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Greek wildfires:3 heading to Athens Today News

Greek wildfires:3 heading to Athens Today News

Citizens and visitors of Greek wildfires to Athens are evacuated as wildfires continue to rage across Europe we will analyze the intensity of the heat waves now and what that could mean for wildfires in the uk in the future and the prime minister has been told to miss action on climate change as he visits Scotland ahead of a crucial climate summit and price hike petrol that can make electricity come faster

than we thought hello and welcome to the UK daily weather news show where we follow the changes that are taking place in the world right now and meet those who come up with solutions straight to europe now where wildfires are burning and forcing

people out of their homes their second day in Greece hectares of land burned near the capital Athens in just a second to see what these extreme temperatures could mean in the uk in the Turkish fire burning day l eighth and more angry government blames

failure to hold fires has been made worse by what the Greek authorities have called the extreme heat for decades with temperatures in parts of the world reaching 46.3 degrees celsius let’s go to Greece now let’s talk to a European journalist and many

fires across Greece over the past few days but the area around here has seen very large flames at a distance of 20 kilometers from uh athe NS as the world is.

 Greek wildfires:3 heading to Athens Today News
Greek wildfires:3 heading to Athens Today News NIGHTMERE


like when we look everywhere everything is completely burnt out now this was a family plot their son was living in this strangely dilapidated house I spoke to earlier he said they were in their place yesterday at lunchtime and saw fires and they seemed to be far

away and said within 10 minutes fires they were on top of them and they had to drive the flames to get out now 800 firefighters at night were trying to deal with the fire which was very intense today they seem to have very big flames without a big problem but

now that the landscape around here is smoking i had more fires uh to burn and turn into something really big and ok michelle thank you so much let’s take a look at what happens with euro and 2020 but 2021 has been the worst in the region especially in

countries like France and Turkey since its inception spring when petrol is very popular professor thank you very much for talking to us and living with wildfires in California the fire that has been burning since June has grown 24 hours ago the dispatch was ordered

by about a thousand people due to the dixie fire that grew to more than 395 square miles across plumas and regions butte north of california so let’s take you to our data dashboard now up here it’s real time powermix in the uk and you can see the renewable

builds 38 and fossil fuels 43 and that that contributes to global warming this shows man-made global warming since the industrial revolution and always raises the goal agreed upon by the 196 parties at the un cop 21 conference in Paris in 2015 to keep this

number below 2 degrees preferably 1.5 degrees for proper heating this is say the remainder of the 1.5 key degrees directly on other issues of climate change now with the oceans and the rest of the world Heric management has released its forecast for the

year of storms in 2021 predicted that the chances of a typical atlantic 2021 season are 65 and 15 to 21 so-called hurricanes scientists have warned that warmer sea temperatures and higher sea levels will make storms more severe and destructive which poses a serious threat to public health and human life. of 2035.

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