Gadgets have Restricted Children’s Imagination-Trendy New

Gadgets have Restricted Children’s Imagination

 Hi, I am Dr. Azgar Alam I am a specialist psychiatrist with Asta clinics discovery gardens let’s talk about children’s mental health issues. children can have wide variations people also do suffer from depression children as early as five. children can also suffer from autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and certain simple symptoms can present a more

complicated ways, like school refusal having behavioral problems now with the advance in social media and the gadgets, that we are having today many children are used to that we don’t call it an addiction. we call it more dependence and that’s also resulting in an increase in autistic features of children not interacting with others. they’re all the time

on the phone on the screen and the parents are having trouble. you know in trying to teach their children something there is a drop in their school performances and with this go, with a pandemic, it’s become worse because the children are taking online classes and all the more reason, they find to use the gadgets so you have

to be absolutely careful when handling children. you shouldn’t be very dismissive, you shouldn’t be very harsh towards children you need to allow them to ask those I allow them ask questions, and tell them the reasons for the good and the bad side of a gadget or social media if they are using. so there are certain things you

can do at this point. what you can do is manage their screen time. Because now you must understand that when you were kids there was not a lot of time you spent on TVs or any other gadgets. so it’s important to follow the same protocol for your children as well so make sure you limit the screen time.

talk to them and see how they are feeling don’t be so too dismissive, and if you feel that the child is not able to manage or is having issues with their attention. their concentration and their behavior are becoming rampant they are becoming more adamant you do. please seek help with either your local GP or pediatrician or you can

seek a mental health professional’s help okay so also we do have certain medications to help children with but that’s considered only as a last resort we do have various therapies that can we can help children with so if you have any questions kindly feel free to reach.

Gadgets have Restricted Children's Imagination
Gadgets have Restricted Children’s Imagination

While I agree that technology and gadgets bring versatility and innovation, they have a profound impact on our imagination, ingenuity, and originality. The moment we are asked to write something on any topic or our mentors assign us a project, the first thing we do is Google about it. Replication of information has become easy and

technology has made the theft of intellectual data proliferate. Why can’t we sit down, think about it and then write our ideas down? It is precisely because we are so into gadgets that a wall is built around our ingenuity. Even when we want to write, we lack ideas and thoughts. In earlier times we had great philanthropists, scientists, orators who made a mark with their own imagination and vision. They had no gimmicks and were able to break through in their fields. Isn’t it incredible that we had the greatest generation?

The major effect of gadgets on boys.

Gadgets have Restricted Children’s Imagination-Trendy New

  1. Increased children obesity
  2. aggressive behaviors
  3. Declared energy level
  4. Declared concentration
  5. Deflecting from play and learning
  6. Disturbed sleep
  7. Negative influence increased
  8. Reduced parent-child interaction
  9. No attention to family
  10. Irresponsible toward parent  

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Gadgets have Restricted Children's Imagination


In early life, everything around us is to be good if we use it in the right way. It will be bad also, and haram for us if use it not on proper way. If using all the gadgets at the right or at the right time to use then they will not harm us. We should transfer our child’s focus to the learning and education field, not on other social negative sites. This will increase their maturity level and skills which will help them in a bright future.

End of the Gadgets have Restricted Children’s Imagination-Trendy New

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