How To Use New Amazon Prime Video App

How To Use New Amazon Prime Video App

Hello Guys and welcome today we’ll see a very popular app that is amazon prime video app and how to use that app properly so here we go first of all you have to download your amazon prime video app. after download we will go to next step.

  • How to download amazon prime video
How To Use New Amazon Prime Video App
In play store download amazon prime video app

So you have to press here prime you have to go to play store on your android phone and on your search bar you can type in amazon prime video as you can see the first option has come like amazon prime video if you just type try also so I’ll press here amazon prime video I’ll then install this app so you have to first of all install the app on your android device so it’s downloading so yes uh now it has been installed as well so I have to open the app now let’s open it so once I do that yeah introducing prime video profiles give each person on your account a personal experience.

How To Use New Amazon Prime Video App
Login page of Amazon Prime Video App

 Which had all this so since I had already logged in to this account this prime app it was already there in my phone and i had logged in so it is directly taking me to my logged in account based on my phone so once you have already formatted your phone or you are using a new phone it will ask you for or for the first time you are using this app it will ask you to log into your amazon

account to use this app so first of all i want to say that if you are an amazon prime member then only you can see all the paid films or paid movies or paid series in this app there would be some free movies or free series that you can still access but mostly the

paid people would only be enjoying or only be accessing all the movies and series that are available in this app so if you’re an amazon prime member then you can enjoy this app perfectly so this is the home page that comes out or that pops up when you log into your amazon prime video account so you can see all the bars like home in the home you can see everything like watch next tv

movies amazon original series watching your language movies in hindi tamil movies based on the country it will be arranging this kind of information in your hometown like latest movies best of all cinema etc you can go through this here you can see the tv

shows uh only specifically the tv series like sound field the boys the office uh all these things action adventure tv all these things here you can go specifically on movies like what are the movies next movies or thriller movies movies you think you like latest

movies as well what has come to the prime recently tamil movies telling me all these things have been classified according to their journal their language etc etc so you can go through these and see what best suits you so this is it and here you can go for kids as

well this would be specifically for kids who would love to enjoy this kind of films or tv series so mostly cartoons or animated kind of things so this is how it has been classified over this bar…….

How To Use New Amazon Prime Video App

Download easily movies form Amazon prime video app

so you can also see in at the bottom like home downloads you can even download it offline to watch your favorite series or movies for series you can even download the whole series at a time and for movies it will only download your movies for example if i go to a movie of for example this movie kabhi khushi kavikam uh I’ll go back because i have already like seen it is completely new movie

I’ll go let me choose this so you can see here something called watch now one option will come you can watch directly you can add to your watch list you can also download as i had said you earlier you can download this movie you can share this link as well you

can see the story of this movie here if you like press more details it will tell you the journal director starring all these things and if i go back it’ll show you something else one more movie you can see here one trailer page is also there if you want to see the trailer

of this movie you can see that as well so here you can see the imdb rating uh year of release all this all the details of this movie will be shown here once you press this watch now the movie will start the main thing is you can see it in your original print hd or full hd

print instead of going to any youtube version so these are the things uh here one uh two more options like the best way where i find my movies are by pressing the search button once i press this i can just type in my favorite movie and very easily or within a

short time i can get my favorite one for example i like Goldman let’s see gold mar olmal movie if i press this all movies of gourmand are coming like cool male again hormones gourmet uh old goldball everything whatever you want to watch i can choose

from this results and directly go to that movie for example this is the older one i’ll go back go my returns so this is how you search a movie and straight away go to that and play and watch that movie so there’s something called my stuff here you can create profiles here as well like create a profile manage profile learn about profile i’ll create one more profile uh whatever i watch or

whatever i activities i do under this profile would be saved in this profile for example another profile i’ll create like sks one for example i save that in my profile so you can see it’s case one profile under that profile it will show me my my related things i’ll just

keep for now so in this profile you can see there is something called a gear uh like symbol that is the settings of your profile you can see here stream and download manage quality and wi-fi you can change uh the download quality and download on wi-fi only all

those things you can change the settings change over here uh notifications you see notification of tv shows movies all these things all notifications you can opt or if you don’t want you can switch it off also auto……….

How To Use New Amazon Prime Video App
how to change pin
  • Pin changing mode

play the next episode automatically you can either switch on or switch off parental controls you can provide passwords or give password if you want restrictions on viewing the movie as well you can go here and do all these things purchase amazon maturity

ratings change prime video pin all these things you can provide pins register devices you can see what all other registered devices are using this prime video uh i have like three to four five six ml six phones using this uh prime video app in the same id clear

video search history signed in okay language you can change the language as well there are a lot of languages foreign languages in fact you can change like dutch espanol all these things are over here you can change mostly you don’t have to change this because

you are we all are comfortable with english your help button is here if you are in some doubt you can click help and go through the faqs over here so friends uh this is a very nice app to watch series or to watch films i would advise you go for amazon prime and

enjoy amazon prime video amazon prime purchasing everything so this is worth the money i think it’s now costing around 9.99 per year to get all these facilities including amazon prime video music uh your purchases etc etc so one more thing this is as you can

see you can even cast amazon prime video here if i click here then this film or the screen will get cast on my google chromecast which i’m using in my television as well so you can enjoy your movies or feelings on television with your own home theater as good as like going to a multiplex or film hall so this is it in this video i hope you like

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