ Covid spike Trendy News

After hitting a new record for the number of confirmed daily cases of more than 10 000 in Japan a state of emergency already in place in Tokyo has been extended to more regions there’s increasing concern that enthusiasm for the Olympics has contributed to a spike in coronavirus cases there the number of cases recorded in Tokyo was slightly down on Friday well our reporter Mariko oi is in Tokyo and she’s given us this update well the Japanese government has proposed to expand the state of emergency to include the three surrounding prefectures of Tokyo as well as Osaka so that’s going to take effect on monday the state of emergency for Tokyo and Okinawa is also going to get extended by about 10 days until the end of august now how effective that will be in controlling the pandemic remains to be seen because the japanese capital has been under the state of emergency for two weeks now and yet we’re still seeing that surge in covet 19 cases so i think the bigger question is what else can the japanese government do to control the pandemic.

 I thought it was interesting when tokyo governor yuriko koike said that the key in handling this pandemic is young people she encouraged them to get vaccinated but she also asked them not to go out i thought it was a bit unfair because firstly there aren’t enough jobs to go around but also it’s not just young people we’ve noticed every age group out and about despite the state of emergency so we came to Shibuya to find out how young people found those new lines from the government so let’s take a listen i haven’t even received a ticket to get vaccinated my parents only just got their jabs i can sense that we’re getting too used to the state of emergency so it’s not stopping people from going out she just had her first shot yesterday and i’ve made my appointment so we’re getting vaccinated when we if the can really wants to stop the spread of the virus they have to lock us down and offer financial support because without it people would go out and go to work because they need to earn money.

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