Flash flooding from storm Ida in New York and New Jersey kills nine

Flash flooding from storm Ida in New York and New Jersey kills nine

At least nine people have been killed in Flash flooding and hurricanes that hit the northeastern United States coast. The national weather service said at least seven inches of water fell an hour in a new york park in the center twice doubled in the rain record that began to cover us lavo desecco reports that a car has started floating on new york roads -da turned into rivers as the city was flooded with at least one body removed from a car that had been washed away

platforms tracks and trains are played interrupted for us to open the roof of the stadium no rain game or leave as the warning entry did not prevent being caught in the storm it was actually floods coming down from left to right if there were many cars left their owners trying to get out talking to one person He had to climb up so a well-known full-fledged bus driver was able to plan to continue towing all the water at the same time up to two or three feet on the

bus itself. Its impact has since moved beyond the eastern hemisphere into a tropical cyclone. several deaths in new york city mayor announces state of emergency in what he called a historic weather event I brought violent floods in Budiseco town new york stand in york, not a place we used to see no wonder the mayor announced an emergency here

at 11 30 last night what he described as a violent flood was the remains of a hurricane idea that hit the Louisiana coast over the weekend I was expecting storms here on the east coast but not this big Flash flooding again For the first time in New York City history, the weather service has announced a flood emergency and a subway that is closest to the ground

level is not the same as the London tunnel, which is hundreds of meters underground. underground we filled up those unusual scenes were in the report by Lebo and the city that just came this morning and is a reminder of how vulnerable we are to climate change because New York City is so beautiful at sea.

 Flash flooding from storm Ida in New York and New Jersey kills
Flash flooding from storm Ida in New York and New Jersey kills nine

I covered the storms here serene and sandy 9 10 years ago filled the subway and so it’s just a reminder that as these bad weather events get bigger and worse because there is a lot of moisture in the air because the sea is warm the new city of york is in a very strange danger and also laura i was talking to a new york resident before she said to me and I was new york on the sand said to me this is worse than the sand what your test really is because we had this rain

driven by the wind and we saw very flood levels we saw buses almost sinking on Staten island and there are rare scenes in downtown Philadelphia today where the Schuylkill River is overflowing and people are being rescued from their vehicles and the national Amtrak train service has had to suspend its train service between Philadelphia and Boston this a great

the artery at the coast my train I was getting yesterday from e -Washington to new york we are still in new jersey I spent the night on the train and my husband came to my rescue this morning in the metro park but just look at what happened in Philadelphia this big east coast city people are being rescued from their cars so this is a sign that anywhere on the east coast bad weather

infrastructure threatened eight people I died in new york city due to floods and another take I think the national weather service was not predicting this you know it is very good at predicting storms but hh no good it turns out it’s predicting major floods, yeah laura says

Philadelphia we look at live images that don’t usually think people can be trapped in their homes these completely submerged cars say i’ve never seen a

Philadelphia look like this of weak people across the east coast corridor uh because of something that started at about 8 30 last night and then followed 12 hours later we see the result and then what happens with the floods, especially the river is that the rivers burst their banks and you see results for a while so we saw strong floods here in the new city of york now

coming down but when Philadelphia you see the Schuylkill river erupts on its shores so it is very surprising these big cities and it is just a reminder that the infrastructure here is the real American which has not spent money on infrastructure for many years which is why president Biden is trying to find this great infrastructure law which includes climate change mitigation

infrastructure but it is a reminder of why it is so important when you think that here the new york city is so disabled.

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