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Covid Today : France off ‘Amber Plus ‘ list added to UK green travel list

France will go we’re really to uk green travel list  pleased it’s going to make life so much easier for everybody and families can come out on holiday now and not worry with the parents working about going back and quieting we’ll have the pcr test but uh anything get rid of anything else and it’s good news it’d be nice if we cancelled the day two and day eight tests though we’ve already paid for those and it’s cost us 320 pounds arrivals from France will no longer need to self-isolate if fully vaccinated as the amber plus is scrapped aligning

France with the rest of the Amba list and Spain the most popular destination for brits will keep its amber status but arrivals from the country and all its islands are now advised to use a pre-departure pcr test.

As a precaution against covid variants Germany is among seven countries being added to the quarantine free green list and India Bahrain guitar and the united arab emirates will all switch from red to amber a straightforward traffic light system and what we want to do is provide a sense of certainty for people uh for the next um period over august so that people can enjoy their breaks

right now we could all do with a little space tour firms hope for a late summer surge labor tonight claimed that’s not helped by governments flip-flopping over France and this industry still wants wider policy shifts your industry has been calling for more

simplicity and more transparency how far away do you still feel we are from that ideally we’d like to see the government taking advantage of the very successful double vaccination rollout in the UK and bring more countries onto the green list and also the cost

of testing that really has to come down in Spain there’s relief that those returning from their holidays to the UK won’t be subject to more restrictions the British government does say infection and variants here will be closely watched in this fluid situation but for

some tonight the fluid is far more celebratory Spain aren’t going on the red list no okay well that’s grand I’m  goanna have another I’m goanna have another drink then and enjoy the rest of my holidays now.

Covid: France off 'Amber Plus ' list added to UK green travel list
Covid: France off ‘Amber Plus ‘ list added to UK green travel list

U.K. Should Add FRANCE AND More Countries to UK Green travel List, EasyJet Says

What kind of level of demand are you seeing for flights oh the demand is definitely there there’s a huge and you know pent-up demand here for people to come and see family members that haven’t been able to be meeting across this pandemic as well as

people who wants to go on holiday as well so the demand is definitely there now it’s down to unwinding the restrictions to restart travel in a safe way so today is a very important first step on that as that travel ban is being removing.

  • Here we discuss today about the pending flight?
  • We will know about the restriction on flight?
  • The France government take an action or not?

 It’s now allowed again to travel but as you said it is really a first step we’re just seeing a very few flights here today at gatwick and of course other airports how hopeful are you that the government will relax some of that caution and allow more countries onto

that green list i am because if they’re looking at the data the latest in-depth analysis shows that you could actually put on most of Europe on that green list without jeopardizing the vaccination program or drive any significance or hospitalization rate so the data is available and it is there and most of Europe is now opening up as well.

So if they don’t do that UK will be left behind on that but i think that is very unlikely if they’re looking at the evidence and they’re looking at the data and yet we are also hearing from the government they are concerned about the spread of this new Indian variant that it may delay uh the further relaxing of restrictions next month does that give you pause for concern well that’s why the

risk-based approach has been taken with the green amber and red so there are methodologies around to to manage that and that is something that needs to be managed also domestically and what we believe is right and fair is that the government looks at

reopening also international travel in the safeway with the same lens as they do as they open them up also the the domestic economy so we believe that with the data that is available today much of europe could go on to that green list and so are you talking with policymakers here in the uk are you talking to the government what kind of advice are they giving you about then

planning the next few weeks and months well they are very cautious but we have provided and given them a huge number of information we have given them particularly you know the the results and the report that yale did school of public health care.

 There was uh based on data made from the middle of april that actually showed that with that data that was available then that you could restart travel and have much of europe on to that green list so we have offered the help and support in any way we can and the most important thing for us as well is of course that it’s safe to do so we would never jeopardize anything we have been in

in lockdown and last year as you know the fleet was grounded for 11 weeks we would never do anything that would get us back into that situation but now we believe the data and evidence is there to restart travel at a larger scale than we see today and so how confident are you about the summer and how would you manage if we saw another lost summit how would that affect easyjet

well first of all easyjet came into this crisis as one of the strongest airlines in europe and we have taking very difficult and decisive decision to make sure that we have liquidity that we can manage our cash burn and the cost control but what’s happening now is europe is opening up we see a huge number of european countries who is now unbinding and removing the restrictions are in place

because the reasons that i just mentioned and i believe that uk will also follow that if they’re looking at the data that is available but given that level of caution from the uk and actually across europe we are still seeing at levels of caution there as well what will

it mean if you do see a summer where you aren’t able to get back to full capacity i would argue to say on the contrary last week there was a number of countries now who removed a number of restrictions in there and particularly if you’re vaccinated that in a

number of countries there are no need for any restrictions at all and they’re looking at the data and they’re making that call as well so i believe that that is what is going to happen and look this is a this is the first step today and we’re still early on in the season so i’m still confident confident about the fact that this can be a strong summer and when you look at that green list from the uk which

countries do you really need to be added to that greenness and add it to that green list very soon well most of the popular holiday destinations but also this is not only about holidays.


There are millions of British people who has family members who lives across Europe as well that they haven’t been able  to unite with and  that is one big part of our customer group as well to make sure that we can do that in a safe way and that’s what i still believe that there’s a strong case that that can be done and when you look ahead even though you sound very confident today and

you expect to have a good summer do you are you putting in place contingency plans for if you do not have that good summer will easyJet have to raise cash for example well we’re always assuming that we’re going to need to live with things that you know isn’t

exactly going to go as  planned and that’s what we’ve been doing across this whole time with the pandemic but we’re going to manage every situation that’s get thrown at us like i said we came in at this as one of the strongest airlines in Europe and we’re still in the investment grade airline which you don’t find many airlines out there in the world that is at this moment in time as well

so we got to manage through whatever the situation is ahead of us but i still believe that if you’re looking at the data and the evidence i think we’re going to need to see an expansion of that the green list of countries here from the uk as well and finally very briefly you mentioned you consider yourselves one of the strongest airlines out there given the number of other airlines who are

struggling at the moment does that actually provide an opportunity for easyjet well listen I  think it’s fair to say also that you know that it’s been a tough time for every airline and an easyjet is not an exception from that so of course i think that there will be

opportunities out there but first and foremost now we need to make sure that we can restart travel in a safe way and today is an important step here in the UK as the ban is being removed so family meet each other.

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