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The crypto market has blasted off bitcoin has went absolutely crazy in the matter of a couple of minutes the price has absolutely exploded we’re gonna be looking at why bitcoin went crazy in this past 24 hours what are some of these all coins doing as in compared to what bitcoin is doing and there has been some recent news that has came out so i want to get you guys brought back up to speed on what’s been going on with this cryptocurrency market so we can see bitcoin is currently at about 38 000 and ethereum’s at about 2 300 if we look and check out this bitcoin chart we can see that bitcoin had a huge wick up earlier today literally in the matter of about 30 minutes bitcoin went about from 35 800 all the way up to about 38k it was a very quick wake up we could potentially see bitcoin come back down and dip back down a little bit before making a new consolidation level we can see we were consolidating around the 34 000 level pretty much all day and then we just had this big wake up and there is good reason why this is happening right over on twitter we can see someone just bought 200 million dollars of bitcoin just now the bull market is back in full effect bears in disbelief and we have been getting a lot of hate on our channel in the past couple of months because bitcoin has absolutely just gone down but we have been telling you guys this is a great opportunity to buy bitcoin under 30k this is a great opportunity to buy some of your favorite all coins at very discounted rates and nobody wanted to buy in everybody was panic selling the interest in the crypto market was absolutely just falling down and this big wick is going to bring some attention back to bitcoin .

It’s showing that the bull market is still here we just had a 10 move in the past 24 hours so that is really huge we went over 39k almost hit 40k guys today so that is huge for bitcoin and before i go any further in today’s video i do want to show you guys we are doing a 10k subscriber giveaway when we hit 10k subscribers on youtube we will be giving away 200 in the crypto of your choice all you have to do is come over to our twitter hit retweet like on this tweet follow us at bitcoinbros26 that is in the description below and this tweet is in our pin tweets section but i did want to show you guys this i mean we just tweeted 39 000 bitcoin four minutes ago but earlier today we were just tweeting thirty four thousand dollar bitcoin so within the matter of about a couple hours bitcoin has absolutely just taken off guys so this is crazy let’s look at what some of these other all coins that we follow on our channel are doing after this big pump uh ethereum’s up to 2200 like i said earlier cardano’s up five six percent at one dollar and thirty cents almost bnb is up about six percent dogecoin is up six percent we got xrp sitting at about five percent polka dots up about eight percent in the past 24 hours light coin up another nine percent so some huge gains from just around the whole crypto market theta has really been blowing up in the past week up 50 percent in the past week and another six percent for today so just some huge gains v-chain and their coin we really like up nine percent tara luna’s up ten percent algorithms up 12 amp up 21 in the past 24 hours let’s look at some of the higher gains bittorrent btt this is a token we’ve been talking about for a while uh decentralized file storage up 24 we like btt on this channel we talk about that one a lot uh quan is up 20 see if we can find some of these other alt coins thor chan’s up 10 percent silica.

Up 20 in the past 24 hours people are really sleeping on this project we think this is going to be a good one we have a lot of zilliqa videos if you’re one of our zilliqa followers i want a quick side note guys if you want to sign up with celsius and get a free 40 you got to make sure to check out our affiliate link it will be in the description below we also will have it in the pin comment section so make sure to check that out you can also use our referral code get that free 40 and also help out the channel giving us 40 if you guys use our affiliate link so if you want to support the channel you can sign up you also can get some free interest on bitcoin and some of your favorite cryptocurrencies so make sure to check that out if you guys want to make sure to subscribe to the channel because we will have more zilliqa videos coming out yeah so there’s a lot of big gains across the whole top 100 right now a lot of excitement right now in the market bitcoin is up 20 in the past seven days i’m loving what i’m seeing here and one of the big news announcements that came out in the past couple of days is amazon is set to accept bitcoins and develop a crypto strategy so amazon is looking to accept bitcoin as payment and they are starting to get more involved with cryptocurrency so obviously this can play a big part on the market this is huge news i definitely think this is huge and i also think the b word conference from jack dorsey elon musk and kathy wood was a great conversation we got to see exactly what they thought about bitcoin and cryptocurrency and it was a very bullish conference if you guys didn’t check that out make sure to check out the b conference it was about an hour long but it was definitely a good listen and now amazon is trying to accept bitcoins amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world jeff bezos has a lot of power so i think this is going to be huge for crypto and bitcoin in the short term and the long term because i don’t think amazon is going anywhere anytime soon and i do want to show you guys a michael saylor tweet he says inflation is a cancer that has been killing civilizations throughout history bitcoin is the cure and this talks about the hybrid inflation over in the roman empire thousands a year before 1920s weimar germany hyperinflation there was a great currency debasement of the roman empire so that actually caused the roman empire to fall and they had hyperinflation so this is not anything new and bitcoin is going to fix this bitcoin is secured.

Just like michael saylor here said here i do want to show you guys the bitcoin dominance chart we have been telling you about this the bitcoin dominance is up to about forty seven and a half percent we were as low all the way down to about thirty nine percent earlier this year we also went down to about forty one percent and people were thinking it was going to go lower we’re looking at past trends bitcoin dominance has always came back up and we are currently at about 48 i think we can see bitcoin dominance go to 50 55 even 60 but there will be another reversal on that i think there will be another alt season where the alts take up more of that dominance than bitcoin but i think we’re going to see something very similar to we saw earlier this year when bitcoin dominance started to go up and then it started to go down after a little bit a while because there was more speculation in the all coins so i think we’re gonna see something like that that’s just my personal opinion obviously not financial advice but that’s all i really have for today guys just want to get you brought back up to speed on what’s been going on in the crypto market why is bitcoin been blowing up just wanna show you guys that news and this is very exciting there’s gonna be a lot of speculation in this next coming week we’re really pumping on the weekend bitcoin and cryptocurrencies nomi does not pump on the weekend we normally see little dips on the weekend and during the week that’s when we kind of get the big pumps if it does pump so this is very exciting guys i think we have a good week in crypto i think we can see bitcoin go above 40k even 50k guys i mean if you look at when bitcoin went from 50 000 all the way down to 30k it was about a week time frame guys so we can see bitcoin go to 50k within this week i mean it’s not out of the cards bitcoin is very volatile .

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