FIFA World cup 2022 approves 26-player squads for Qatar

FIFA World cup 2022 approves 26-player squads for Qatar

FIFA world cup 2022 has just decided that all the teams at the world cup in Qatar this winter will be able to have 26 players in their squad usually teams are allowed to have 23 players but FIFA World cup 2022 decided three extra players allowed in the squads this is exactly the same as we had in euros last summer UEFA decided because of the coronavirus pandemic for health reasons squads would be allowed to be 26 instead of

23 and FIFA World cup 2022 have decided today to carry on that policy there are some changes though to the euros because at the euros we saw that curious situation were on match days managers had to cut three players from their squad because they were only allowed to have 12 players on the bench at the world cup this winter all the rest of the squad will be allowed to be on the bench so we’re going to have 15 players on the bench and of course managers will be allowed to make five substitutions and now FIFA World cup 2022 have also said today

that the final day that players will be allowed to play for their clubs before going to the world cup finals is sunday the 13th of november now that should be fine uh for any players who are playing in the premier league because the final match day in the premier league is the day before saturday the 12th of november and fifa have said there will only be 26 people allowed on the bench at the world cup that will be up to 15 substitutes and also 11 team officials and one of those 11 team officials has to be the team doctor so the big news really from fifa this afternoon is at the world cup we’re going to have 26 man squads .

List of participating countries in FIFA World cup 2022

FIFA World cup 2022 approves 26-player squads for Qatar
FIFA World cup 2022 trendy news

Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia.

Iran, Japan, Asian country, Qatar (as hosts), Asian country.

The United Arab Emirates can face Australia during a competition in June, with the winner absorbing Peru for one more berth in Qatar.

Belgium, Croatia, European country, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Suisse, Denmark, England, France, Germany,

FIFA world cup 2022 winning prediction

okay so there is a predictor from the telegraph a FIFA World cup 2022 predictor so we’re gonna predict the world cup guys here we go let’s do it right group a netherlands senegal ecuador and qatar well man like the young may maybe on his way to united who knows they’ve got mad talent virgil van dijk netherlands finished first in my opinion man like monet for senegal i think they’re gonna do do it for second ah ecuador’s gonna end up third i think qatari making making that group i’m sorry but you just ain’t right group b

england first being a bit biased as an englishman myself uh I’m gonna go oh it’s between us and wales iran definitely finishing fourth by the way oh it’s so close to cool i’m gonna go wales sorry us i’m gonna go wales iran finnish fourth group c argentina saudi arabia

mexico and poland all right man like messi man he’s gonna do it he’s gonna turn up hopefully who knows poland because mexico tend to let everyone down at these uh competitions so lewandowski maybe his last uh his last world cup mexico finished third saudi

arabia fourth group d is an interesting one we’ve got france australia denmark and tunisia i’m going to go france first of course then for me it’s got to be denmark they had a great euros uh man like christian eriksen is back then i’m gonna go you know what i don’t even know man tunisia tunisia then australia sorry aussies just yeah group e group b is interesting we got spain costa rica germany and japan i’m gonna go spain and germany don’t know which order you could probably put germany first uh then i’m gonna go oh

FIFA world cup 2022 winning prediction
FIFA World cup 2022 trendy news

you know what japan i don’t know maybe they’ve got they’ve got some good um talent coming up you know um some good japanese youth so i’m gonna put them in third all right group f is belgium canada morocco croatia so belgium first i do think croatia will get

through modric boss in the midfield it’s quite a tough group actually because morocco are very good from the african cup of nations canada up and coming you know a couple of their guys jonathan david alfonso davies i still think morocco is slightly better

group g brazil serbia switzerland cameroon i’m going to go brazil first of course now this is where it gets interesting i have no idea um oh this is tough you know what i’m going to go back i’m going to go camry i’m gonna go cameroon then serbia then switzerland

group h is portugal so the last group portugal ghana uruguay korea so i think portugal uruguay could argue maybe uruguay finish first i don’t know and then i’m gonna go i’m gonna go korea and then ghana all right that’s the group stages done round of 16

then oh we have to pick one neverland whale sorry this is where we say goodbye to wales uh Argentina Denmark i think Argentina will just just have enough for denmark that could go either way though england senegal i’m gonna go to england i’m gonna go to england uh france poland france will be way too strong for poland spain croatia oh what a match up could go either way i’m going to

lean towards spain though then brazil uruguay i think brazil will be too much for them belgium germany oh belgium see they don’t i don’t

know i don’t know that’s a tough one that’s a tough one colors are exactly the same in the flag as well belgium germany i’m gonna go screw it belgium they have to have to do something this year uh Portugal Cameroon i’m gonna go portugal on to the quarterfinals here we go Netherlands versus argentina i think argentina will just about do it oh spain brazil what a match i think brazil come up come out on top england france i think this is where we say goodbye to england france will win that one and then belgium portugal

mate that’s tough that’s a tough one i think portugal will do it into the semis oh you guys are thinking what i’m thinking yeah goat versus goat i don’t know man argentina brazil oh my god i’m gonna go brazil france versus portugal i’m gonna go france brazil france

in the final could go either way um oh it’s so tough i’m gonna go for mayz i’ll flip a coin i’m gonna go france and there we go france is your winner eight percent of players also predicted france to win most predicted to win by readers that’s probably because they’re

mostly english um england to win then argentina and brazil and there we have it there we have it yeah go and check out this on the telegraph it’s pretty cool pretty fun to do takes a couple of minutes and there we go.

world cup in Qatar modern slavery and the last journey of 7000 expatriates

world cup in qatar modern slavery and the last journey of 7000 expatriates qatar is going to host the football world cup very soon the amount of bloodshed in south asia as well as the sacrifice of fresh life and hosting the world cup in the desert is not very pleasant for me qatar has so far lost the most people to host the world cup most of the people who have died in this huge working situation in

qatar are citizens of south asian and developing countries at the same time the qatari government has taken the issue of torture of workers to the level of legitimacy some chapters on worker death torture and filth all these things will come up in our today’s video stay with us in the full video to find out and just a few months later the world cup the world’s most spectacular sporting event will be

unveiled in the qatari capital qatar is getting ready to welcome the greatest show on earth you may be on the wave of which country will win and which country will lose in the world cup but if you know you have been asked to show the world cup about 7000 fresh souls will you enjoy the world cup what do you think twice before talking about your favorite team where russia spent about 15-15

billion on hosting the 2018 world cup this time qatar is spending 220 billion the cost figure has increased 15 times more than the previous expenditure for the 32 participating teams there are state-of-the-art hotels and world-class practice facilities qatar is not short of millions of supporters a fan zone the size of a stadium is being built just to watch the game in all the sector has cost more

than 82 82 billion world cup a few in addition to increasing the number of flights by air for the smooth travel of millions of people the country’s communication system has changed drastically in addition to the doha metro there will be several thousand buses during

the game qatar has set up a separate terminal at the airport for the world cup in all the cost to the sector has exceeded 51 51 billion in addition a large part of the money was spent on the construction of modern stadiums the project cost the country about 49 49

billion the eight new stadiums are 100 air-conditioned modern cooling technology will not only keep the stadium cool but also keep the air clean but there is also a side to the reverse side of the coin there is talk of boundless irregularities corruption and oppression there are horrible stories of human rights violations a special report in the guardian has come up with a shocking information about

7000 south asian workers have died in the run-up to the world cup since its inception 10 years ago according to the guardians report an average of 12 people from bangladesh india pakistan nepal and sri lanka die every week in qatar after winning the world cup according to the guardian’s reliable sources and official estimates from countries other than pakistan 5927 migrant workers died

between 2011 and 2020. of these 1018 bangladeshi workers died according to the pakistani embassy in qatar 824 workers have died so far not as late as 2020 the death toll among filipinos and kenyans who are far ahead in labor supply in qatar is unknown that’s why the guardian suspects that the exact number of deaths of migrant workers in qatar is even higher according to the media there

are 10 18 bangladeshi workers among the death rate workers bangladeshi workers md shohed mia died of electrocution this accident happened due to short-circuit in the water in his house now his family has not received any compensation shoheid’s family borrowed money to take his son abroad shoheid’s family members are dying every day as his son dies and he is burdened with debt ghal singh

ray from nepal worked at the world cup stadium as a cleaner the one thousand pound worker committed suicide within a week indian worker modu bulapaner’s body was found lying on the floor however the qatari authorities have been claiming that these deaths are 70 normal deaths in the last 10 years qatar has undertaken all the unimaginable projects for hosting the world cup eight new

stadiums have been built along with this the country is working on many other big projects new roads and modern public transport system have been introduced including a new airport the country has required innumerable manpower for such large-scale installations and development works south asian countries like bangladesh india pakistan nepal sri lanka provided this huge number

of workers most of the migrant workers who have died in qatar since 2011 went there after the opportunity to host the world cup in qatar at least 38 workers have died while working on a world cup stadium however the world cup organizing committee continued to report that 34 of them were out of work these workers went to qatar in the hope of a better life as a result they had to give their lives they were supposed to work 60 hours a week but they had to work 90 to 100 hours a week no leave was given there are also

workers who have not taken any leave for three years subsequent punishments have been provided for those who have been forced

to take leave at the same time their salaries have been deducted a special report by the world human rights organization amenities international reveals that there are many stories of inhumane exploitation of workers around the world cup and qatar in most cases the autopsy is not performed in this way the real cause of death is suppressed qatari government lawyers also suggested an autopsy

in 2014 as the number of deaths from heart attacks among expatriate workers increased but the government did not listen according to a study by the united nations international labour people have to work in extreme heat for at least four months of the year which

is not possible for any human being a report by the guardian called it modern slavery everyone knows that qatar bribed fifa officials to get the right to host the world cup it has also been proved in court the incident revealed the image of corruption in fifa’s inner

circle the world cup in qatar will be a great advertisement for the fact that fifa is a corrupt organization

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