How to Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business

How to Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business

My name is Justin this forever self-employed in today’s article we’re going to be doing a can cleaning webinar I recorded this a few months back but the information in here is absolute gold especially if you’re looking to start a can cleaning business I’m going to walk you guys through every single step of the

way everything you need to know as well as towards the back half of this I’m even going to tell you how you can leverage these small services into higher ticket jobs so before we get into that though i do want to mention a couple things first and foremost if you guys are interested in starting a pressure washing.

a webinar just to be fancy i guess it kind of is in the sense that I’m going to be teaching you guys everything about the trashcan cleaning business all my procedures practices chemicals pricing just everything you can think of we’re going to cover it.

So below this is our experience things in this business, pro-level ideas we share keep read with focus.


The first thing equipment obviously this is a pressure washing service so the first thing that’s going to be most necessary is going to be a pressure washer so i recommend 2500 or less psi is preferred just because you’re going to

be spraying within close proximity to the can and you don’t want to blow it across the yard as well sometimes you’re going to have to hold it and spray and it becomes a hazard um to hit your arm and stuff like that so you just want to be careful 2500 psi or less um that’s just my personal

opinion I got a craftsman from lowe’s I paid about 249 for it  was on sale I think they run sales on these little small pressure washers all the time and it’s pretty much perfect it’s small it’s light I leave it in the back of the truck towards the tailgate i just pull down the tailgate and then

I’m able to pull the hose out which is another thing you need make sure you have a hose for your washer I’m able to pull the hose out connect to the customer’s water and uh I’m ready to roll and I don’t have to do any prep work like pulling it out setting it up none of that um

it’s ready to roll when i pull up um so you’re also gonna need a pump sprayer a pop-up sprayer uh basically about 25 bucks you can get that from lowe’s as well um and then another very important thing is hand eye and mouth protection because we are going to be dealing with trash cans i don’t need to

tell you guys trash is nasty there’s no long there’s no telling how long these cans have been sitting there um the juices in them there’s bugs in them there’s all kind of crazy stuff so make sure that you have hand eye and mouth protection whenever you are doing these can cleanings absolutely crucial and the last thing that

you’re going to need is garbage bags so the first couple can cleaning jobs that i did i did not think of this but sometimes when people put their trash out it’ll get dumped but there’s going to be some trash residue on the bottom there might be wrappers there might be boxes you never there’s no telling what’s going

to be at the bottom of those cans so what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to bring um some garbage bags as well to take that extra trash out of there which goes back to the hand protection don’t be sticking your hand in there without any protection on it take that extra trash throw it in the garbage bag.

How to Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business
Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business


the first chemical is going to be most important is sodium hypochlorite which is essentially pool shock now a plain old bleach will also do the trick so if you guys don’t use pool shock in your pressure washing business currently you can just get some regular bleach as well as the next thing

you’re going to need is a degreaser i personally got simple green just because they were out of purple power um when i went to lowe’s so you could use simple green or purple power the simple green that i have is the purple one so that’s the one that i recommend i think it’s specifically a decreaser the next

thing is water which is not a chemical however it is needed to complete the mix which I’m about to go over in here just a second so make sure you got access to water obviously and then the last chemical that you’re going to need is fabuloso once we get to the procedures I’m going to kind of explain

how to use the fabuloso but basically the mixture for these chemicals within a two gallon sprayer you can adjust this accordingly according to whatever size pump up sprayer you’re using um is 0.75 gallons of bleach 1.25 gallons of water and then just a few ounces of degreaser and this should last about five to seven jobs depending on

the severity depending on how many clean how many cans that you’re having to clean it’s just it should last you about that long and if you need to adjust this formula this ratio it’s not set in stone feel free to adjust it you know you could probably you could probably even dilute the bleach a little bit more

but i just wanted to make sure i had a pretty high bleach content because it’s going to be some pretty nasty stuff that you’re cleaning so that is the mix for a two gallon sprayer uh take a picture of it if you need whatever you got to do okay you guys so with the chemicals out of the way.

Procedures Best Practice:

procedures these are going to be the best practices that i’ve kind of just learned over the course of all the cans that i’ve cleaned now. If your washer is in the back of the truck how i mentioned earlier all you got to do is take the hose to connect to the customer’s water supply and you’re ready to roll with that. After we’ve treated first we are going to rinse

the whole can out as best as we can get all the gunk out of there. Just a few ounces of fabulous splash into the bottom of the can it will dry and then the last thing that you can add to your procedures list i’ve seen a few people do this online is wipe the can down um with a rag of some sort just to kind of dry it off the outside.

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Pricing and how to change it:

Can cleaning is a dirty business so we need to be compensated for the work that we’re doing and we’re going to get into justifying the price here in just a second. We want to adjust the price based on the conversion rate and the lead flow so basically when your lead flow is low you have to charge a lower price. when your lead flow is high you can

charge a higher price same goes with your conversion rate. Lower lead flow lower price higher lead flow we can raise the price the conversion ratio if we’re landing jobs. If you have a low conversion rate you need to lower your price if you’re having a high conversion rate like you’re laying in 9 out of 10 10 out of every 10 jobs we can charge an even higher price.

There’s no perfect pricing method there’s no calculation that i can give you you can plug in and say okay this is the perfect price. If we’re landing 10 on 10 jobs our price is probably too low. If there’s no competition then there’s really not any competition so you can charge higher prices. Some of these companies that have the these garbage trucks

that like connect the can they wash them in like five minutes and then they just set them down somebody wipes them down. i don’t know how their marketing strategies are maybe you can put a spin on it an advertisingspin that makes it seem like it’s more of a personal touch for you to come out there and take care of their cans yourself.

Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business /Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business

Justifying your price:  

justifying your price obviously um somebody’s gonna think you know you’re coming out washing my cans all he’s doing is spraying water maybe a little chemical on the cans it’s not gonna be that expensive well this is what we need to do this is what i do whenever i message my customers that inquire about can cleaning i’ll say hey miss christie insert name here could be

mr misses whatever hey miss christy the price for can cleaning factors in travel chemicals hand eye and mouth protection as well as labor costs price on the first game is fifty dollars and then twenty dollars for every can after that basically what I’m doing here is I’m letting them know the costs associated with this type of service

um and it kind of justifies the price a little bit because they realize that there’s a lot more going into it than me just showing up to their house and spraying a little water on their can feel free to copy this verbatim if you want to this is exactly what i use feel free to change it up

whatever you guys want to do this is just how i adjust for the price of the customer i just like to let them know up front that there is travel chemical hand eye and mouth protection as well as labor costs that’s a lot of costs that go into that and for 70 bucks they might feel like they’re

getting a bargain i just like to list it out like that so that way I’m hitting them it’s like boom boom boom boom boom okay this is the price okay that’s not that bad for all those costs that you’re providing me so that is how we justify the price let’s get into.

Creating reoccurring clients:

So this business is great for building recurring clientele specifically because people can get their cans clean on a recurring basis so how do we create recurring clients one of the things we can do is we can offer a discounted rate to service their cans. We also offer pressure washing services. Another thing that we can do within the CRM is if they don’t buy it on that first three months we can offer discounts. We can ask them if there’s anything else that they need help with. Many of many of your other customers are currently on a quarterly cleaning schedule to maintain cleanliness.

Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business

Leverage small services:

we want to leverage small services which is what this is a small service and we’re going to leverage our way to big ticket so small services are low risk and relatively low cost for new customers i mean 70 bucks you know you could go to the gas station and drop 70 bucks you go to the store you’re

going to drop like three times that you go to the restaurants you know you’re dropping 70 bucks so it’s a relatively low cost and all you’re doing is washing cans that’s low risk what’s the worst that could happen you’re going to like blow a hole in the bottom of the can or something so low cost low risk

it’s great to get our foot in the door um for bigger services because obviously somebody’s house that’s like their price possession that’s like the most expensive thing that they own so they’re going to be a little less likely to let you clean the house than they would a trash can so anyway small service is a great way

to get your foot in the door and build rapport what we want to do is we want to leverage referrals from small services into bigger jobs so every single job that you’re doing with can cleaning you need to be getting referrals and you’ll be getting testimonials you need to be stacking those um and basically letting those work

for you so you might do a can cleaning for miss christie and miss chrissy’s sister is sarah and sarah goes i need my driveway washed and then you you get that referral you go do the driveway watch and you say hey miss sarah um if you don’t mind leave me a testimonial miss sarah leaves you a testimonial

maybe miss sarah has a cousin his name is dave dave’s got a shed that needs to be washed you see how this all happens basically we landed one customer the testimonials carried us all the way over until we were doing a shed so leverage referrals for small services into bigger jobs the next thing that we can do

is we can put together a quote for them on the other services that we offer in case they may be interested in getting some other work done so after we’ve completed the job we’ve collected the money we would probably just say hey miss christie you know while we were there we did notice the driveway in the house

we do tons and tons of driveways and houses i just figured i’d go ahead and quote it for you if it’s something you’re interested in doing let me know we can put you on the schedule uh but if not keep us in mind for in the future and then just send her over a price whatever she says

she might take you up on the offer you might be able to bundle price it whatever you’re gonna be checking up with her in three months anyway she’ll still have the quote um but just send her over a quote on driveway and house as well you could do fencing you could do back decking whatever the likelihood is

is that she’ll see the quotes she’ll say okay great thanks so much and then maybe you touch base with her a little later and she says you know what let’s go and knock out the house in the driveway as well uh later down the road so make sure that you’re quoting people on stuff that they didn’t really

even ask for as well okay so the last thing i want to mention with regards to leveraging small services like i said in the last slide is keep up with your customers like i said i have a link in all my comment sections and descriptions to a free crm try it use it keep up with all your customers if you made.

//Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business//

Bonus positioning for advertising:

  you are being rewarded with a bonus slide. this bonus slide is pertaining to positioning for advertising. We want to accentuate the bad things because this is why we’re providing the service. With your before and after pictures even you got to take like a couple cans of ravioli and toss it in there. End Of the Article.

Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business

Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business //Start a Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning Side Business

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