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European Union foreign ministers to meet over submarine dispute new update

European Union foreign ministers to meet over submarine dispute new update

European Union foreign ministers to meet over a submarine dispute from EU countries are set to meet to discuss the pact the bloc’s foreign ministers will be meeting on the sidelines of the UNGA pact that scuppered a submarine deal between France and Australia EU’s foreign affairs spokesman said discussing the implications of the deal tops the agenda of the meeting the ties between France and Australia got impacted consequences of the pact will be discussed in the meeting which was scheduled before the august controversy prior to the UNGA 76 edition but the secret submarine deal between the UK us and Australia came much to

the dismay of France has put it on the top of the agenda France recalled its own voice from us in a strong display of displeasure the absolute secrecy of its allies regarding the deal along with the loss of an agreed contract worth 37 billion dollars had added to Paris’s anger French minister for Europe saying Canberra’s negotiations with the EU over a deal that started in 2018 may be affected by the orca’s agreement although none of the EU members have jumped the ship in France’s support the issue is likely to fuel the debate over Europe’s strategic autonomy the European Union foreign ministers, Ursula

wonderland said that she is keeping a close eye on the results of the pact the french president Emmanuel Macron is skipping the UNGA summit this year but his office said this was decided prior to the august controversy however when u.s president joe Biden requested a call with him his office said that it will happen in the coming days we on the USA direct from new york with Susan Tehrani  and with us on the broadcast our correspondence correspondent Susan Tehrani with us from new

European Union foreign ministers to meet over submarine dispute new update
French President Emmanuel Macron trendy news

york and siddhant Sybil from Washington dc coming to you first Susan the orcas deal has been seen as a major step towards countering china which will be an overarching theme when it comes to the UNGA session as well absolutely on the sidelines of the UNGA 76 we are expecting EU member states to hold uh meetings and debates and the august deal is definitely going to be front and center and really it’s going to be about settling differences between EU member states and nato member states

within themselves on how they want to move forward having significant differences and France being a member of both the European Union foreign ministers and Nato member states on how if and when the united states might want to forge new alliances in the indo-pacific region and while perhaps this rift between France and the united states might be temporary ultimately moving forward it’s you know no surprise and no secret that France feels left out of the indo-pacific region and the EU moving forward will have to see (European Union foreign ministers )

how it wants to first of all deal with this situation that France has created and within itself not just in the indo-pacific region in general but you know the elephant in the room encountering china and how much it wants to support the united states moving forward absolutely and satan coming to you we have seen discussions taking place already between uh the Indian defense minister and uh his American counterpart rajnath Singh holding those discussions with Lloyd Austin coming at a very

significant time right ahead of the Unga uh session outline for us the key takeaways from those talks well molly before that there is just uh the big confirmation coming on prime minister Narendra Modi and u.s president joe biden’s meeting the white house has now confirmed the meeting is going to take place on 24th of this month on 24th of September that is Friday this is the first official confirmation on the date of the bilateral between the two leaders at the first in-person meeting between the two leaders both leaders have spoken to each other three times they have participated

in the climate meeting hosted by president Biden and of course, the virtual quad meeting that took place on the 12th of march but now the first confirmation coming from the white house in the statement confirming the two leaders will be meeting with each other on 24th of September we know that the Indian prime minister has been visiting the u.s since 2014 many times the last visit was uh in 2019 when he visited us for the howdy Modi event but also had a bilateral with the u.s president Donald trump the then u.s president Donald trump but by and large if we talk #(European Union foreign ministers)

European Union foreign ministers to meet over submarine dispute new update trendy news
Biden administration European Union foreign ministers trendy news

about this relationship and of course the conversation between the Indian defense minister rajnath Singh and his counterpart Austin this conversation is part of the growing engagement between the two sides remember the u.s secretary of state Anthony blinked the defense secretary Austin uh, in fact, the climate on why John Kerry has been to India two times his last visit to India was last week but largely this is a relationship but that has seen an evolution and exponential growth from

the previous administrations from Obama administration trump administration uh to now Biden administration the visit comes very early on in the Biden administration just seven months into the Biden administration the visit is happening and uh one of the key highlights of the visit, of course, is the quad meet the first in-person quad meeting this is something that was being talked about for a long time it emerged out of 2004 a tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean region and since then

we know that quad uh has been working off and on but now a formal formalization happening of this grouping of democracies for democracies who of course strongly support the indo-pacific but of course china is worried about it china sees core as a grouping that is is is anti-china calling it names calling it Asian nato something that has been dismissed by the Indian side by the quad member countries including uh the Indian side as I just said and the Indian external affairs in fact recently

said that this is a cold war mentality or and this is something that should not be said because this is convergences of these four countries uh we know that last meeting that took place the virtual meeting that took place the key outcome was on the initiative, uh the vaccine initiative under the vaccine initiative uh the American max scenes will be made in India and logistically and financially supported by the Japanese and the Australians right Susan if I can come to you also to talk about uh #(European Union foreign ministers)

the agenda that was outlined just a short while back by the united nations secretary-general talking about and emphasizing the need to tackle the climate crisis which will be another crucial aspect as far as the discussions at the UNGA are concerned absolutely and we know how important the climate crisis is while we are in a pandemic uh continuously that will take center stage but really member states have been asked by Antonio Guterres to deliberate on two parallel challenges is the way that the secretary-general put it and that’s ending the pandemic and redefining the post-

pandemic global economy for a healthier planet is you know a healthier climate and through that healthier climate he’s also holding high-level discussions and panels on energy and also food sustainability and security being a very important issue in this year’s UNGA also relating that to climate as well a lot of countries being food insecure a lot of countries and uh you know member states uh suffering uh from uh malnutrition as well so you know he’s really put a spotlight on that and saying that the cause for a lot of these situations it really goes back to climate

change as well uh the big meeting today really centered around uh Antonio Guterres uh being co-chaired with UK prime minister Boris john said this is a high-level meeting on climate change the readout says that they will discuss the need to take quote concrete steps particularly on supporting developing countries to mitigate the impact of climate change and adapt to its consequences and since we’re on the issue of developing countries it also goes hand in hand in what the un ga 76

wants to see regarding vaccine distribution to less developed countries the goal really is to get 70 of the global community vaccinated and you know that’s a lofty goal perhaps but that’s also something that this year will be on the agenda again a pandemic centric agenda hand in hand with climate.#(European Union foreign ministers)

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