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How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine Fast And Quickly

How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine fast and quickly

How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine: To keep the water crystal clear, free of algae and that we can bathe without any problem, some very important maintenance guidelines must be followed. Here are some tips and products to have your pool always readyChlorine and PH meters, pool cleaners, anti-algae… The best Amazon products to take care of your pool.

In Spain there are around a million private pools. To set up your own oasis at home, you don’t need to do any work or make a large investment: inflatables and detachable ones are also a very good option. In fact, the fever for these facilities has shaken their stock throughout Spain. Thus, there are many people who have colonized their garden and terrace (be careful with the weight) with one of the many models out there.

If you are the owner of a swimming pool, both removable and built-in, congratulations, because you will not have to attend rotating shifts and other entry restrictions in municipal or community pools. Of course, you should know that its maintenance is important and that, no matter how small its size, it is convenient to follow a series of guidelines so that it lasts all summer.

How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine


Maintenance. If it is small and emptying and refilling it does not waste much water, the best way to keep it clean is to drain the water, rub the bottom and walls with soap and refill it. You can use the water you draw to water the plants, for example. If it is medium or large in size, it is appropriate to use a chemical product that helps keep the water clean, such as chlorine and anti-algae products. And if it is of a considerable size or work, it is best to buy a treatment plant that circulates the liquid and filters the dirt. A pool cleaner can also be useful, there are for all sizes.

Put up a tarp . Placing a tarp to cover it when not in use is very important, because it will protect the pool from bugs, leaves and other elements. This way the water will stay clean for longer. In any case, something unwanted will always end up falling into the water, so if it’s big enough, it’s a good idea to have a leaf catcher. There are many kits that include everything you need to keep your glass always ready.

Floor protector. If yours is built, ignore this point, but if it is inflatable, you should know that it is not recommended (especially if it is medium or large) to place it directly on the garden floor, grass or tiles. Thus, you should also buy a floor protector. If the pool is very small, it will be enough to place a towel.


If your pool has a small volume of water, its renewal every so often is not a problem. If it is older but has a sewage treatment plant, neither. However, there are many medium or large removable pools that do not include a treatment plant and do not even have a socket to incorporate one. Changing the water is not an option, since the expense would be very large, so focus on disinfecting the water through various chemical treatments.


How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine fast and quickly  trendy
How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine

It is very important to continuously monitor the pool’s pH level , which measures the acidity and basicity of the water. This level must be between 7.2 and 7.7 to be suitable for bathing, otherwise the chlorine will lose its affectivity.

{ If you want to know the exact reading, it is best to have a digital PH tester like this one. It has a very accurate electrode sensor and has instructions on how to learn to use it. It has an automatic temperature compensation function that adapts to the water temperature and water quality to achieve the PH value almost instantly.

You can buy it here for 13.59 euros.

To increase or decrease the PH, it is best to have a reducer or amplifier.


Using chlorine is essential if you want to disinfect your pool and have it ready all summer long. It is very cheap and quickly destroys bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. It should be kept between 0.6 and 1.5 mg/l and is sold in different formats: liquid, tablets, granules…

If this is the first time you are going to use the pool after winter, you should use such shock chlorine.

It is recommended to use slow chlorine for daily maintenance. Five kilos of slow-dissolving grain, mainly for water treatment and disinfection. It can also be used to remove debris from the bottom of tiled pools.

If you don’t have a purifier, you should use chlorine, which contains a flocculant, which collects the dirt that floats in the water and takes it to the bottom to be removed later by the pool cleaner. This way you will keep the water crystal clear. So you can also buy it separately and avoid cloudy water. It is sold in quantities of 1 or 5 liters and will last you a long time.

You can buy it here for 13.90 euros per liter.

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Algaecides are essential chemical products that prevent (note, prevent, not eliminate) the appearance and growth of algae, as they can easily end up installed on the walls or bottom of the pool. The problem is not just their presence, but the fact that they are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

They are recommended especially if we have a pool in the sun and if we use it intensively. If we are late with these tips and you notice that the water has already turned cloudy and the walls or floor are sticky, first adjust the pH and apply the usual disinfectants and rub all the affected areas. to remove any microorganism. and have it removed with a disinfectant

We can find different preparations against algae, from simple ones that prevent its formation, to more complex ones with a flocculant effect and concentrates that have bactericidal and fungicidal properties. This is Amazon’s choice and is very effective against microscopic algae. You can buy it here for 20 euros.


How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine fast and quickly
How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine

There are also all-in-one treatments ideal for above ground pools with and without filtration. It should be done once a month and includes four actions: disinfectant, antibacterial, anti-algae and flocculants. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for pools up to 20,000 liters. Of course accompanied by some chlorine tablets and an anti-algae product.

You can buy it here for 22.30 euros.


How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine fast and quickly
How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine

If you don’t want to worry about chlorine every day and don’t have a cleaning system available, this dispenser is perfect. You can place tablets up to 3 inches in diameter and it can be adjusted to control the release of chlorine. It can be used with both chlorine and bromine tablets. If it is a small pool, about 1,000 liters, it is better to use granulated chlorine dissolved in water.

You can buy it here for 10.75 euros.


The most effective way to clean dirt from above-ground pools. Just hang it around the perimeter, near the suction inlet, and wait for it to start absorbing leaves, insects and other debris that fall to the surface of the water.

It is made of anti-corrosion and durable plastic, it is coupled with cartridge treatment plants with a flow rate of 3,028 liters/hour and higher. In addition, the filter basket is basket type and can be removed for later cleaning. Its dimensions are 19 x 12 x 4 cm.}


If your pool admits a purifier, it will be the most comfortable way to have your pool always clean. In construction sites it is an essential element due to its size, but not so much in inflatables or other types of demountables. Here there are many that include the possibility of incorporating one. If yours is part of this group, it is best that you opt for one like this. The sand filter pump of this model can filter up to 10,200 liters per hour and has a reserve capacity of 20 kilos of sand.

It has a four-way valve with four functions : filter washing, rinsing, filtration and winter. Its pressure gauge is very easy to read.

You can buy it here for 164.94 euros.

Another option is a cartridge purifier like this one from Intex. It filters 2006 liters per hour and its power is 45W. It has a Hydro Technology aeration system that improves filtration , increases the purity of the water and improves the amount of negative ions on the surface of the water. It has an air bleeder, includes 32 centimeter diameter hoses and is recommended for pools of up to 10,000 litres. But if you have a larger or smaller one you also have other options.

Buy it here for 49.95 euros and take a look at all the models there are.

How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine                   How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine


The pool water is constantly receiving dust, leaves or seeds that do not always remain on the surface: many end up adhering to the walls or settle to the bottom thanks to the action of the flocculant. Thus, it is advisable to have a pool cleaner to take care of the purification system and guarantee the quality of the water. There are several types:

  • Manual. you have to select the suction mode in the treatment plant and attach the brush, handle and hose, connecting the latter to the skimmer or suction nozzle. After use, it is advisable to check the pH again.
  • Automatic. You won’t have to do all the work yourself. There are hydraulic ones, which use the energy of the purification system of the pool itself; electric, totally autonomous and programmable, they do not need to be connected to the purification system, the dirt accumulates in a filter that must be washed from time to time; battery, very practical especially for elevated pools, such as removable or inflatable.


These types of pool cleaners are very useful for removable and small pools. After use, the pH and chlorine content must be rebalanced. The first thing is to choose the suction mode in the treatment plant and attach the brush, control and hose. It has a width of 335 mm, clip fixing and nylon fork. In addition, it has a rotating brush at the base that helps collect dirt better.

You can buy it here for 26.57 euros.

– AUTOMATICThis automatic pool cleaner is perfect for above ground and inground pools. With a filtration system with a minimum power of 3/4 CV (0.75 CV), it is adapted for vessels up to 1.80 m high . The length of its hose is eight meters with a diameter of 38 centimeters. Suitable for sloped or flat bottoms.

You can buy it here for 92.50 euros.


If the pool is small, just place a towel under it, but if it is medium or large, it is convenient to use a floor mat like this one.

Thus, you will avoid punctures and scratches by branches, stones or sand. This is valid for pools of various sizes. It is made of strong and durable blue PVC . In addition, it also offers a clean surface to get out of the pool without getting muddy.

 How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine    How To Keep Pool Clean Without Chlorine

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