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Germany on the brink of legalizing cannabis today News

Germany on the brink of legalizing cannabis today News

Germany on the brink of legalizing cannabis today News: Well one topic in the coalition talks to form a new government here in Germany is the legalization of cannabis products all three parties are in favor of a regulated system for cultivation trade and sale german pharmaceutical companies are also hoping for a boost from this will we soon see cues like this in Germany too when cannabis was first legalized in Canada three years ago many customers were eager to make the first legal purchase of marijuana I just wanted to be here I think it’s like a big deal it’s like a historical moment right

today the legal cannabis industry in Canada posts more than 2 billion euros in sales annually the government closely monitors cultivation and sales what about Germany most of the cannabis here is sold on the black market that means no quality control with organized crime collecting the profits the incoming government wants to change that and Canada is a role model at least for the greens the german pharmaceuticals industry

is also expecting a boost from legalization it acquires most of its medicinal cannabis from abroad for example from this greenhouse in Denmark plants grown here are required to have a consistent psychoactive effect now medical cannabis is already being sold on prescription in german pharmacies in the first half of 2021 alone german doctors prescribed 90 million euros worth of cannabis to patients for four years now it has been sold to patients with chronic pain or epilepsy so far only three pharmaceutical companies in Germany are allowed to

Germany on the brink of legalizing cannabis today News
legalizing cannabis trendy news

cultivate cannabis and only outdoors behind thick concrete walls but sales of medicinal cannabis are on the rise so far most of it has been imported from Canada and for more on this I’m joined by johannes gallows he’s executive partner import and distribution of medical cannabis at Gikka pharma in cologne good to have you with us so we just heard that the pharmaceutical companies are also looking forward to the legalizing cannabis how would your business profit from that good morning Monica thank you for uh being on the

program so um there are very exciting times at the moment to follow these debates and um so for us the main topic is how will cannabis be dispensed in the future and for us as a company the priority is to make cannabis and cannabinoids accessible to the biggest number of patients in general so we hope that the total market size will increase and when we follow the role model in Canada there is a potential to have up to one million patients and users in Germany um in a relatively short time if legalizing cannabis or further um yeah program is due to

happen okay so there’s the big scope and of course, we’re not just talking about patients here but just normal consumers who uh like to to have a bit of weed in their spare time and Germany currently post 230 million euros in the sale of medical cannabis that’s every year if cannabis was also available as a legal stimulant then sales could increase by a factor of 17 some analysts say we’re talking about almost 4 billion euros annually

now given those numbers what are german authorities waiting for that’s a lot of money so that’s true those are very big numbers um but when we consider that cannabis until 2019 has been classified as a class iv drug similar to heroin and cocaine with no pharmaceutical or therapeutic use in 2019 all of this changed and we have a class 1 classification now which is granting cannabis pharmaceutical use and now we are taking big steps in already debating a further liberalization and even legalizing cannabis in Germany so for me, this is a very

good starting point and who knows what the new government will bring on the table in fact right so are there any downsides any doubts any warnings you can share with us so, in my opinion, um as a recommendation I would say that the government should listen very carefully to all the stakeholders that they want to involve in their programs um beginning with the um importers the producers but also who should dispense it uh if it will be the pharmacist um they should be on the table as well right and basically we have to create the market

environment’s listening to the experts that’s what you’re telling us johannes Galway executive partner import and distribution of medical cannabis at gigafarmer thank you so much.

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